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Adaptive X-Ray Optics
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Volume Number: 7803
Date Published: 23 August 2010
Softcover: 19 papers (198) pages
ISBN: 9780819482990

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Front Matter for Volume 7803
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Hartmann wavefront sensor and adaptive x-ray optics developments for synchrotron applications
Author(s): Pascal Mercère; Mourad Idir; Guillaume Dovillaire; Xavier Levecq; Samuel Bucourt; Lionnel Escolano; Paul Sauvageot
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A novel adaptive bimorph focusing mirror and wavefront corrector with sub-nanometre dynamical figure control
Author(s): Kawal J. S. Sawhney; Simon G. Alcock; Riccardo Signorato
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An adaptive optical system for sub-10nm hard x-ray focusing
Author(s): H. Mimura; T. Kimura; H. Yokoyama; H. Yumoto; S. Matsuyama; K. Tamasaku; Y. Koumura; M. Yabashi; T. Ishikawa; K. Yamauchi
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Development of spider micro-structured optical arrays for x-ray optics
Author(s): Daniel Rodriguez Sanmartin; Dou Zhang; Tim Button; Carl Meggs; Carolyn Atkins; Peter Doel; David Brooks; Charlotte Feldman; Richard Willingale; Alan Michette; Slawka Pfauntsch; Shahin Sahraei; Matthew Shand; Ady James; Graham Willis; Camelia Dunare; Tom Stevenson; William Parkes; Andy Smith
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Adaptive angular control of high-resolution x-ray optics
Author(s): Stanislav Stoupin; Frank Lenkszus; Robert Laird; Kurt Goetze; Kwang-Je Kim; Yuri Shvyd'ko
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Optomechanical analysis and design tool for adaptive x-ray optics
Author(s): Gregory Michels; Victor Genberg
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Magnetic smart material application to adaptive x-ray optics
Author(s): M. P. Ulmer; Michael E. Graham; Semyon Vaynman; J. Cao; Peter Z. Takacs
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Review of active optics methods in astronomy from x-rays to the infrared
Author(s): Gérard R. Lemaitre
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Imaging experiment of an adaptive optics with a normal-incident EUV telescope
Author(s): H. Murakami; S. Kitamoto; E. Takenaka; T. Shibata; M. Yoshida; K. Higashi; D. Takei
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The Naval Research Laboratory MEM adaptive optics program
Author(s): Sergio R. Restaino; Ty Martinez; Jonathan R. Andrews; Christopher C. Wilcox; Freddie Santiago; Don M. Payne
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High-resolution x-ray telescopes
Author(s): Stephen L. O'Dell; Roger J. Brissenden; William N. Davis; Ronald F. Elsner; Martin S. Elvis; Mark D. Freeman; Terrance Gaetz; Paul Gorenstein; Mikhail V. Gubarev; Diab Jerius; Michael Juda; Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak; Stephen S. Murray; Robert Petre; William Podgorski; Brian D. Ramsey; Paul B. Reid; Timo Saha; Daniel A. Schwartz; Susan Trolier-McKinstry; Martin C. Weisskopf; Rudeger H. T. Wilke; Scott Wolk; William W. Zhang
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Technology challenges of active x-ray optics for astronomy
Author(s): Paul B. Reid; William Davis; Daniel A. Schwartz; Susan Trolier-McKinstry; Rudeger H. T. Wilke
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On-orbit adjustment concepts for the Generation-X Observatory
Author(s): Daniel A. Schwartz; Roger Brissenden; Mark Freeman; Terrance Gaetz; Paul Gorenstein; Diab Jerius; Michael Juda; Paul Reid; Scott Wolk; Timo Saha; William Zhang; Stephen O'Dell; Susan Trolier-McKinstry; Derek Wilke
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Thermal shaping of thin glass substrates for segmented grazing incidence active optics
Author(s): L. Proserpio; Marta Civitani; Mauro Ghigo; Giovanni Pareschi
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3D characterization of thin glass x-ray mirrors via optical profilometry
Author(s): M. Civitani; M. Ghigo; O. Citterio; P. Conconi; D. Spiga; G. Pareschi; L. Proserpio
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Development of net-shape piezoelectric actuators for large x-ray optics
Author(s): Daniel Rodriguez Sanmartin; Dou Zhang; Tim Button; Carl Meggs; Carolyn Atkins; Peter Doel; David Brooks; Charlotte Feldman; Richard Willingale; Ady James; Graham Willis; Andy Smith
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The performance of thin shell adaptive optics for high angular resolution x-ray telescopes
Author(s): Charlotte Feldman; Richard Willingale; Carolyn Atkins; David Brooks; Tim Button; Peter Doel; Ady James; Carl Meggs; Daniel Rodriguez-Sanmartin; Andy Smith; Craig Theobald; Graham Willis
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PZT piezoelectric films on glass for Gen-X imaging
Author(s): Rudeger H. T. Wilke; Susan Trolier-McKinstry; Paul B. Reid; Daniel A. Schwartz
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Finite element analyses of thin film active grazing incidence x-ray optics
Author(s): William N. Davis; Paul B. Reid; Daniel A. Schwartz
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Adaptive grazing incidence optics for the next generation of x-ray observatories
Author(s): C. Lillie; D. Pearson; A. Plinta; B. Metro; E. Lintz; D. Shropshire; R. Danner
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