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Image Reconstruction from Incomplete Data VI
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Volume Number: 7800
Date Published: 23 August 2010

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Front Matter for Volume 7800
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Structure from random snapshots
Author(s): Abbas Ourmazd; Peter Schwander; George N. Phillips Jr.
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A layered media approach to photoacoustic tomography
Author(s): Robert W. Schoonover; Mark A. Anastasio
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Investigation of limited-view image reconstruction in optoacoustic tomography employing a priori structural information
Author(s): Chao Huang; Alexander A. Oraevsky; Mark A. Anastasio
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Sampling rates and image reconstruction from scattered fields
Author(s): Umer Shahid; Michael A. Fiddy; Markus E. Testorf
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Reconstructing MR images from under- or unevenly-sampled k-space
Author(s): Linda Vu; Arsen R. Hajian; Paul H. Calamai; Andrew T. Cenko; Sarbast Rasheed; Jae K. Kim; Cameron Piron; Simon S. So; Jeff T. Meade; Kevin H. Knuth
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Imposing spatio-temporal support in magnetic resonance angiographic imaging
Author(s): Philip J. Bones; Bahareh Vafadar; Richard Watts; Bing Wu
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Weighted least-squares image reconstruction in phase-contrast tomography
Author(s): Pin-Yu Huang; Cheng-Ying Chou
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Three-dimensional image visualization by maximum a posteriori estimation photon-counting integral imaging
Author(s): Cuong Manh Do
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In situ determination of wind fields from sailplane flight data
Author(s): Ni Zhang; Rick P. Millane; Alan J. Hunter
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Information theoretic characterizations of compressive-sensing-based space object identification
Author(s): Sudhakar Prasad; Douglas Hope
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Continuous surface fitting to spatial optical interferometer data
Author(s): Sarbast Rasheed; Arsen R. Hajian; Christopher Tycner; Linda Vu
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Compressive phase contrast tomography
Author(s): F. Maia; A. MacDowell; S. Marchesini; H. A. Padmore; D. Y Parkinson; J. Pien; A. Schirotzek; C. Yang
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Rethinking image registration on customizable hardware
Author(s): David Bowman; Murat Tahtali; Andrew Lambert
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Graphics processing unit restoration of non-uniformly warped images using a typical frame as prototype
Author(s): Murat Tahtali; Andrew J. Lambert; Donald Fraser
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Multiple image reconstruction for high-resolution optical imaging using structured illumination
Author(s): S. Usuki; R. Kudo; S. Takahashi; K. Takamasu
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Geometric superresolution using CCD-mask
Author(s): Ihtsham U. Haq; Asloob A. Mudassar
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Ill-posedness of space-variant image deconvolution
Author(s): Michael Kieweg; Herbert Gross; Torsten Sievers; Lothar Müller
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3D signal reconstruction from noisy projection data for stochastic objects as a generalization of Gaussian mixture parameter estimation
Author(s): Yili Zheng; Peter C. Doerschuk
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Scattered image reconstruction of Pulsar B0834+06
Author(s): J. J. Gao; B. J. Rickett; W. A. Coles
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Image reconstruction using symmetry
Author(s): V. L. Lo; R. P. Millane
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Reconstruction of the electron density of molecules with single-axis alignment
Author(s): Dmitri Starodub; John C. H. Spence; Dilano K. Saldin
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Orientation determination for 3D single molecule diffraction imaging
Author(s): Chao Yang; Zhen Wang; Stefano Marchesini
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Understanding stochastic biological macromolecular complexes by estimating a mechanical model via statistical mechanics from cryo electron microscopy images
Author(s): Kang Wang; Peter C. Doerschuk
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Classification of cryo electron microscopy images, noisy tomographic images recorded with unknown projection directions, by simultaneously estimating reconstructions and application to an assembly mutant of Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus and portals of the bacteriophage P22
Author(s): Junghoon Lee; Yili Zheng; Zhye Yin; Peter C. Doerschuk; John E. Johnson
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