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Scanning Microscopy 2010
Editor(s): Michael T. Postek; Dale E. Newbury; S. Frank Platek; David C. Joy
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Volume Number: 7729
Date Published: 2 June 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7729
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Peering into the secrets of food and agricultural co-products
Author(s): Delilah Wood; Tina Williams; Gregory Glenn; Zhongli Pan; William Orts; Tara McHugh
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Electron microscopy of polymer-carbon nanotubes composites
Author(s): E. M. Campo; H. Campanella; Y. Y. Huang; K. Zinoviev; N. Torras; C. Tamargo; D. Yates; L. Rotkina; J. Esteve; E. M. Terentjev
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Microstructure and texture analysis of advanced copper using electron backscattered diffraction and scanning transmission electron microscopy
Author(s): R. Galand; L. Clément; P. Waltz; Y. Wouters
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Measuring the beam size of a focused ion beam (FIB) system
Author(s): Jon Orloff
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NEW scanning electron microscope magnification calibration reference material (RM) 8820
Author(s): Michael T. Postek; András E. Vladár; William Keery; Michael Bishop; Benjamin Bunday; John Allgair
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A method for determining oceanic particle size distributions and particle composition using scanning electron microscopy coupled with energy dispersive spectroscopy
Author(s): Heather Groundwater; Michael S. Twardowski; Heidi M. Dierssen; Antoine Sciandre; Scott A. Freeman
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Pushing the envelope with SEM/SDD-EDS mapping: X-ray spectrum image mapping in 30 seconds or less, but what are the real limits?
Author(s): Dale Newbury
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Techniques for improving material fidelity and contrast consistency in secondary electron mode helium ion microscope (HIM) imaging
Author(s): William Thompson; Lewis Stern; Dave Ferranti; Chuong Huynh; Larry Scipioni; John Notte; Colin Sanford
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Traceable nanoscale length metrology using a metrological Scanning Probe Microscope
Author(s): Malcolm Lawn; Jan Herrmann; Christopher H. Freund; John R. Miles; Malcolm Gray; Daniel Shaddock; Victoria A. Coleman; Asa K. Jämting
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Interlaboratory comparison of traceable atomic force microscope pitch measurements
Author(s): Ronald Dixson; Donald A. Chernoff; Shihua Wang; Theodore V. Vorburger; Siew Leng Tan; Ndubuisi G. Orji; Joseph Fu
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Advanced 3D metrology atomic force microscope with crosstalk eliminated
Author(s): Yueming Hua; Cynthia Coggins; Sung Park; Sang-il Park
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Low tip damage AFM technique development for nano structures characterization
Author(s): Biao Liu; Charles C Wang; Po-Fu Huang; Yuri Uritsky
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Physico-chemical characterization of engineered metal oxide nanoparticles: the critical role of microscopy
Author(s): A. La Fontaine; V. A. Coleman; A. K. Jämting; M. Lawn; J. Herrmann; J. R. Miles
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Complementing and adding to SEM performance with the addition of XRF, Raman, CL and PL spectroscopy and imaging
Author(s): E. Leroy; S. Mamedov; E. Teboul; A. Whitley; D. Meyer; L. Casson
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Electron microscopy and cathodoluminescence in electrospun nanodimensional structures: challenges and opportunities
Author(s): E. M. Campo; A. Meléndez; K. Morales; J. Poplawsky; J. J. Santiago-Avilés; I. Ramos
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Modeling of charging effects in scanning ion microscopes
Author(s): Kaoru Ohya; Takuya Yamanaka; Daiki Takami; Kensuke Inai
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Comprehensive simulation of SEM images taking into account local and global electromagnetic fields
Author(s): Sergey Babin; Sergey S. Borisov; Hiroyuki Ito; Andrei Ivanchikov; Dmitri Matison; Vladimir Militsin; Makoto Suzuki
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A novel Monte Carlo simulation code for linewidth measurement in critical dimension scanning electron microscopy
Author(s): Alexander Koschik; Mauro Ciappa; Stephan Holzer; Maurizio Dapor; Wolfgang Fichtner
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Advances in modeling of scanning charged-particle-microscopy images
Author(s): Petr Cizmar; András E. Vladár; Michael T. Postek
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Optimizing the detector configuration for SEM topographic contrast by using a Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): Makoto Suzuki; Sergey Borisov; Sergey Babin; Hiroyuki Ito
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A feature-based approach for processing nanoscale images
Author(s): Gregory Roughton; Aparna S. Varde; Stefan Robila; Jianyu Liang
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Is this charred material from a VHS video cassette?
Author(s): Tara Fruchtenicht; Robert D. Blackledge; Teresa R. Williams
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Dental materials as an aid for victim identification: examination of calcined remains by SEM/EDS
Author(s): Mary A. Bush D.D.S.; Peter J. Bush
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Scanning methods applied to bitemark analysis
Author(s): Peter J. Bush; Mary A. Bush
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The influence of surface chemistry on GSR particles: using XPS to complement SEM/EDS analytical techniques
Author(s): A. J. Schwoeble; Brian R. Strohmeier; John D. Piasecki
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Investigation of gunshot residue patterns using milli-XRF-techniques: first experiences in casework
Author(s): Rüdiger Schumacher; Martin Barth; Dieter Neimke; Ludwig Niewöhner
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GSR particles and their evidential value
Author(s): Marek Kotrly; Ivana Turková
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The Bayesian approach to reporting GSR analysis results: some first-hand experiences
Author(s): Sebastien Charles; Bart Nys
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Optimal compression and binarization of signature profiles for automated bullet identification systems
Author(s): Wei Chu; John Song; Theodore Vorburger; Robert Thompson; Thomas Renegar; Richard Silver
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Topography measurements for correlations of standard cartridge cases
Author(s): T. V. Vorburger; J. Song; W. Chu; T. B. Renegar; A. Zheng; J. Yen; R. M. Thompson; R. Silver; B. Bachrach; M. Ols
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Transmission-type angle deviation microscope with NA=0.65 for 3D measurement
Author(s): Ming-Hung Chiu; Chin-Fa Lai; Chen-Tai Tan; Yi-Zhi Lin
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Resolution improvement in coherent diffractive imaging (ptychography)
Author(s): T. B. Edo; F. Zhang; J. M. Rodenburg
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A new method of high resolution, quantitative phase scanning microscopy
Author(s): A. M. Maiden; J. M. Rodenburg; M. J. Humphry
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Dielectric slot tip for scanning near-field microwave microscope
Author(s): Patrick Leidenberger; Christian Hafner
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Performance of a combined chromatic confocal microscope with thin film reflectometer
Author(s): Florian Hirth; Thorbjörn C. Buck; Natasha Steinhausen; Alexander W. Koch
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Numerical simulation of photonic crystal based nano-resonators on scanning probe tip for enhanced light confinement
Author(s): Lingyun Wang; Kazunori Hoshino; Xiaojing Zhang
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Apple cuticle: the perfect interface
Author(s): Eric Curry; Bruce Arey
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Starch granule formation and protein deposition in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) starchy endosperm cells is altered by high temperature during grain fill
Author(s): William J. Hurkman; Delilah F. Wood
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Quality and utilization of food co-products and residues
Author(s): P. Cooke; G. Bao; C. Broderick; M. Fishman; L. Liu; C. Onwulata
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Microstructure of Desmanthus illinoensis
Author(s): Delilah F. Wood; William J. Orts; Gregory M. Glenn
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Microscopic examination on cytological changes in Allium cepa and shift in phytoplankton population at different doses of Atrazine
Author(s): Nabarun Ghosh; Kristen Finger; Samantha Usnick; William J. Rogers; A. B. Das; Don W. Smith
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Characterization of aeroallergen of Texas panhandle using scanning and fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Nabarun Ghosh; Mandy Whiteside; Chris Ridner; Yasemin Celik; C. Saadeh M.D.; Jeff Bennert
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