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Enabling Photonics Technologies for Defense, Security, and Aerospace Applications VI
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Volume Number: 7700
Date Published: 14 April 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7700
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Underwater multi-view three-dimensional imaging with passive sensing
Author(s): Bahram Javidi; Robert Schulein; Myungjin Cho
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Pattern recognition of electronic bit-sequences using a semiconductor mode-locked laser and spatial light modulators
Author(s): Sharad Bhooplapur; Mehmetkan Akbulut; Franklyn Quinlan; Peter J. Delfyett
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Multi-heterodyne mixing of frequency stabilized combs for ultrafast coherent signal processing
Author(s): Josue Davila-Rodriguez; Mehmetkan Akbulut; Charles Williams; Peter J. Delfyett
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Improved microwave photonic link performance through optical carrier suppression and balanced coherent heterodyne detection
Author(s): Charles Middleton; Richard DeSalvo
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Techniques to maintain functionality during degraded performance
Author(s): Joseph R. McCoy; Joshua S. White
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Air Force highly integrated photonics program: development and demonstration of an optically transparent fiber optic network for avionics applications
Author(s): Gregory J. Whaley; Roger J. Karnopp
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Hybrid planar lightwave circuits for defense and aerospace applications
Author(s): Hua Zhang; Serge Bidnyk; Shiquan Yang; Ashok Balakrishnan; Matt Pearson; Sean O'Keefe
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Characterization of data transmission through a maritime free-space optical channel with a custom bit error rate tester
Author(s): Joseph E. Sluz; James Riggins; Juan C. Juarez; Raymond M. Sova; David W. Young; Charles Nelson
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MIMO based optical phased array technology with electronic beam steering for laser radar applications
Author(s): Neha Sharma; Henry Zmuda
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Group delay measurement of 1.3 µm quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifier over 120 nm of spectral bandwidth
Author(s): Marcus Bagnell; Josue Davila-Rodriguez; Abhijeet Ardey; Peter J. Delfyett
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Terahertz generation in optical amplifiers
Author(s): Eric Donkor
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Time domain parabolic pulse creation of ultrafast chirped pulses
Author(s): Dat Nguyen; Mohammad Umar Piracha; Dimitrios Mandridis; Peter J. Delfyett; Michael Greenberg; Michael Mielke; Tim Booth
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Cubic ZnxMg1-xO and NiyMg1-yO thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy for deep-UV optoelectronic applications
Author(s): J. W. Mares; C. R. Boutwell; A. Scheurer; W. V. Schoenfeld
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Motivation and approach to creating true color temperature low light level V-NIR source
Author(s): Stephen D. Scopatz; Jason A. Mazzetta; Fred A. Ennerson
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Disturbance of visual functions as a result of temporary blinding from low power lasers
Author(s): Hans-Dieter Reidenbach
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