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Laser Radar Technology and Applications XV
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Volume Number: 7684
Date Published: 22 April 2010
Softcover: 52 papers (538) pages
ISBN: 9780819481481

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7684
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
3D imaging laser radar using Geiger-mode APDs: analysis and experiments
Author(s): Ying Guo; Genghua Huang; Rong Shu
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Active 3D camera design for target capture on Mars orbit
Author(s): Pierre Cottin; François Babin; Daniel Cantin; Adam Deslauriers; Bruno Sylvestre
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Improved performance ladar receiver
Author(s): Bruno Dion; Nicolas Bélanger; Jocelyn Lauzon; Patrick Lepage; Michel Tremblay
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Compact 3D flash lidar video cameras and applications
Author(s): Roger Stettner
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3D range-gated imaging in scattering environments
Author(s): Martin Laurenzis; Frank Christnacher; David Monnin; Ingo Zielenski
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3D-LZ helicopter ladar imaging system
Author(s): James Savage; Walter Harrington; R. Andrew McKinley; H. N. Burns; Steven Braddom; Zoltan Szoboszlay
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Calibration targets and standards for 3D lidar systems
Author(s): Brian H. Miles; Gary W. Kamerman; Donald K. Fronek; Paul Eadon
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Spectral ladar: towards active 3D multispectral imaging
Author(s): Michael A. Powers; Christopher C. Davis
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Product chain analysis of three-dimensional imaging laser radar systems employing Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Norman A. Lopez; Robin R. Burton; Gary W. Kamerman; Brian H. Miles; Wayne Crouch
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The dawn of optical radar: a story from another side of the globe
Author(s): Vasyl Molebny; Peter Zarubin; Gary Kamerman
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32 x 32 Geiger-mode ladar camera
Author(s): Ping Yuan; Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Xiaogang Bai; Joseph Boisvert; Paul McDonald; Eduardo Labios; Michael S. Salisbury; Gary M. Stuart; Harrison Danny; Angel A. Portillo; Alric B. Roybal; Stephen Van Duyne; Greg Pauls; Steve Gaalema
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Intensified imaging photon-counting technology for enhanced flash lidar performance
Author(s): Christian J. Grund; Alex Harwit
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Foliage penetration obscuration probability density function analysis from overhead canopy photos for gimbaled linear-mode and Geiger-mode airborne lidar
Author(s): Robin R. Burton
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Atmospheric aerosol characterization using multiwavelength multistatic light scattering
Author(s): Andrea M. Brown; Michelle G. Snyder; Lydia Brouwer; C. Russell Philbrick
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Optical remote sensing techniques characterize the properties of atmospheric aerosols
Author(s): Russell Philbrick; Hans Hallen; Andrea Wyant; Tim Wright; Michelle Snyder
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LIDAR, TEOM, and sunphotometer measured and model reconstructed atmospheric parameters
Author(s): Daniela Viviana Vladutescu; Barry Gross; Yonghua Wu; Fred Moshary; Samir Ahmed
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Standoff detection of explosives in open environment using enhanced photodissociation fluorescence
Author(s): T. Arusi-Parpar; S. Fastig; J. Shapira; B. Shwartzman; D. Rubin; Y. Ben-Hamo; A. Englander
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The application of iterative closest point (ICP) registration to improve 3D terrain mapping estimates using the flash 3D ladar system
Author(s): Jack Woods; Ernest E. Armstrong; Walter Armbruster; Richard Richmond
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Computational experiments on super-resolution enhancement of flash lidar data
Author(s): Alexander Bulyshev; Glenn Hines; Michael Vanek; Farzin Amzajerdian; Robert Reisee; Diego Pierrottet
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Redundancy analysis of raw Geiger-mode laser radar data
Author(s): Norman A. Lopez; Gary W. Kamerman
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Scene-based algorithm for range/intensity estimation correction for the flash 3D ladar system
Author(s): Steven Jordan; Ernest Armstrong; Håkan Larsson; Matthew Gebhardt; Ove Steinvall
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Signal processing on waveform data from the Eyesafe Ladar Testbed (ELT)
Author(s): Kevin D. Neilsen; Scott E. Budge; Robert T. Pack
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Automated in-track and cross-track airborne flash ladar image registration for wide-area mapping
Author(s): Chung M. Wong; Jennifer E. Logan; Christopher Bracikowski; Brian K. Baldauf
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Coherent high-resolution sparse aperture imaging testbed
Author(s): Igor Anisimov; Nicholas J. Miller; Dave Shemano; Paul F. McManamon; Joseph W. Haus
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Compact diode laser homodyne vibrometers
Author(s): Christian J. Grund; Harald Guenther; John Connolly
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Coherent integration efficiency, diversity, and detectivity of temporally integrated random coherent LADAR signals
Author(s): Philip Gatt; Don Jacob
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Feature extraction using voxel aggregation of focused discrete lidar data
Author(s): Shea Hagstrom; David Messinger; Scott Brown
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Three-dimensional transformation for automatic target recognition using lidar data
Author(s): Ruben D. Nieves; William D. Reynolds
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Laser gated viewing: An enabler for automatic target recognition?
Author(s): Ernst Bovenkamp; Klamer Schutte
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Obstruction detection comparison of small-footprint full-waveform and discrete return lidar
Author(s): Lori A. Magruder; Amy L. Neuenschwander; Scott P. Marmillion; Scott A Tweddale
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Simulating full-waveform lidar
Author(s): Angela M. Kim; Richard C. Olsen; Carlos F. Borges
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Receiver-operating characteristic for several multiple hypothesis range-rate filter algorithms
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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Accuracy of multi-look geo-coding
Author(s): E. M. Weidaw; M. W. Roth; M. Z. Brown; A. E. Scheck
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Limitations of Geiger-mode arrays for Flash LADAR applications
Author(s): George M. Williams
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Physical modeling of 3D and 4D laser imaging
Author(s): Guillaume Anna; Dominique Hamoir; Laurent Hespel; Fabien Lafay; Nicolas Rivière; Bernard Tanguy
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Calibration of a seafloor microtopography laser high-definition profiler
Author(s): Nicholas P. Chotiros; Kathryn R. Loeffler; Thien-An N. Nguyen
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Laser imaging of small surface vessels and people at sea
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Magnus Elmqvist; Kjell Karlsson; Håkan Larsson; Maria Axelsson
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Flight test and simulation results of an integrated dual airborne laser scanner (DALS)/INS navigator
Author(s): Ananth Vadlamani; Maarten Uijt de Haag
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From long range to high precision: pushing the limits of pulsed-time-of-flight measurement
Author(s): Martin Pfennigbauer; Bettina Möbius; Andreas Ullrich; João Pereira do Carmo
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A novel NLFM waveform generator using tunable integrated optical ring resonators: simulation and proof of concept experiment
Author(s): D. B Adams; W. T. Snider; C. K. Madsen
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High-power high-rep-rate SLM lasers
Author(s): J. Kilmer; G. Ross; Y. Yin
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Special modulated beams for cylindrical coordinates in anisotropic media using computer algebra
Author(s): Santiago Echeverri Chacón
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MEMS-scanned ladar sensor for small ground robots
Author(s): Barry L. Stann; John F. Dammann; Mark M. Giza; Pey-Schuan Jian; William B. Lawler; Hung M. Nguyen; Laurel C. Sadler
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Improving quality of laser scanning data acquisition through calibrated amplitude and pulse deviation measurement
Author(s): Martin Pfennigbauer; Andreas Ullrich
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Fusing waveform lidar and hyperspectral data for species-level structural assessment in savanna ecosystems
Author(s): Diane Sarrazin; Jan van Aardt; Gregory P. Asner; Joe McGlinchy; David W. Messinger; Jiaying Wu
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An improvement on accuracy of laser radar using a Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode by time-of-flight analysis with Poisson statistics
Author(s): Min Seok Oh; Hong Jin Kong
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Statistical comparison between Hysplit sounding and lidar observation of planetary boundary layer characteristics over New York City
Author(s): Chuen Meei Gan; Yonghua Wu; Barry Gross; Fred Moshary
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Atmospheric cross-wind and turbulence measurements using turbulence-induced scintillations
Author(s): J. Shapira; O. Porat; M. Livneh; Z. Wies; D. Heflinger; S. Fastig; Y. Glick; A. Engel
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Remote qualitative profiling of the cross-wind flow with lidar
Author(s): G. Machavariani; J. Shapira; U. Talmud; O. Porat; Sh. Fastig
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Multispectral lidar system: design, build, and test
Author(s): S. Fastig; Y. Ehrlich; S. Pearl; E. Naor; Y. Kraus; T. Inbar; D. Katz
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Extended-range digital holographic imaging
Author(s): J. C. Marron; R. L. Kendrick; S. T. Thurman; N. L. Seldomridge; T. D. Grow; C. W. Embry; A. T. Bratcher
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A history of laser radar in the United States
Author(s): Paul F. McManamon; Gary Kamerman; Milton Huffaker
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Terrain classification of ladar data over Haitian urban environments using a lower envelope follower and adaptive gradient operator
Author(s): Amy L. Neuenschwander; Melba M. Crawford; Lori A. Magruder; Christopher A. Weed; Richard Cannata; Dale Fried; Robert Knowlton; Richard Heinrichs
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