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Smart Biomedical and Physiological Sensor Technologies VII
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Volume Number: 7674
Date Published: 23 April 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7674
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of SAM-based multi-layer SERS substrates for intracellular analyses
Author(s): Charles K. Klutse; Brian M. Cullum
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Semiconductor CdS:Mn/ZnS quantum dots for sensing applications
Author(s): Subhash Banerjee; Swadeshmukul Santra
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Gadolinium-labeled dendronized gold nanoparticles as new targeted MRI contrast agent
Author(s): Hongmu Pan; Marie-Christine Daniel
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Using llama derived single domain antibodies to target botulinum neurotoxins
Author(s): Marla D. Swain; George P. Anderson; Rachael D. Bernstein; Jinny L. Liu; Ellen R. Goldman
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Novel probes for visualizing reactive oxygen species in lipid membranes
Author(s): Katerina Krumova; Gonzalo Cosa
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Frequency domain fluorescence lifetime microwell-plate platform for respirometry measurements
Author(s): M. R. Chatni; G. Yale; A. Van Ryckeghem; D. M. Porterfield
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NanoDLSay: a new platform technology for biomolecular detection and analysis using gold nanoparticle probes coupled with dynamic light scattering
Author(s): Jelena Bogdanovic; Qun Huo
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Excimer laser-induced perturbation spectroscopy: an approach to biosensing
Author(s): S. E. Smith; K. D. Buchanan; D. W. Hahn
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Chemically responsive hydrogel with nanoparticle enhanced detection for small biomolecules
Author(s): Soame Banerji; Wei Peng; Yoon-Chang Kim; Karl S. Booksh
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FPAA suitability as analog front-end for biosignals
Author(s): D. P. Morales; A. García; A. J. Palma; U. Meyer-Baese
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Optical cross-talk and surface characterization of SERS nanoimaging bundle substrates
Author(s): John B. Kiser; Brian M. Cullum
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High-sensitivity hyperspectral imager for biomedical video diagnostic applications
Author(s): Raimund Leitner; Thomas Arnold; Martin De Biasio
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A difference imaging technique for monitoring real-time changes in morphology within the cell, tissue, and organism spatial domain
Author(s): E. S. McLamore; M. Stensberg; G. Yale; H. Ochoa-Acuna; M. Sepulveda; X. Sun; O. Akkus; D. M. Porterfield
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Wearable sensors for skin heating and electric field strength in harsh environments
Author(s): Jay Lewis; Ethan Klem; Garry Cunningham; Andrew Dummer
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High reliability, miniature personal hypoxia monitoring system
Author(s): Rajan Gurjar; Madhavi Seetamraju; David E. Wolf; John Hastings
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In-vitro micro-Raman study of tissue samples for detecting cervical and ovarian cancer with 785-nm laser excitation
Author(s): S. K. Sharma; L. E. Kamemoto; A. K. Misra; M. T. Goodman; H. W. Luk; J. L. Killeen
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Targeted in-vivo computed tomography (CT) imaging of tissue ACE using concentrated lisinopril-capped gold nanoparticle solutions
Author(s): Marie-Christine Daniel; Omer Aras; Mark F. Smith; Anjan Nan; Thorsten Fleiter
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Biometric study using hyperspectral imaging during stress
Author(s): Sheela Nagaraj; Shafik Quoraishee; Gabriel Chan; Kenneth R. Short
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