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Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems and Applications VII
Editor(s): Daniel J. Henry
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Volume Number: 7668
Date Published: 22 April 2010
Softcover: 33 papers (340) pages
ISBN: 9780819481320

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7668
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
3D imaging without range information
Author(s): J. D. Rogers; D. R. Myatt
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Lock-in imaging with synchronous digital mirror demodulation
Author(s): Michael G. Bush
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Chromotomographic imager field demonstration results
Author(s): Daniel C. O'Dell; Randy Bostick; Michael R. Hawks; Eric D. Swenson; Jonathan T. Black; Richard G. Cobb; Glen P. Perram
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Novel hyperspectral imager for lightweight UAVs
Author(s): Heikki Saari; Ville-Veikko Aallos; Christer Holmlund; Jussi Mäkynen; Bavo Delauré; Kris Nackaerts; Bart Michiels
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Multisensor airborne imagery collection and processing onboard small unmanned systems
Author(s): Dale Linne von Berg; Scott A. Anderson; Alan Bird; Niel Holt; Melvin Kruer; Thomas J. Walls; Michael L. Wilson
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Use of compact synthetic aperture radar systems to assist with device detection and discrimination
Author(s): Mark Jensen; Thomas J. Walls; Scott A. Anderson; Dale Linne von Berg; Niel Holt; Melvin Kruer; David G. Long; Michael L. Wilson
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Compact survey and inspection day/night image sensor suite for small unmanned aircraft systems (EyePod)
Author(s): Alan Bird; Scott A. Anderson; Dale Linne von Berg; Morgan Davidson; Niel Holt; Melvin Kruer; Michael L. Wilson
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A simulation of wide area surveillance (WAS) systems and algorithm for digital elevation model (DEM) extraction
Author(s): Beato T. Cheng
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Airborne sensor integration for quick reaction programs
Author(s): Gregory Gosian; Kenneth Mason; Thomas Servoss; Bernard Brower; Matthew Pellechia
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High speed radiometric measurements of IED detonation fireballs
Author(s): Matthew T. Spidell; J. Motos Gordon; Jeremey Pitz; Kevin C. Gross; Glen P. Perram
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Terrestrial imaging of military test centers
Author(s): Steven D. Fleming
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Opto-mechanical review of a light weight compact visible zoom camera
Author(s): Brian McMaster
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Moving target detection for a multi-band pushbroom sensor
Author(s): Beato T. Cheng
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Robust vehicle detection in low-resolution aerial imagery
Author(s): Samir Sahli; Yueh Ouyang; Yunlong Sheng; Daniel A. Lavigne
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Robust component-based car detection and counting in aerial imagery based on the mean-shift colour space clustering
Author(s): Yueh Ouyang; Samir Sahli; Yunlong Sheng; Daniel A. Lavigne
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Advanced vehicle tracking in persistent aerial surveillance video
Author(s): Jiangjian Xiao; Hui Cheng; Harpreet Sawhney
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Automated multiple target detection and tracking in UAV videos
Author(s): Hongwei Mao; Chenhui Yang; Glen P. Abousleman; Jennie Si
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Pan and tilt real-time target tracking
Author(s): Moulay A. Akhloufi
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Directed area search using socio-biological vision algorithms and cognitive Bayesian reasoning
Author(s): S. Medasani; Y. Owechko; D. Allen; T. C. Lu; D. Khosla
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A comparative study of four change detection methods for aerial photography applications
Author(s): Gil Abramovich; Glen Brooksby; Stephen F. Bush; Swaminathan Manickam; Ozge Ozcanli; Benjamin D. Garrett
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Factors related to low-slant angle affecting airborne video interpretability
Author(s): Darrell Young; Tariq Bakir; Robert Butto; Fred Petitti
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Expanding the dynamic range of short wave infrared (SWIR) imagery
Author(s): Marc Hansen; Mark C. Stern
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Correction of projective distortion in long-image-sequence mosaics without prior information
Author(s): Chenhui Yang; Hongwei Mao; Glen Abousleman; Jennie Si
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Information recovery through image sequence fusion under wavelet transformation
Author(s): Qiang He
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Real-time unmanned aircraft systems surveillance video mosaicking using GPU
Author(s): Aldo Camargo; Kyle Anderson; Yi Wang; Richard R. Schultz; Ronald A. Fevig
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Image exploitation algorithms for reconnaissance and surveillance with UAV
Author(s): N. Heinze; M. Esswein; W. Krüger; G. Saur
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Temporal fusion for de-noising of RGB video received from small UAVs
Author(s): Amber D. Fischer; Kyle J. Hildebrand
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Research strategy for the electro-optics sensors domain of the Materials and Components for Missiles Innovative Technology Partnership
Author(s): Mark Bray; Isabella Panella
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Evaluation of a vehicle tracking system for multi-modal UAV-captured video data
Author(s): D. A. Sadlier; N. E. O'Connor
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Application of Retinex wavelet moment features for complex illumination
Author(s): Bo Sun; Jiang Li; Jun He; Xiaoming Zhu
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Improved VCA in hyperspectral image processing
Author(s): Xiaoming Zhu; Chao Chen; Bo Sun; Xiyu Zhang; Jun He
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Cross delay line sensor characterization
Author(s): Israel J. Owens; Dennis K. Remelius; Joe J. Tiee; Steven E. Buck; Stephen R. Whittemore; David C. Thompson; Robert Shirey
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UAV-based environmental monitoring using multi-spectral imaging
Author(s): Martin De Biasio; Thomas Arnold; Raimund Leitner; Gerald McGunnigle; Richard Meester
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