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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Sensing XI
Editor(s): Augustus Way Fountain; Patrick J. Gardner
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Volume Number: 7665
Date Published: 27 April 2010
Softcover: 51 papers (508) pages
ISBN: 9780819481290

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7665
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fate study of water-borne gram positive vegetative bacterial cells with Raman microscopy
Author(s): Jason Guicheteau; Ashish Tripathi; Jennifer Minter; Phillip Wilcox; Steven Christesen
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Development of an integrated system for rapid detection of biological agents
Author(s): Hideyuki Terazono; Hiroyuki Takei; Masahito Hayashi; Akihiro Hattori; Kenji Yasuda
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Estimation and discrimination of aerosols using multiple wavelength LWIR lidar
Author(s): Russell E. Warren; Richard G. Vanderbeek; Jeffrey L. Ahl
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Application of the Raven UAV for chemical and biological detection
Author(s): Ryan Altenbaugh; Jeff Barton; Christopher Chiu; Ken Fidler; Dan Hiatt; Chad Hawthorne; Steven Marshall; Joe Mohos; Vince McHugh; Bill Nicoloff
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Backscatter and depolarization measurements of aerosolized biological simulants using a chamber lidar system
Author(s): David M. Brown; Evan P. Thrush; Michael E. Thomas; Josh Santarpia; Jason Quizon; Christopher C. Carter
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Optical properties and cross-sections of biological aerosols
Author(s): E. Thrush; D. M. Brown; N. Salciccioli; J. Gomes; A. Brown; K. Siegrist; M. E. Thomas; N. T. Boggs; C. C. Carter
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Water matrix and age effects on microorganism Raman microspectroscopy
Author(s): Ashish Tripathi; Rabih E. Jabbour; Patrick J. Treado; Matthew P. Nelson; A. Peter Snyder
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Standoff lidar simulation for biological warfare agent detection, tracking, and classification
Author(s): Erika Jönsson; Ove Steinvall; Ove Gustafsson; Fredrik Kullander; Per Jonsson
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Short-range lidar for bioagent detection and classification
Author(s): Nicolas Hô; Frédéric Émond; François Babin; Dave Healy; Jean-Robert Simard; Sylvie Buteau; John E. McFee
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Information fusion of standoff and other information for biodefense decision support
Author(s): Jerome J. Braun; Austin Hess; Yan Glina; Edward C. Wack; Karianne Bergen; Timothy J. Dasey; Robert M. Mays; John Strawbridge
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Modeling of spectral emission-based lidar remote sensing
Author(s): Denis V. Plutov; Dennis K. Killinger
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A rapidly deployable chemical sensing network for the real-time monitoring of toxic airborne contaminant releases in urban environments
Author(s): Jason J. Lepley; David R. Lloyd
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A framework for evaluating mixture analysis algorithms
Author(s): Sridhar Dasaratha; T. S. Vignesh; Sarat Shanmukh; Malathi Yarra; Edita Botonjic-Sehic; James Grassi; Hacene Boudries; Ivan Freeman; Young K. Lee; Scott Sutherland
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Sensor-netting algorithm for CB threat mapping
Author(s): Thomas Gruber; Larry Grim; Christopher Keiser; William Ginley
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Standoff hyperspectral imaging of explosives residues using broadly tunable external cavity quantum cascade laser illumination
Author(s): Bruce E. Bernacki; Mark C. Phillips
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Stoichiometric analysis of ammonium nitrate and ammonium perchlorate with nanosecond laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): S. Sreedhar; S. Venugopal Rao; P. Prem Kiran; Surya P. Tewari; G. Manoj Kumar
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Free surface microfluidic/SERS for detection of gas-phase DNT
Author(s): Brian D. Piorek; Seung Joon Lee; Nick Judy; Carl D. Meinhart; Martin Moskovits; Augustus Fountain; Steven Christesen; Jason Guicheteau
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Trace explosive detection in fingerprints with Raman chemical imaging
Author(s): Ashish Tripathi; Erik D. Emmons; Jason A. Guicheteau; Steven D. Christesen; Phillip G. Wilcox; Darren K. Emge; Augustus W. Fountain
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Trace detection of explosive compounds by different laser-based techniques at the ENEA Laboratories
Author(s): S. Botti; M. Carpanese; L. Cantarini; G. Giubileo; V. Lazic; S. Jovicevic; A. Palucci; A. Puiu
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Laser vaporization of trace explosives for enhanced non-contact detection
Author(s): Robert Furstenberg; Michael Papantonakis; Christopher A. Kendziora; Daniel M. Bubb; Jeffrey Corgan; R. Andrew McGill
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Intricacies of comparative testing of explosives detectors at the ultra-trace level
Author(s): Ross J. Harper; Mark E. Fisher
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High speed spectral measurements of IED detonation fireballs
Author(s): J. Motos Gordon; Matthew T. Spidell; Jeremey Pitz; Kevin C. Gross; Glen P. Perram
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Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of RDX and HMX with nanosecond, picosecond, and femtosecond pulses
Author(s): S. Sreedhar; M. Ashwin Kumar; G. Manoj Kumar; P. Prem Kiran; Surya P. Tewari; S. Venugopal Rao
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Compact standoff Raman system for detection of homemade explosives
Author(s): Anupam K. Misra; Shiv K. Sharma; David E. Bates; Tayro E. Acosta
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Detection of explosives at trace levels by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
Author(s): V. Lazic; A. Palucci; S. Jovicevic; M. Carapanese; C. Poggi; E. Buono
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Xerogel-based molecularly imprinted polymers for explosives detection
Author(s): Ellen L. Holthoff; Dimitra N. Stratis-Cullum; Mikella E. Hankus
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Extension of a standoff explosive detection system to CBRN threats
Author(s): Alan Ford; Rob Waterbury; Jeremy Rose; Ken Pohl; Megan Eisterhold; Thelma Thorn; Keesoo Lee; Ed Dottery
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Laser-induced breakdown plasma-based sensors
Author(s): Steven T. Griffin
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Photoacoustic spectroscopy for trace vapor detection and molecular discrimination
Author(s): Ellen Holthoff; John Bender; Paul Pellegrino; Almon Fisher; Nancy Stoffel
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Detection of toxic industrial chemicals in water supplies using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Kevin M. Spencer; James M. Sylvia; Sarah A. Spencer; Susan L. Clauson
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STIRAP on sodium gas as a function of argon buffer gas pressure
Author(s): J. Bruce Johnson; Susan D. Allen; Jim L. Hicks; Joey Burdin
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CATSI EDM: a new sensor for the real-time passive stand-off detection and identification of chemicals
Author(s): Jean-Marc Thériault; Paul Lacasse; Hugo Lavoie; François Bouffard; Yan Montembeault; Vincent Farley; Louis Belhumeur; Philippe Lagueux
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First field trial results of the MR-CATSI dual input beam spectroradiometer for the standoff detection of chemicals
Author(s): Louis Moreau; E. Puckrin; C. S. Turcotte; J.-M. Thériault; Christian Vallieres; Claude Roy
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FTIR gas analysis with improved sensitivity and selectivity for CWA and TIC detection
Author(s): Charles M. Phillips; Huwei Tan
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Airborne infrared-hyperspectral mapping for detection of gaseous and solid targets
Author(s): E. Puckrin; C. S. Turcotte; P. Lahaie; D. Dubé; V. Farley; P. Lagueux; F. Marcotte; M. Chamberland
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Imaging open-path Fourier transform infrared spectrometer for 3D cloud profiling
Author(s): Julia Rentz Dupuis; David J. Mansur; Robert Vaillancourt; David Carlson; Thomas Evans; Elizabeth Schundler; Lori Todd; Kathleen Mottus
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Measurement of ammonia skin gas using a mid-infrared Pb-salt tunable diode laser
Author(s): Trocia N. Clasp; Sindhu Kaimal; Scott W. Reeve; William A. Burns
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A non-negative matrix factorization algorithm for the detection of chemicals from an incomplete Raman library
Author(s): Ryan D. Palkki; Aaron D. Lanterman
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Improved Raman sensitivity using polarization analysis
Author(s): Steven Christesen
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Proximal detection of chemical warfare agents using PMIRRAS
Author(s): Michael W. P. Petryk; Armando J. Marenco
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Detection of chemicals in mixed, two-dimensional Raman spectra
Author(s): David Gillis; Jacob Grun; Jeffrey Bowles; Robert Lunsford; Sergei Nikitin; Charles Manka
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A two-pixel Compton imager
Author(s): P. R. B. Saull; L. E. Sinclair; H. C. J. Seywerd; P. J. Boyle; A. M. L. MacLeod; D. S. Hanna
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Thermal neutron detectors based on gadolinium-containing lanthanide-halide nanoscintillators
Author(s): John B. Plumley; Nathan J. Withers; Antonio C. Rivera; Brian A. Akins; José M. Vargas; Kenneth Carpenter; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Robert D. Busch; Marek Osiński
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Radiation-induced failures and degradation of wireless real-time dosimeter under high-dose-rate irradiation
Author(s): K. Tsuchiya; K. Kuroki; N. Akiba; K. Kurosawa; T. Matsumoto; J. Nishiyama; H. Harano
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Radiation scintillator embedded with a converting medium to detect and discriminate the four species of ionizing radiation
Author(s): Scott Pellegrin; Chester G. Wilson
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Design of dual-road transportable portal monitoring system for visible light and gamma-ray imaging
Author(s): Thomas P. Karnowski; Mark F. Cunningham; James S. Goddard; Anil M. Cheriyadat; Donald E. Hornback; Lorenzo Fabris; Ryan A. Kerekes; Klaus-Peter Ziock; E. Craig Bradley; J. Chesser; W. Marchant
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Optical detection of special nuclear materials: an alternative approach for standoff and remote sensing
Author(s): J. Bruce Johnson; S. W. Reeve; W. A. Burns; Susan D. Allen
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SmartID: a highly accurate physics-based isotope attribution algorithm
Author(s): M. J. Harrison; G. E. Sjoden; R. Detwiler
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Development of low-power wireless networked radioactive material sensor
Author(s): Dimosthenis Katsis; David Burns; Stanley Henriquez; Marc Litz
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Fluorescence-based optical chemical sensors for personal protection
Author(s): Špela Korent Urek; Aleksandra Lobnik; Matejka Turel
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Cold plasma decontamination using flexible jet arrays
Author(s): Gregory Konesky
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Sensor-enabled chem/bio contamination detection system dedicated to situational awareness of water distribution security status
Author(s): Mark D. Ginsberg; Eddy D. Smith; Vicki VanBlaricum; Vincent F. Hock; Dan Kroll; Kevin J. Russell
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