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Thermosense XXXII
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Volume Number: 7661
Date Published: 4 May 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7661
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The use of infrared imagery to quantify near-surface thermal and hydrodynamic features on bodies of water
Author(s): K. Peter Judd; Robert A. Handler; Geoffrey B. Smith
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Thermodynamics of partially frozen cooling lakes
Author(s): Alfred J. Garrett; May Casterline; Carl Salvaggio
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Improved temperature retrieval methods for the validation of a hydrodynamic simulation of a partially frozen power plant cooling lake
Author(s): May V. Casterline; Carl Salvaggio; Alfred J. Garrett; Brent D. Bartlett; Jason W. Faulring; Philip S. Salvaggio
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Wind-influence modeling for outdoor thermographic surveys
Author(s): E. C. Bortoni; G. S. Bastos; L. dos Santos; L. E. Souza
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Infrared face recognition using texture descriptors
Author(s): Moulay A. Akhloufi; Abdelhakim Bendada
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The application of advanced image processing to rescue camera systems
Author(s): Duncan Hickman; Lindsay Swan; Tom Riley; Charles Humpoletz
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Multi-modal panoramic imaging for security and surveillance applications
Author(s): J. Sadler; D. Hickman; J. Davis; M. Bernhardt; T. Riley; A. Thomas; C. Dent
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Development of a nondestructive evaluation method for FRP bridge decks
Author(s): Jeff Brown; Terra Fox
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Accuracy improvement of self-reference lock-in thermography method and its application to detection of fatigue cracks in steel bridges
Author(s): Yui Izumi; Takahide Sakagami; Shiro Kubo
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Determination of delamination depth in concrete structure based on inverse analysis of thermography data
Author(s): Tzu-Yang   Cheng; Takahide Sakagami; Shiro Kubo
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Nondestructive testing of plastered mosaics with the use of active thermography approaches
Author(s): Eleni Cheilakou; Nico P. Avdelidis; Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo; Maria Koui; Abdel Hakim Bendada; Xavier P. Maldague
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IR thermography applied to the assessment of thermal conductivity of building materials
Author(s): P. Bison; E. Grinzato
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R-value estimation by local thermographic analysis
Author(s): E. Grinzato; P. Bison; G.. Cadelano; F. Peron
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Processing near-infrared imagery of hypersonic space shuttle reentries
Author(s): Thomas S. Spisz; Jeff C. Taylor; David M. Gibson; Kwame Osei-Wusu; Thomas J. Horvath; Joseph N. Zalameda; Deborah M. Tomek; Alan B. Tietjen; Steve Tack; Richard J. Schwartz
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Recent experiments assessing the uncertainty of metal cutting temperature measurements when using the NIST high-speed dual-spectrum optical system
Author(s): Eric Whitenton; April Cooke; Jarred Heigel; Ivan Arriola Aldamiz
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IR gas imaging in an industrial setting
Author(s): Edward Naranjo; Shankar Baliga; Philippe Bernascolle
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Unique solution for accurate in-situ infrared profiling in reheat furnaces
Author(s): David Primhak; Ben Wileman; Peter Drögmöller
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Active thermography signal processing techniques for defect detection and characterization on composite materials
Author(s): C. Ibarra-Castanedo; N. P. Avdelidis; M. Grenier; X. Maldague; A. Bendada
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LWIR and MWIR thermography tools for composites assessment
Author(s): Nicolas P. Avdelidis; Eetta Saarimäki; Timo Kauppinen; Panagiotis Theodorakeas; Angelo Tati; Eleni Cheilakou; Stella Fanou; Maria Koui; Chiraz Ennaceur
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Comparative study for the nondestructive testing of advanced ceramic materials by infrared thermography and holographic interferometry
Author(s): S. Sfarra; C. Ibarra-Castanedo; A. Bendada; X. Maldague; D. Ambrosini; D. Paoletti
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Two-dimensional thermal analysis of organic molecular crystals and polymeric spherulites by microscale thermography
Author(s): Junko Morikawa; Eita Hayakawa; Kazuyuki Ikuo; Toshimasa Hashimoto
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Finite element analysis and neural network model for electronic hidden solder joint geometry prediction
Author(s): Jose Benjamin Dolores Giron Palomares; Sheng-Jen Hsieh
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Detecting and discriminating PE and PP polymers for plastics recycling using NIR imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): Martin De Biasio; Thomas Arnold; Gerald McGunnigle; Raimund Leitner; Dirk Balthasar; Volker Rehrmann
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