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5th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Smart Structures and Materials in Manufacturing and Testing
Editor(s): Xiangang Luo; Georg von Freymann
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Volume Number: 7659
Date Published: 7 October 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7659
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Tuning enhanced transmission frequency through a subwavelength aperture with active split ring resonator
Author(s): Cheng Huang; Zeyu Zhao; Xiangang Luo
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Research on automatic non-destructive testing system of oil coiled tubing
Author(s): Rong Guo; Wenbin Qiu; Yuhui Wang; Jianguang Ren
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The research of diagnose for structural damage based on piezoelectric phased array
Author(s): Xingang Li; Zeyong Chen; Kang Yang; Zhenqing Wang; Limin Zhou
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Carbon nanocoils manipulated by optical tweezers
Author(s): Jiangtao Lv; Lujun Pan; He Ma; Dawei Li; Shi Pan
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Application research of the synthetic image segmentation algorithm on the multi-lens video logging
Author(s): Huiqin Jia; Zhouli Li; Weiguang Zhang
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Diffractive efficiency of terahertz zone plates with continuous phase
Author(s): Dehua Li; Yang Zhao; Qingzhen Sun; Xiangdong Zhao; Wei Zhou; Liqiang Liu; Tao Jin
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Optical fiber sensors with Fabry-Perot thin film coating as sensitive element
Author(s): Minghong Yang; Xiaobing Li; Junjie Wang; Xinglin Tong
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Performance evaluation of Biograph PET/CT system based on Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): Bing Wang; Fei Gao; Hua-Feng Liu
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Improving iterative closed points algorithm for sparse range image registration
Author(s): Li Xu; Xiuqin Li; Lixia Chen
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Optimization design of the precision optoelectronic tracking turntable frame
Author(s): Jie Li
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Temperature-insensitive fiber Bragg grating tilt sensor
Author(s): Kai Ni; Xinyong Dong; Yongxing Jin; Haisong Xu
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Study of high power white AC-LED based on the structure of composite bridge with SMD packaging
Author(s): Zhibin Wang; Yue Gu; Shasha Xie
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Study on tracking technology of the moving object based on computer vision
Author(s): Ranran Xu; Zhenying Xu; Boquan Li
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The design of missile's dome that fits both optical and aerodynamic needs
Author(s): Qun Wei; Xin Zhang; Hongguang Jia
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The design of laser atmosphere transmission characteristic measurement system based on virtual instrument
Author(s): Laixian Zhang; Huayan Sun; Jiawen Xu
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Research on the the device of non-angular vibration for opto-electronic platform
Author(s): Yuan An; Chun-peng Song; Rong-jun Kuang; Guang Jin
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Development of mini LD laser rangefinder
Author(s): Jianfeng Wang; Zaixuan Zhang; Xiangdong Yu; Yongxing Jin; Changyu Shen; Yanqing Qiu
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Laser bar code applied in computer aided design of power fittings
Author(s): Xiaohong Yang; Fan Yang
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The temperature sensitivity of fiber loop mirror based on the pressure-induced birefringence in singlemode fiber
Author(s): Yu Zhao; Yongxing Jin; Jianfeng Wang; Xinyong Dong
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Development and application of a low-frequency FBG vibration sensor
Author(s): Qiu-ming Nan
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Application of precision harmonic gear drive in focusing mechanism of space camera
Author(s): Xinjie Zhang; Changxiang Yan
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Study of moving object detecting and tracking algorithm for video surveillance system
Author(s): Tao Wang; Rongfu Zhang
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A novel fiber Bragg grating pressure sensor with the smart metal structure based on the planar diaphragm
Author(s): Ming-jin Guo; Lei Liang
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FBG sensor networks for the estimation of boundary shear stress around the novel piers
Author(s): Chengang Lü; Ruifeng Zhang
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State-of-the-art in bipolar of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Author(s): Yun Wang; Jingjing Wang; Bi-feng Yin; Zhen-ying Xu; Sheng Ding
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Dexterous electron hydraulic servo manipulator based on opto-electronic slip sensor
Author(s): Zhen-dong Shang; Zhigang Hu; Qinghua Zhang
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The production scheduling model of optical components oriented ant colony optimization algorithm
Author(s): Juan Wang; Jian Wang; Dingyong Tang
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Design of automatic leveling and centering system based on error correction and compensation algorithm
Author(s): Chun-tong Liu; Zhen-xin He
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The evaluation and the experimental simulation about the image quality influenced by an area CCD camera on a satellite
Author(s): Wang Zhou; Rudong Xue; Jiankang Zhou
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Infrared thermal wave nondestructive technology on the defect in the shell of solid rocket motor
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Yuanjia Song; Zhengwei Yang; Ming Li; Gan Tian
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A hydrophone based on high-birefringence fiber loop mirror
Author(s): Shuyang Hu; Bo Dong; Kuanxin Yu; Jinfeng Zhou; Li Wang
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Study on the property of the light source in the white light optical fiber interferometer
Author(s): Yefang Lee; Zhenguo Jing; Huali Hao; Huaqi Cheng; Wei Peng; Qingxu Yu
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Influence of Gauss parameter to biological compact disc sensor
Author(s): WeiLi An; Chen Han; Feng Ying; Liu Long
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Effects of fabrication imperfection on focusing property of photonic quasicrystal slab
Author(s): Kun Ren; Xiao Bin Ren
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Polarization-independent focusing property of flat lens based on photonic quasicrystal
Author(s): Xiao Bin Ren; Kun Ren
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Preparation research on novel dampers used in large optical telescope's noise and vibrations attenuating system
Author(s): Xiu-ping Dong; Jian-chun Yang; Li Zhang
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Adaptive optics imaging technology for extended object based on bilateral filter
Author(s): Huizhen Yang; Qiang Liu
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Study on the weighing system based on optical fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Xiaona Wang; Qingxu Yu; Yefang Li
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Distributed fiber optic stress sensor system based on P-OFDR
Author(s): Zhiyong Dai; Xiaoxia Zhang; Zengshou Peng; Jianfeng Li; Zhonghua Ou; Yongzhi Liu
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The evaluation system of the 2-D scanning mirror based on CMOS sensor
Author(s): Gui-ying Zeng; Yuan Xie; Jin-xing Chen
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Research of electromagnetic drive micromechanical gyroscope based on tunneling effect of multi-barrier nano thin films
Author(s): Kang Du; Ruirong Wang; Mengwei Li; Jun Liu; Yunbo Shi
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Utilization of a digital method to determine the rotation direction in incremental photoelectric encoder
Author(s): Yousheng Li
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The research of a video segmentation algorithm based on image fusion in the wavelet domain
Author(s): Fan Yang; Jing Li; Shun-hua Xu; Guo-feng Pan
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Design and fabrication of a far-infrared interferometer
Author(s): Yongqian Wu; Yudong Zhang; Juan Zhang
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