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Nondestructive Characterization for Composite Materials, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Infrastructure, and Homeland Security 2010
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Volume Number: 7649
Date Published: 8 April 2010
Softcover: 51 papers (492) pages
ISBN: 9780819480644

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7649
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Simultaneous strain and temperature measurement using long-period fiber grating sensors
Author(s): Genda Chen; Hai Xiao; Ying Huang; Yinan Zhang; Zhi Zhou
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Impact localization on complex structures using FBG strain amplitude information
Author(s): Cristobal Hiche; Clyde K. Coelho; Aditi Chattopadhyay; Mark Seaver
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A fiber Bragg grating interrogation system for health monitoring of metals and composites
Author(s): An-Dien Nguyen; Alexi S. Rakow
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Silicon-based thin film solid oxide fuel cell array
Author(s): Pei-Chen Su; Fritz B. Prinz
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Casing pipe damage detection with optical fiber sensors: a case study in oil well constructions
Author(s): Zhi Zhou; Jianping He; Minghua Huang; Jun He; Jinping Ou; Genda Chen
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In-situ monitoring of curing and ageing effects in FRP plates using embedded FBG sensors
Author(s): Guijun Xian; Chuan Wang; Hui Li
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Structural health monitoring of PC structures with novel types of distributed sensors
Author(s): Caiqian Yang; Zhishen Wu; Yufeng Zhang
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Fatigue damage prognosis of a cruciform structure under biaxial random and flight profile loading
Author(s): Subhasish Mohanty; Aditi Chattopadhyay; Pedro Peralta; Dan Quech
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Lamb wave propagation in Z-pin reinforced co-cured composite pi-joints
Author(s): Eric D. Swenson; Som R. Soni; Hitesh Kapoor
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Effects of Z-pins on Lamb waves in composite plates
Author(s): Eric D. Swenson; Hitesh Kapoor; Som R. Soni
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Characterizing the self-sensing performance of carbon nanotube-enhanced fiber-reinforced polymers
Author(s): Bryan R. Loyola; Valeria La Saponara; Kenneth J. Loh
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Analysis techniques for eddy current imaging of carbon fiber materials
Author(s): Martin H. Schulze; Norbert Meyendorf; Henning Heuer
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A two-tiered self-powered wireless monitoring system architecture for bridge health management
Author(s): Masahiro Kurata; Jerome P. Lynch; Tzeno Galchev; Michael Flynn; Patrick Hipley; Vince Jacob; Gwendolyn van der Linden; Amir Mortazawi; Khalil Najafi; Rebecca L. Peterson; Li-Hong Sheng; Dennis Sylvester; Edward Thometz
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Smart antenna technology for structural health monitoring applications
Author(s): Tayfun Özdemir; Yuriy Goykhman; Larry Oberdier; Jerome Lynch
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Near-optimal sensor placement for health monitoring of civil structures
Author(s): Gwendolyn W. van der Linden; Abbas Emami-Naeini; Robert L. Kosut; Hassan Sederat; Jerome P. Lynch
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Nondestructive monitoring of a pipe network using a MEMS-based wireless network
Author(s): Masanobu Shinozuka; Pai H. Chou; Sehwan Kim; Hong Rok Kim; Eunbae Yoon; Hadil Mustafa; Debasis Karmakar; Selim Pul
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Quantification of fatigue cracking in CT specimens with passive and active piezoelectric sensing
Author(s): Jianguo Yu; Paul Ziehl; Boris Zarate; Juan Caicedo; Lingyu Yu; Victor Giurgiutiu; Brian Metrovich; Fabio Matta
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Finite element analysis of surface wave radiation for pavement debonding
Author(s): Yifeng Lu; Yinghong Cao; J. Gregory McDaniel; Ming L. Wang
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Fabrication and characterization of high frequency phased arrays for NDE imaging
Author(s): Xiaoning Jiang; Kevin Snook; Ruibin Liu; Xuecang Geng; Wesley S. Hackenberger
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Evaluation of bridge cables corrosion using acoustic emission technique
Author(s): Dongsheng Li; Jinping Ou
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Ultrasonic inspection technique for NDE of fiber composite materials
Author(s): Dieter Hentschel; Frank Schubert; Lars Schubert; Bernd Frankenstein
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Structural health monitoring techniques for detecting incipient buckling
Author(s): Kassahun Asamene; Bashir Ali; Mannur Sundaresan
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Service induced damage in composite laminates: non destructive assessment, quantification and modeling
Author(s): D. G. Aggelis; N. M. Barkoula; T. E. Matikas; A. S. Paipetis
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Acoustic emission characterization of steel fibre reinforced concrete during bending
Author(s): D. G. Aggelis; D. V. Soulioti; N. Sapouridis; N. M. Barkoula; A. S. Paipetis; T. E. Matikas
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Using 2-D arrays for sensing multimodal Lamb waves
Author(s): Marcus Engholm; Tadeusz Stepinski
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Lamb wave excitation and detection with smart fasteners for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Hwan-Sik Yoon; Roland DeCicco
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Active learning data selection for adaptive online structural damage estimation
Author(s): Debejyo Chakraborty; Narayan Kovvali; Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola; Aditi Chattopadhyay
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Characterization of pitting corrosion on small diameter ductile iron pipe using thermography
Author(s): Zheng Liu; Marc Genest; Dennis Krys
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Transient infrared thermography for damage evaluation in aerospace composites
Author(s): S. Pawar; K. Peters
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Application of line scanning thermography for the detection of interlaminar disbonds in sandwich composite structures
Author(s): Obdulia Ley; Simon Chung; Jaco Schutte; Anthony Caiazzo; Valery Godinez; Bruce Bandos
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Repair integrity monitoring of composite aerostructures using thermographic imaging
Author(s): S. Grammatikos; E. Kordatos; N.-M. Barkoula; T. Matikas; A. Paipetis
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A tunable impulse ultra-wide-band sensor for civil infrastructure sensing applications
Author(s): J. W. Han; C. Nguyen
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A 35-GHz radar for sensing applications
Author(s): J. S. Park; C. Nguyen
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Estimation of kernels mass ratio to total in-shell peanuts using low-cost RF impedance meter
Author(s): Chari V. Kandala; Jaya Sundaram; Brad Hinson
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Comprehensive condition assessment of bridge decks by multimodal NDE
Author(s): Nenad Gucunski; Ruediger Feldmann; Francisco Romero; Sabine Kruschwitz; Hooman Parvardeh
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A pragmatic and innovative approach for civil infrastructure management: structural behavior monitoring
Author(s): Genda Chen
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Damage inspection of fiber reinforced polymer-concrete systems using a distant acoustic-laser NDE technique
Author(s): Tzu-Yang Yu; Robert Haupt
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The role of terrestrial 3D LiDAR scan in bridge health monitoring
Author(s): Wanqiu Liu; Shen-En Chen; Allen Sajedi; Edd Hauser
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Identification and health monitoring of an instrumented building using earthquake response data
Author(s): Hasan S. Ulusoy; Maria Q. Feng; Paul J. Fanning
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Structural behavior of a cable stayed bridge through the use of a long-term health monitoring system
Author(s): Yinghong Cao; Ming Wang
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Damage assessment of the bridge structures using a hybrid optimization strategy
Author(s): Reza Baghaei; Maria Q. Feng
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Global mechanical behavior of Sutong Bridge under static loads
Author(s): Y. B. Li; Q. W. Zhang
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Segmentation of laser range image for pipe anomaly detection
Author(s): Zheng Liu; Dennis Krys
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Monitoring early age microstructure development of cement paste using bender elements
Author(s): Jinying Zhu; Seong-Hoon Kee
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Efficient order reduction in vibration analysis of periodic structures with uncertainties
Author(s): Zeping Xia; Jiong Tang
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Damage detection of an in-service condensation pipeline joint
Author(s): Julie Briand; Davood Rezaei; Farid Taheri
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Ultrasonic wave attenuation measurement for nondestructive evaluation of concrete
Author(s): Hong Jae Yim; Jae Hong Kim; Hyo-Gyoung Kwak
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Non-linear material characterisation using the noncollinear method
Author(s): Anthony J. Croxford; Paul D. Wilcox; Bruce W. Drinkwater
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Analysis of monitored strain of the National Aquatics Center under snow load
Author(s): Hui Li; Feng Zhou; Wensong Zhou; Yanhuang Zhu; Jun Teng; Jinping Ou
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The advanced magnetovision system for Smart application
Author(s): Jerzy Kaleta; Przemyslaw Wiewiórski; Daniel Lewandowski
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Measurement of surface resistivity/conductivity of anodized aluminium alloy by optical interferometry techniques
Author(s): K. Habib
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