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Silicon Photonics V
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Volume Number: 7606
Date Published: 22 February 2010
Softcover: 47 papers (442) pages
ISBN: 9780819480026

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7606
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
InP overgrowth on SiO2 for active photonic devices on silicon
Author(s): Carl Junesand; Zhechao Wang; Lech Wosinski; Sebastian Lourdudoss
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Optical spectroscopy of Er doped Si-nanocrystals on sapphire substrates fabricated by ion implantation into SiO2
Author(s): N. P. Hylton; I. F. Crowe; A. P. Knights; M. P. Halsall; S. Ruffell; R. M. Gwilliam
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Preliminary radiation hardness tests of single photon Si detectors
Author(s): R. Pagano; S. Libertino; G. Valvo; G. Condorelli; B. Carbone; A. Piana; M. Mazzillo; D. N. Sanfilippo; P. G. Fallica; F. Principato; G. Cannella; G. Falci; S. Lombardo
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Microfluidic-based detection platform for on-the-flow analyte characterization
Author(s): Peter Kiesel; Markus Beck; Noble Johnson; Michael Bassler
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Optofluidic biosensing for the study of disease at the molecular level
Author(s): Ian M. White
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Waveguide based optofluidics
Author(s): Genni Testa; Yujian Huang; Luigi Zeni; Pasqualina M. Sarro; Romeo Bernini
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Planar FRET detection from biomolecules on an optofluidic chip
Author(s): A. Chen; P. Measor; E. J. Lunt; B. S. Phillips; A. R. Hawkins; H. Schmidt
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Arrays of SOI photonic wire biosensors for label-free molecular detection
Author(s): Adam Densmore; Dan-Xia Xu; Martin Vachon; Siegfried Janz; Rubin Ma; Yunhui Li; Gregory Lopinski; Christian C. Luebbert; Qing Y. Liu; Jens H. Schmid; André Delâge; Pavel Cheben
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A photonic biosensor system on a CMOS chip
Author(s): Kevin L. Lear; Rongjin Yan
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A porous silicon based microarray for label-free optical detection of DNA hybridization
Author(s): Ilaria Rea; Giuseppe Coppola; Mariano Gioffrè; Edoardo De Tommasi; Ivo Rendina; Annalisa Lamberti; Luca De Stefano
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Applications of subwavelength grating structures in silicon-on-insulator waveguides
Author(s): Jens H. Schmid; Przemek J. Bock; Pavel Cheben; William Sinclair; Jaime García; Siegfried Janz; Jean Lapointe; Geoffrey C. Aers; Daniel Poitras; Yunhui Li; Gregory Lopinski; André Delâge; Adam Densmore; Boris Lamontagne; Rubin Ma; Dan-Xia Xu
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Germanium implanted Bragg gratings in silicon on insulator waveguides
Author(s): Renzo Loiacono; Graham T. Reed; Russell Gwilliam; Goran Z. Mashanovich; Liam O'Faolain; Thomas Krauss; Giorgio Lulli; Chris Jeynes; Richard Jones
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Effects of annealing silicon ion irradiated rib waveguides with respect to free carrier lifetime
Author(s): Nicholas M. Wright; Andrew J. Smith; Konstantin Litvinenko; Russell Gwilliam; Goran Mashanovich; Graham T. Reed
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Cantilever couplers for fiber coupling to silicon photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): Ronald M. Reano; Peng Sun
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Fabrication of porous silicon channel waveguides with multilayer Bragg cladding
Author(s): Andrew A. Bettiol; Ee Jin Teo; Shuvan Prashant; Xiong Boqian; M. B. H. Breese
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Self-alignment and instability of waveguides induced by forces of guided and radiated fields
Author(s): Amit Mizrahi; Kazuhiro Ikeda; Fabio Bonomelli; Vitaliy Lomakin; Yeshaiahu Fainman
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Novel types of silicon waveguides fabricated using proton beam irradiation
Author(s): E. J. Teo; P. Yang; B. Q. Xiong; M. B. H. Breese; G. Z. Mashanovich; Y. S. Ow; G. T. Reed; A. A. Bettiol
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Slow-light photonic crystal switches and modulators
Author(s): Daryl M. Beggs; Thomas P. White; Tobias Kampfrath; Kobus Kuipers; Thomas F. Krauss
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High speed silicon optical modulator
Author(s): Delphine Marris-Morini; Gilles Rasigade; Laurent Vivien; Paul Crozat; Eric Cassan; Philippe Lyan; Pierrette Rivallin; Jean-Marc Fédéli
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Power and speed analysis of miniaturized SOI y-branch Mach-Zehnder thermo-optic switches
Author(s): K. P. Yap; T. Smy; J. H. Schmid; P. Waldron; A. Densmore; B. Syrett; S. Janz
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Design of Ge/SiGe quantum-confined Stark effect modulators for CMOS compatible photonics
Author(s): Leon Lever; Zoran Ikonić; Alex Valavanis; Robert W. Kelsall
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Ultra-low energy switches based on silicon photonic crystals for on-chip optical interconnects
Author(s): Sean P. Anderson; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Modulators and photodetectors developed in the framework of the European HELIOS project
Author(s): L. Vivien; J. Osmond; G. Rasigade; D. Marris-Morini; P. Crozat; E. Cassan; J.-M. Fédéli; J. F. Damlencourt; D. Thomson; F. Y. Gardes; G. T. Reed; D. Van Thourhout; J. Brouckaert
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Integrated photonic devices based on silicon photonic wire waveguide platform
Author(s): Koji Yamada; Hiroshi Fukuda; Tai Tsuchizawa; Toshifumi Watanabe; Hiroyuki Shinojima; Hidetaka Nishi; Songbong Park; Yasuhiko Ishikawa; Kazumi Wada; Sei-ichi Itabashi
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Semiconductor nanomembranes for stacked and flexible photonics
Author(s): Weidong Zhou; Zhenqiang Ma; Hongjun Yang; Li Chen; Weiquan Yang; Zexuan Qiang; Guoxuan Qin; Huiqing Pang; Santhad Chuwongin; Deyin Zhao
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Nanomembrane enabled nanophotonic devices
Author(s): Mathew J. Zablocki; Ahmed S. Sharkawy; Ozgenc Ebil; Dennis W. Prather
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Integrated recirculating optical buffers
Author(s): Martijn J. R. Heck; Géza Kurczveil; Emily F. Burmeister; Hyundai Park; John P. Mack; Daniel J. Blumenthal; John E. Bowers
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Optofluidic ring resonator dye lasers
Author(s): Yuze Sun; Jonathan D. Suter; Xudong Fan
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Numerical investigation of optical resonances in circular grating resonators
Author(s): Sven Burger; Frank Schmidt; Lin Zschiedrich
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Applications of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering in silicon photonics
Author(s): Nathalie Vermeulen; Christof Debaes; Hugo Thienpont
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Using reach-through techniques to improve the external power efficiency of silicon CMOS light emitting devices
Author(s): Monuko du Plessis; Petrus J. Venter; Alfons W. Bogalecki
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New interpretation of photonic yield processes (450-750nm) in multi-junction Si CMOS LEDs: simulation and analyses
Author(s): Lukas W. Snyman; Enrico Bellotti
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Lateral electrical injection into Si/SiO2 horizontal multislot waveguides
Author(s): Sean P. Anderson; Han G. Yoo; Karl Ni; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Waveguide-based optofluidics
Author(s): Christian Karnutsch; Snjezana Tomljenovic-Hanic; Christelle Monat; Christian Grillet; Peter Domachuk; Ross McPhedran; Benjamin J. Eggleton; Liam O'Faolain; Thomas F. Krauss; Sanshui Xiao; Niels A. Mortensen
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Photonic crystal microcavities in SOI waveguides produced in a CMOS environment
Author(s): Stefan Meister; Aws Al-Saadi; Bülent A. Franke; Shaimaa Mahdi; Berndt Kuhlow; Karsten Voigt; Bernd Tillack; Harald H. Richter; Lars Zimmermann; Viachaslau Ksianzou; Sigurd K. Schrader; Hans J. Eichler
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Silicon radiative cooler and optical amplifier by light down conversion
Author(s): V. K. Malyutenko; V. V. Bogatyrenko; O. Yu. Malyutenko
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Silicon photonics: ready to wafer-bonding fibre grating coupler
Author(s): Christophe Kopp; Tiphaine Dupont; Jean-Marc Fédéli; Régis Orobtchouk
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Light emission from Si LED controlling by a gate voltage and SOS tunneling junction
Author(s): Wei-Lian Guo; Xiao-Yun Li; Chun-Hong Huang; Xian-Song Fu; Ping-Juan Niu; Guang-Hua Yang
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Athermal and low loss ridge silicon waveguides
Author(s): Milan M. Milošević; Goran Z. Mashanovich; Frederic Y. Gardes; Youfang Hu; Andrew P. Knights; N. Garry Tarr; Graham T. Reed
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Taper-integrated multimode-interference based crossings for silicon wire waveguides
Author(s): Chia-Hsiang Chiu; Chyong-Hua Chen
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Experimental and numerical analysis study of 1-D photonic crystal in Si photonic-wire waveguides
Author(s): Tomohiro Kita; Hirohito Yamada
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Analysis of all optical logic gate based on photonic crystals multimode interference
Author(s): Hong-Seung Kim; Tae-Kyung Lee; Geum-Yoon Oh; Doo-Gun Kim; Young-Wan Choi
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Mode properties of ALD filled slot waveguides
Author(s): A. Säynätjoki; T. Alasaarela; A. Khanna; A. Tervonen; S. Honkanen
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Superfocusing the light through nanosize circular aperture
Author(s): S. S. Choi; V. K. Jha; O. K. Suwal; M. J. Park; N. K. Park; D. S. Kim
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An all-silicon optical transmission system for clock and data transmission
Author(s): Paul Ellinghaus; Petrus J. Venter; Monuko du Plessis; Pieter Rademeyer; Alfons W. Bogalecki
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Formation of Si-nanocrystals in SiO2 via ion implantation and rapid thermal processing
Author(s): Iain F. Crowe; Oksana Hulko; Andrew P. Knights; Nicholas P. Hylton; Matthew P. Halsall; Simon Ruffell; Russell M. Gwilliam
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Germanium p-i-n photodiode on silicon for integrated photonic applications
Author(s): Jay Mathews; Radek Roucka; Change Weng; John Tolle; José Menéndez; John Kouvetakis
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