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Gallium Nitride Materials and Devices V
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Volume Number: 7602
Date Published: 10 March 2010
Softcover: 44 papers (382) pages
ISBN: 9780819479983

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7602
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Growth of self-standing GaN substrates
Author(s): Hyun-Jae Lee; Katsushi Fujii; Takenari Goto; Chinkyo Kim; Jiho Chang; Soon-Ku Hong; Meoungwhan Cho; Takafumi Yao
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Selective growth and impurity incorporation in semipolar GaN grown on Si substrate
Author(s): N. Sawaki; Y. Honda; T. Hikosaka; S. Tanaka; M. Yamaguchi; N. Koide; K. Tomita
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Molecular beam epitaxial growth, fabrication, and characterization of InN/Si nanowire heterojunction solar cells
Author(s): Yi-Lu Chang; Zetian Mi
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The comprehensive characteristics of quaternary AlInGaN with various TMI molar rate
Author(s): Sheng-Fu Yu; Shoou-Jinn Chang; Sheng-Po Chang; Ray-Ming Lin
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Ammonothermal growth of GaN substrates
Author(s): R. Dwiliński; R. Doradziński; J. Garczyński; L. Sierzputowski; R. Kucharski; M. Zajac; M. Rudziński; W. Strupiński; J. Serafińczuk; R. Kudrawiec
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Non-polar m-plane GaN film and polarized InGaN/GaN LED grown on LiAlO2 (001) substrates
Author(s): R. Zhang; Z. L. Xie; B. Liu; X. Q. Xiu; D. Y. Fu; Z. Zhang; P. Han; Y. D. Zheng; S. M. Zhou
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Magnetic cages of GaN nanoclusters doped with Gd and Nd
Author(s): Vijay Kumar; John M. Zavada
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Extended defects in semipolar (11-22) gallium nitride
Author(s): Yadira Arroyo-Rojas Dasilva; Pierre Ruterana; Lise Lahourcade; Eva Monroy; Gilles Nataf
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Plasmon-assisted dissipation of LO-mode heat in nitride 2DEG channels
Author(s): Arvydas Matulionis; Juozapas Liberis; Hadis Morkoç
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InGaN light-emitting diodes with highly transparent ZnO:Ga electrodes
Author(s): H. Y. Liu; X. Li; X. Ni; V. Avrutin; N. Izyumskaya; Ü. Özgür; H. Morkoç
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Transmission electron microscopy and XRD investigations of InAlN/GaN thin heterostructures for HEMT applications
Author(s): Arantxa Vilalta-Clemente; Magali Morales; Marie P. Chauvat; Yadira Arroyo-Rojas Dasilva; Marie A. Poisson; Michael Heuken; Christoph Giesen; Pierre Ruterana
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Quantum 1/f noise theory and experiment in QWIPs
Author(s): Amanda M Truong; Peter H. Handel
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1/f noise: a window to HFET stability
Author(s): Peter H. Handel; Taher Sherif; Cemil Kayis; Jacob Leach; Congyong Zhu; Hadis Morkoç
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Analytical calculation of the quantum 1/f coherence parameter for HFETs
Author(s): Peter H. Handel; Taher S. Sherif
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Measurements of gate lag in high-quality nearly lattice matched InAlN/AlN/GaN HFET structures
Author(s): J. H. Leach; M. Wu; X. Ni; X. Li; Ü. Özgür; H. Morkoç
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Nano-ultrasonic based on GaN nano-layers
Author(s): Chi-Kuang Sun; Yu-Chieh Wen; Yi-Hsin Chen; Kung-Hsuan Lin
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Scanning near-field optical spectroscopy of AlGaN-based light emitting diodes
Author(s): Andrea Pinos; Saulius Marcinkevičius
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Thermal conductivity measurement of pulsed-MOVPE InN alloy grown on GaN/Sapphire by 3ω method
Author(s): Hua Tong; Jing Zhang; Hongping Zhao; Guangyu Liu; Vincent A. Handara; Juan A. Herbsommer; Nelson Tansu
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Effect of UV exposure on the surface charge behavior for GaN
Author(s): M. Foussekis; J. D. Ferguson; X. Ni; H. Morkoç; M. A. Reshchikov; A. A. Baski
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Achieving p-InxGa1-xN alloys with high In contents
Author(s): B. N Pantha; A. Sedhain; J. Li; J. Y. Lin; H. X. Jiang
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Extended defects in nitride layers, influence on the quantum wells and quantum dots
Author(s): P. Ruterana; M. P. Chauvat; Y. Arroyo Rojas Dasilva; H. Lei; L. Lahourcade; E. Monroy
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The lasing characteristics of GaN-based two-dimensional photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): S. W. Chen; T. T. Kao; T. T. Wu; T. C. Lu; H. C. Kuo; S. C. Wang
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GaN-based VCSELs: analysis of internal device physics and performance limitations
Author(s): Joachim Piprek; Simon Li
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High-power high-efficiency continuous-wave InGaN laser diodes in the violet, blue, and green wavelength regimes
Author(s): James W. Raring; Eric M. Hall; Mathew C. Schmidt; Christiane Poblenz; Ben Li; Nick Pfister; Daniel F. Feezell; Richard Craig; James S. Speck; Steven P. DenBaars; Shuji Nakamura
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Performance improvement of InGaN-based laser diodes by epitaxial layer structure design
Author(s): Jianping Liu; Yun Zhang; Zachary Lochner; Seong-soo Kim; Hyunsoo Kim; Jae-Hyun Ryou; Shyh-Chiang Shen; P. Doug Yoder; Russell D. Dupuis; Qiyuan Wei; Kewei Sun; Alec Fischer; Fernando Ponce
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Review of nitride infrared intersubband devices
Author(s): Maria Tchernycheva; François H. Julien; Eva Monroy
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First-principles simulation of GaN material and devices: an application to GaN APDs
Author(s): Enrico Bellotti; Michele Moresco; Francesco Bertazzi
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Promising composite die-bonding materials for high-power GaN-based LED applications
Author(s): Ray-Hua Horng; Jhih-Sin Hong; Yu-Li Tsai; Chia-Ju Chen; Chih-Ming Chen; Dong-Sing Wuu
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Realization of high-efficiency AlGaN-based ultraviolet light emitters
Author(s): Seong-Ran Jeon; Sung-Jai Lee; In-Ki Kang; Jai Bum Kim; Nam Hwang; Sung-Jin Son
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Novel device concepts for high-efficiency InGaN-based light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Hongping Zhao; Guangyu Liu; Yik-Khoon Ee; Xiao-Hang Li; Hua Tong; Jing Zhang; G. S. Huang; Nelson Tansu
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Role of interface roughness on lateral transport in InGaN/GaN LEDs: diffusion length, dislocation spacing, and radiative efficiency
Author(s): I-Lin Lu; Yuh-Renn Wu; John M. Hinckley; Jasprit Singh
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Development of high-power UV LEDs for epoxy curing applications
Author(s): W. H. Liu; C. F. Chu; C. C. Cheng; K. H. Hsu; Y. T. Chung; Y. K. Wang; C. C. Li; J. Y. Chu; F. H. Fan; H. C. Cheng; Y. W. Chen; Y. H. Chang; L. W. Shan; T. Doan; C. Tran
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Original GaN-based LED structure on ZnO template by MOCVD
Author(s): Ray-Ming Lin; Sheng-Fu Yu; Miin-Jang Chen; Wen-Ching Hsu
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Enhancement of light extraction efficiency of blue-light-emitting diodes by moth-eye structure
Author(s): T. Kondo; A. Suzuki; F. Teramae; T. Kitano; Y. Kaneko; R. Kawai; K. Teshima; S. Maeda; S. Kamiyama; M. Iwaya; H. Amano; I. Akasaki
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Internal quantum efficiency of m-plane InGaN on Si and GaN
Author(s): J. Lee; X. Ni; M. Wu; X. Li; R. Shimada; Ü. Özgür; A. A. Baski; H. Morkoç; T. Paskova; G. Mulholland; K. R. Evans
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Efficiency retention at high current injection levels in m-plane InGaN light emitting diodes
Author(s): X. Li; X. Ni; J. Lee; M. Wu; Ü, Özgür; H. Morkoç; T. Paskova; G. Mulholland; K. R. Evans
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Ab initio study of structural properties for zincblende AlInN: comparison of LDA and GGA
Author(s): Bo-Ting Liou; Bang-Yenn Wu
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Output power enhancement of light-emitting diodes with defect passivation layer
Author(s): Ming-Hua Lo; Po-Min Tu; Yuh-Jen Cheng; Chao-Hsun Wang; Cheng-Wei Hung; Shih-Chieh Hsu; Hao-Chung Kuo; Hsiao-Wen Zan; Shing-Chung Wang; Chun-Yen Chang; Che-Ming Liu
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Non-polar m-plane GaN on patterned Si(112) substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): X. Ni; M. Wu; J. Lee; X. Li; A. Baski; Ü. Özgür; H. Morkoç
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Comparison of different template structures for high quality and self-separation thick GaN growth
Author(s): Yen-Hsiang Fang; Chu-Li Chao; Tung-Wei Chi; Kuei-Ming Chen; Po-Chun Liu; Jenq-Dar Tsay
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Analytical methods to study loss mechanisms and lifetime investigations of blue InGaN laser diodes
Author(s): J. Müller; G. Brüderl; M. Schillgalies; A. Breidenassel; S. Tautz; D. Dini; T. Lermer; S. Lutgen; U. Strauß
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Reduction in operating voltage of UV laser diode
Author(s): Tomoki Ichikawa; Kenichiro Takeda; Yuji Ogiso; Kengo Nagata; Motoaki Iwaya; Satoshi Kamiyama; Hiroshi Amano; Isamu Akasaki; Harumasa Yoshida; Masakazu Kuwabara; Yoji Yamashita; Hirofumi Kan
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On carrier spillover in c- and m-plane InGaN light-emitting diodes
Author(s): J. Lee; X. Li; X. Ni; Ü. Özgür; H. Morkoç; T. Paskova; G. Mulholland; K. R. Evans
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Analysis and comparison of UV photodetectors based on wide bandgap semiconductors
Author(s): Qin Wang; Susan Savage; Bertrand Noharet; Ingemar Petermann; Sirpa Persson; Susanne Almqvist; Mietek Bakowski; Jan Y. Andersson
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