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Organic Photonic Materials and Devices XII
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Volume Number: 7599
Date Published: 15 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7599
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Complementary grating dynamics in photorefractive polymers with Alq3
Author(s): Cory W. Christenson; Jayan Thomas; Pierre-Alexandre Blanche; Ram Voorakaranam; Robert A. Norwood; Michiharu Yamamoto; N. Peyghambarian
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Controlling emission color through Förster resonance energy transfer in hybrid colloidal particles
Author(s): Christopher F. Huebner; Stephen H. Foulger
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Piecewise fabrication of click functionalized core-shell particles
Author(s): Ryan D. Roeder; David D. Evanoff Jr.; Stephen H. Foulger
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Hyper-branched polymer for electro-optic applications
Author(s): Xianqing Piao; Yuichi Mori; Xianmin Zhang; Shinichiro Inoue; Shiyoshi Yokoyama
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EO polymer modulators reliability study
Author(s): Dan Jin; Hui Chen; Anna Barklund; Jonathan Mallari; Guomin Yu; Eric Miller; Raluca Dinu
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High-performance electro-optic modulators realized with a commercial side-chain DR1-PMMA electro-optic copolymer
Author(s): Sébastien Michel; Joseph Zyss; Isabelle Ledoux-Rak; Chi Thanh Nguyen
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Hybrid organic crystal/silicon-on-insulator integrated electro-optic modulators
Author(s): Mojca Jazbinsek; Christoph Hunziker; Seong-Ji Kwon; Harry Figi; O-Pil Kwon; Peter Günter
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Organically enabled silicon-based photonic/RF-photonic applications
Author(s): Ahmed Sharkawy; Ozgenc Ebil; Peng Yao; Eric Kelmelis; Matthew Zablocki; Shouyuan Shi; Christopher A. Schuctz; Dennis Prather
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Optical, photoluminescent, and photoconductive properties of functionalized anthradithiophene and benzothiophene derivatives
Author(s): Whitney E. B. Shepherd; Andrew D. Platt; Garrett Banton; Marsha A. Loth; John E. Anthony; Oksana Ostroverkhova
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Development of print-like-fabrication techniques for distributed feedback solid state dye lasers with multiple-layered structure
Author(s): S. Omi; N. Kamogawa; H. Watenabe; Y. Yang; Y. Oki
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The effect of trans-stilbene unit in the compensation of birefringence of poly(methyl methacrylate) in the random copolymerization method and anisotropic molecule dopant method
Author(s): Houran Shafiee; Akihiro Tagaya; Yasuhiro Koike
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Maximizing two-photon absorption cross section within few essential state model
Author(s): Aleksander Rebane; Mikhail Drobizhev; Nikolay S. Makarov; Erich Beuerman; Yujie Zhao; Charles W Spangler
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Justification of two-level approximation for description of two-photon absorption in oxazine dyes
Author(s): Erich Beuerman; Nikolay S. Makarov; Mikhail Drobizhev; Aleksander Rebane
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Novel highly emissive tetracyanotetraphenylporphyrazine ytterbium complex for optoelectronic and biophotonic applications
Author(s): Larisa G. Klapshina; William E. Douglas; Ilya S. Grigoryev; Marina V. Shirmanova; Philippe Gerbier; Boris A. Bushuk
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Photostability enhancement studies on zwitterionic chromophores for nonlinear optics
Author(s): S. G. Raymond; S. Janssens; My T. T. Do; G. V. M. Williams; N. Denton; J. Anderson; M. D. H. Bhuiyan
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Nonlinear transmission using highly nonlinear Bragg mirrors
Author(s): X. Zhu; J. Wang; P. Lau; D. Nguyen; R. A. Norwood; D. Steeves; B. Kimball; N. Peyghambarian
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Novel nonlinear transmission of porphyrin complexes containing rhenium selenide clusters
Author(s): J. Wang; X. Zhu; X. Tu; Z. Zheng; R. Norwood; D. Steeves; B. Kimball; N. Peyghambarian
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Modeling of non-Lorentzian two-photon absorption line shape in dipolar chromophore
Author(s): Aleks K. Rebane; Mikhail Drobizhev; Nikolay S. Makarov; Erich Beuerman; Christoph Nacke; Jüri Pahapill
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Wavelength resolution improvement on organic photodiodes made by ink-jet technique
Author(s): Yu Yang; Tokuma Nakamichi; Soichiro Omi; Ryo Goto; Masayuki Yahiro; Masanao Era; Hirofumi Watanabe; Yuji Oki
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Optofluidic distributed feedback dye laser via evanescent gain
Author(s): Wuzhou Song; Andreas E. Vasdekis; Demetri Psaltis
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Molecular orientation of discotic molecules controlled using self-assembled monolayer films
Author(s): Cheng-Yan Chiang; Ya-Ting Hu; Chi Wi Ong; Wenjun Zheng
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Color tuning of photonic gel films by UV irradiation
Author(s): Sung Eui Shin; Su Young Kim; Dong Myung Shin
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Anchoring energy of photo-sensitive polyimide alignment film containing methoxy cinnamate
Author(s): Suyoung Kim; Sung Eui Shin; DongMyung Shin
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Improvement in lifetime of green organic light-emitting device
Author(s): Hyun Chul Ki; Seon Hoon Kim; Doo Gun Kim; Hyun Jin Kim; Hang Ju Ko; Myung-Soo Han; Hwe Jong Kim; Kyung Jin Hong
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Integrated electro-optic devices of melt-processable single-crystalline organic films
Author(s): Harry Figi; Mojca Jazbinšek; Christoph Hunziker; Manuel Koechlin; Peter Günter
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Picosecond and nanosecond third order nonlinear optical characterization of Cu and Ni phthalocyanines using Z-scan technique
Author(s): S. Venugopal Rao; Amit Kumar Prasad; L. Giribabu; S. P. Tewari
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Pump-probe experiments with sub-100 femtosecond pulses for characterizing the excited state dynamics of phthalocyanine thin films
Author(s): S. Venugopal Rao; Debasis Swain; Surya P. Tewari
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Comparative study on the effect of thermal annealing on polymer/small molecule blend and copolymer light-emitting devices
Author(s): Parul Rungta; Volodymyr Tsyalkovsky; Yuriy P. Bandera; Michael Angelo-Anthony Daniele; Stephen H Foulger
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