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Reliability, Packaging, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS and Nanodevices IX
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Volume Number: 7592
Date Published: 4 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7592
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nanoengineered surfaces for microfluidic-based thermal management devices
Author(s): Evelyn N. Wang; Rong Xiao; Kuang-Han Chu
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A new method for hermeticity testing of wafer-level packaging
Author(s): Djemel Lellouchi; Jérémie Dhennin; Xavier Lafontan; David Veyrie; Adrien Broue; Jean-François Le Neal; Francis Pressecq
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Pressure sensing in vacuum hermetic micropackaging for MOEMS-MEMS
Author(s): Marco Michele Sisto; Sonia García-Blanco; Loïc Le Noc; Bruno Tremblay; Yan Desroches; Jean-Sol Caron; Francis Provencal; Francis Picard
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Wafer-level vacuum/hermetic packaging technologies for MEMS
Author(s): Sang-Hyun Lee; Jay Mitchell; Warren Welch; Sangwoo Lee; Khalil Najafi
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Characterization of polymeric getter materials for MEMS/MOEMS and other microelectronic package service
Author(s): Richard C. Kullberg; Bradley L. Phillip
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Hermetic vacuum sealing of MEMS devices containing organic components
Author(s): Gary B. Tepolt; Mark J. Mescher; John J. LeBlanc; Robert Lutwak; Mathew Varghese
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Predicting reliability of silicon MEMS
Author(s): Alissa M. Fitzgerald; David M. Pierce; Benedikt Zeyen
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Stability experiments on MEMS aluminum nitride RF resonators
Author(s): Danelle M. Tanner; Roy H. Olsson III; Ted B. Parson; Shannon M. Crouch; Jeremy A. Walraven; James A. Ohlhausen
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Characterization of Au/Au, Au/Ru, and Ru/Ru ohmic contacts in MEMS switches improved by a novel methodology
Author(s): Adrien Broue; Jérémie Dhennin; Frédéric Courtade; Christel Dieppedale; Patrick Pons; Xavier Lafontan; Robert Plana
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Novel test fixture for collecting microswitch reliability data
Author(s): Thomas A. Edelmann; Ronald A. Coutu Jr.; LaVern A. Starman
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Reliability study of a MEMS array under varying temperature and humidity conditions
Author(s): Ganapathy Sivakumar; Ranjith Ranganathan; Richard Gale; Tim Dallas
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The effects of plasma pretreatment and storage time on silicon fusion bonding
Author(s): Chad B. O'Neal; Joel Soman
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Lifetime estimation and reliability study of electrothermal MEMS actuators
Author(s): Ganapathy Sivakumar; Stephen Johns; Jesus A. Nava; Tim Dallas
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Reliability assessment of ceramic column grid array (CCGA717) interconnect packages under extreme temperatures for space applications (-185°C to +125°C)
Author(s): Rajeshuni Ramesham
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Packaged bulk micromachined triglyceride biosensor
Author(s): S. V. Mohanasundaram; S. Mercy; P. V. Harikrishna; Kailash Rani; Enakshi Bhattacharya; Anju Chadha
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MEMS/microfluidics packaging without heating
Author(s): Matiar R. Howlader
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Use of conductive adhesive for MEMS interconnection in military fuze applications
Author(s): Jakob Gakkestad; Per Dalsjo; Helge Kristiansen; Rolf Johannessen; Maaike M. Visser Taklo
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Modeling time-dependent dielectric breakdown with and without barriers
Author(s): J. L. Plawsky; W. N. Gill; R. S. Achanta
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Remotely accessible laboratory for MEMS testing
Author(s): Ganapathy Sivakumar; Matthew Mulsow; Aaron Melinger; Shelby Lacouture; Tim E. Dallas
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Optical inspection of MOEMS devices using a configurable and suitable for production image processing system
Author(s): M. Scholles; M. Grafe; P. Miskowiec; V. Bock; H. Schenk
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Low-cost system for testing MEMS for research and educational applications
Author(s): Gabriel Ramirez; Ganapathy Sivakumar; Shelby Lacouture; Tim Dallas
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Engineered nanowires, carbon nanotubes and graphene for sensors, actuators and electronics
Author(s): E. H. Yang
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Optimal design of SAW-based gyroscope to improve sensitivity
Author(s): Haekwan Oh; Sangsik Yang; Keekeun Lee
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Temperature measurement on MOEMS micromirror plates under illumination
Author(s): Ingo Wullinger; Dirk Rudloff; Klaus Lukat; Peter Dürr; Mathias Krellmann; Detlef Kunze; Aravind Narayana Samy; Ulrike Dauderstädt; Michael Wagner
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Development and testing of a multi-level chevron actuator based positioning system
Author(s): Sandesh Rawool; Ganapathy Sivakumar; Johan Hendriske; Daniel Buscarello; Immanuel Purushothaman; Tim E. Dallas
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Development of a microlens array (MLA) for maskless photolithography application
Author(s): Minwoo Nam; Haekwan Oh; Geunyoung Kim; Sangsik Yang; Keekeun Lee
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A 2-DOF MEMS positioning system
Author(s): Ganapathy Sivakumar; James Mathews; Tim E. Dallas
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The influence of the arrangement and spacing of CNT column array on the characteristic of field emission
Author(s): Kyusung Han; Dohan Jun; Nguyen Tuan Hong; Soonil Lee; SangSik Yang
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Self-aligned maskless process for etching cavities in SOI wafers to enhance the quality factor of MEMS resonators
Author(s): Wajihuddin Mohammad; Ville Kaajakari
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Thermal microactuator performance as a function of mechanical stress
Author(s): Leslie M. Phinney; Matthew A. Spletzer; Michael S. Baker; Justin R. Serrano
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Mitigating the irreversible deformation with pressure in silicon/porous silicon composite membranes
Author(s): L. Sujatha; Rahul Goswami; Enakshi Bhattacharya
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Investigation into metamaterial structures operating at terahertz wavelength
Author(s): Derrick Langley; Ronald A. Coutu Jr.; LaVern A. Starman; Michael A. Marciniak
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Performance and reliability assessment of a dielectric charging guard in MEMS optical switch systems
Author(s): Ping Zhang; Emily Carr; Doug Keebaugh; Kelvin Chau
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