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Atmospheric and Oceanic Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves IV
Editor(s): Olga Korotkova
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Volume Number: 7588
Date Published: 15 February 2010
: 20 papers (218) pages
ISBN: 9780819479846

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Front Matter: 7588
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Understanding the performance of atmospheric free-space laser communications systems using coherent detection
Author(s): Aniceto Belmonte; Joseph M. Kahn
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Multi-beam transmitter geometries for free-space optical communications
Author(s): Jason A. Tellez; Jason D. Schmidt
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The effects of phase diffuser on scintillations of laser radiation for long-distance propagation in the atmosphere
Author(s): G. P. Berman; A. R. Bishop; B. M. Chernobrod; O. O. Chumak; V. N. Gorshkov; S. V. Torous
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Adaptive control of laser beam with sensing of reference source channel
Author(s): V. P. Lukin
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Improved iteratively weighted centroiding for accurate spot detection in laser guide star based Shack Hartmann sensor
Author(s): Vyas Akondi; M. B. Roopashree; Raghavendra Prasad Budihala
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Novel approach for beacon formation through simulated turbulence: initial lab-test results
Author(s): A. Khizhnyak; V. Markov; I. Tomov; F. Wu
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Generalized atmospheric turbulence: implications regarding imaging and communications
Author(s): Norman S. Kopeika; Arkadi Zilberman; Ephim Golbraikh
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Atmospheric channel characterization for ORCA testing at NTTR
Author(s): L. C. Andrews; R. L. Phillips; R. Crabbs; D. Wayne; T. Leclerc; P. Sauer
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Real-time wind speed measurement using wavefront sensor data
Author(s): M. B. Roopashree; Vyas Akondi; Raghavendra Prasad Budihala
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Review of selected oceanic EM/EO scattering problems
Author(s): Merrick C. Haller
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Inverse near-critical-angle scattering as a tool to characterize bubble clouds
Author(s): Fabrice R. A. Onofri; Mariusz Krzysiek; Séverine Barbosa; Mariusz Wozniak; Janusz Mroczka; Yijia Yuan; Kuan-Fang Ren
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Characterization of aerosol scattering and spectral absorption by unique methods: a polar/imaging nephelometer and spectral reflectance measurements of aerosol samples collected on filters
Author(s): Gergely Dolgos; J. Vanderlei Martins; Lorraine A. Remer; Alexandre L. Correia; Manfredo Tabacniks; Adriana R. Lima
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Ghost imaging with partially coherent light in turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): F. Wang; Y. Cai; O. Korotkova
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Intensity fluctuations of incoherently superposed Gaussian beams in atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Yahya Baykal
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Propagation of elegant higher-order Gaussian beams in turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Fei Wang; Yangjian Cai; Halil T. Eyyuboğlu; Yahya Baykal
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Impact of ground profile on scintillation: 50km and 200km slant paths from airplane to Antelope Peak
Author(s): Italo Toselli; Ronald L. Phillips; Larry C. Andrews; David T. Wayne
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Beam wander characteristics of flat-topped, dark hollow, cos and cosh-Gaussian, J0- and I0- Bessel Gaussian beams propagating in turbulent atmosphere: a review
Author(s): Halil T. Eyyuboğlu; Yahya Baykal; Celal Z. Çil; Olga Korotkova; Yangjian Cai
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Propagation factor of a radial laser array beam in turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Chengliang Zhao; Yangjian Cai; Yangsheng Yuan
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Wave optics simulation of Gaussian Schell-model vortex beam propagation in turbulence: intensity and scintillation analysis
Author(s): Xifeng Xiao; David Voelz
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Polarization changes in stochastic electromagnetic beams propagating in the oceanic turbulence
Author(s): Olga Korotkova; Nathan Farwell
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