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Laser-based Micro- and Nanopackaging and Assembly IV
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Volume Number: 7585
Date Published: 15 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7585
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Welding with brilliant lasers: prospects and limitations
Author(s): Sonja Kittel; Friedrich Dausinger
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Compound characterization of laser brazed SiC-steel joints using tungsten reinforced SnAgTi-alloys
Author(s): I. Südmeyer; M. Rohde; T. Fürst
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Laser-based joining for the packaging of miniature optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Duncan P. Hand; Norbert Lorenz; Martin D. Smith; Suzanne Millar; Marc Desmulliez
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Submicron accuracy optimization for laser beam soldering processes
Author(s): Erik Beckert; Thomas Burkhardt; Marcel Hornaff; Andreas Kamm; Ingo Scheidig; Cornelia Stiehl; Ramona Eberhardt; Andreas Tünnermann
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Laser sintering of conductive carbon paste on plastic substrate
Author(s): Edward C. Kinzel; Rohan Kelkar; Xianfan Xu
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Deposition of polymer barrier materials by resonant infrared pulsed laser ablation
Author(s): S. M. Avanesyan; A. Halabica; S. L. Johnson; M. J. Kelley; J. M. Klopf; H. K. Park; K. E. Schriver; S. Singaravelu; R. F. Haglund
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Polarity determined growth of carbon nanotubes of different alignments
Author(s): Y. Gao; Y. S. Zhou; W. Xiong; M. Mahjouri-Samani; M. Mitchell; Y. F. Lu
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Resonant excitation of ethylene molecules in the combustion flame CVD of diamond using a wavelength tunable CO2 laser
Author(s): Z. Q. Xie; J. B. Park; X. N. He; Y. Gao; Y. S. Zhou; Y. F. Lu
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Optical emission spectroscopy study of premixed C2H4/O2 and C2H4/C2H2/O2 flames for diamond growth with and without CO2 laser excitation
Author(s): X. N. He; T. Gebre; X. K. Shen; Z. Q. Xie; Y. S. Zhou; Y. F. Lu
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Femtosecond laser direct writing of diffractive optical elements in polymers
Author(s): Wataru Watanabe; Hiroyuki Mochizuki
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Fabrication of micro-lenses using excimer laser ablation by means of laser-generated grey-tone-masks
Author(s): T. Klotzbuecher; D. Dadic
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Integration of electronics and photonics in active material by femtosecond laser for functional microdevice fabrication
Author(s): Ya Cheng; Zhizhan Xu; Koji Sugioka; Katsumi Midorikawa
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Organic random laser in an optofluidic chip fabricated by femtosecond laser
Author(s): Krishna Chaitanya Vishnubhatla; Roberto Osellame; Guglielmo Lanzani; Roberta Ramponi; Tersilla Virgili
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Integrated optical circuits in fiber cladding by tightly focused femtosecond laser writing
Author(s): Valeria Maselli; Peter R. Herman
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Direct micro-pattern machining of metal molds using pico-second lasers
Author(s): S. Fujimaki
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Scaling ablation rates for picosecond lasers using burst micromachining
Author(s): Ralf Knappe; Hatim Haloui; Albert Seifert; Alexander Weis; Achim Nebel
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Enhancement of ablation efficiency by a femto/nano-second dual-beam micromachining system
Author(s): Cheng-Hsiang Lin; Zheng-Hua Rao; Lan Jiang; Wu-Jung Tsai; Ping-Han Wu; Chih-Wei Chien; Hai-Lung Tsai
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Precise ablation milling with ultrashort pulsed Nd:YAG lasers by optical and acoustical process control
Author(s): Volker Schulze; Patricia Weber
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Highest-speed dicing of thin silicon wafers with nanosecond-pulse 355nm q-switched laser source using line-focus fluence optimization technique
Author(s): James M. Bovatsek; Rajesh S. Patel
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Femtosecond nanomachining: theory and applications in biomedical research and analysis
Author(s): Alan J. Hunt; Jeffrey F. Herbstman
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Fabrication of dielectric and metallo-dielectric 3D nanostructures by direct laser writing and electroless plating
Author(s): André Radke; Frank Wolff; Harald Giessen; Thomas Klotzbücher
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Micropatterning and crystallization of sol-gel-derived dielectric film by laser direct writing
Author(s): Akira Watanabe; Tomokazu Tanase; Kenji Miyajima; Yoshio Kobayashi; Mikio Konno
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Laser annealing of textured thin film cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Author(s): R. Kohler; M. Bruns; P. Smyrek; S. Ulrich; M. Przybylski; W. Pfleging
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Structuring of thin film solar cells
Author(s): Gabriele Eberhardt; Henrik Banse; Uwe Wagner; Thomas Peschel
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Green processing of thin film with top-hat lasers and applications in photovoltaic
Author(s): Keming Du
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Microstructuring and wafering of silicon with laser chemical processing
Author(s): Sybille Hopman; Andreas Fell; Kuno Mayer; Andreas Rodofili; Filip Granek
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Advanced laser techniques from semiconductor manufacturing transition to solar PV production
Author(s): Marco Mendes; Rick Slagle; Jie Fu; Christian Porneala; Xiangyang Song; Mat Hannon; Jeff Sercel
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Monolithic interconnection of CIGSSe solar cells by picosecond laser structuring
Author(s): Gerhard Heise; Christian Hellwig; Thomas Kuznicki; Sebastian Sarrach; Christian Menhard; Andreas Heiss; Helmut Vogt; Joerg Palm; Heinz P. Huber
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Thermal dissipation modeling in optical components modules for electrical power consumption optimization
Author(s): Germain Sabot; Julien Chaudenson; Franck Raulin; Joël Jacquet
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Threshold measurement of two-photon laser induced photo-polymerization via Z-scan
Author(s): Yuri Boiko
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Single femtosecond pulse nanochannel formation in glass
Author(s): Jeffrey F. Herbstman; Alan J. Hunt
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