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Colloidal Quantum Dots for Biomedical Applications V
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Volume Number: 7575
Date Published: 17 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7575
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Silica capped CdS/Cd(OH)[sub]2[/sub] quantum dots for biological applications
Author(s): C. R. Chaves; D. B. Almeida; C. L. Cesar; A. Fontes; B. S. Santos; P. M. A. Farias
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Light-controlled one-sided growth of large plasmonic gold domains on quantum rods observed on the single particle level
Author(s): Luigi Carbone; Arpad Jakab; Yuriy Khalavka; Carsten Sönnichsen
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Synthesis and surface modification of highly fluorescent gold nanoclusters and their exploitation for cellular labeling
Author(s): Cheng-An J. Lin; Chih-Hsien Lee; Jiun-Tai Hsieh; Wan-Chun Yu; Hong-Zhi Yang; Jimmy K. Li; Ralph Sperling; Hsueh-Hsiao Wang; Hung-I Yeh; Wolfgang J. Parak; Walter H. Chang
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Biocompatible water soluble UV-blue-emitting ZnSe quantum dots for biomedical applications
Author(s): Juliana J. Andrade; Aluizio G. Brasil; Breno J. A. P. Barbosa; Clayton A. Azevedo Filho; Elisa S. Leite; Patricia M. A. Farias; Adriana Fontes; Beate S. Santos
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Interactions between a colloidal CdTe quantum dot and distinct functionalizer compounds
Author(s): E. S. Leite; J. Sousa; A. G. Brasil; K. H. G. Carvalho; A. Fontes; P. M. A. Farias; B. S. Santos
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Quantum dot-fluorescent protein pair as ratiometric pH sensor
Author(s): Allison M. Dennis; Gang Bao
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Energy transfer from terbium complexes to quantum dots: the advantage of independent donor and acceptor decay time analysis for investigations on FRET distance dependence
Author(s): N. Hildebrandt
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Optical size determination of quantum dots using FRET with terbium complexes as donors
Author(s): D. Geißler; H.-G. Löhmannsröben; L. J. Charbonnière; R. F. Ziessel; N. G. Butlin; I. L. Medintz; H. Mattoussi; N. Hildebrandt
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Immobilization of quantum dots in multiple responsive microgels for biomedical applications
Author(s): Weitai Wu; Ting Zhou; Michael Aiello; Shuiqin Zhou
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Whispering-gallery-mode-based biosensing using quantum dot-embedded microspheres
Author(s): Hope T. Beier; Gerard L. Coté; Kenith E. Meissner
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Three-dimensional single molecule tracking of quantum-dot labeled antibody molecules using multifocal plane microscopy
Author(s): Sripad Ram; Prashant Prabhat; Jerry Chao; E. Sally Ward; Raimund J. Ober
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Synthesis and manipulation of multifunctional, fluorescent-magnetic nanoparticles for single molecule tracking
Author(s): Gang Ruan; Dhananjay Thakur; Sean Hawkins; Jessica O. Winter
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Quantum-dot-based quantitative identification of pathogens in complex mixture
Author(s): Sun Hee Lim; Felix Bestwater; Philippe Buchy; Sek Mardy; Alexey Dan Chin Yu
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Biocompatible water soluble quantum dots as new biophotonic tools for hematologic cells: applications for flow cell cytometry
Author(s): Rafael B. Lira; Antonio T. de Sales Neto; Kilmara K. H. G. Carvalho; Elisa S. Leite; Aluizio G. Brasil; Denise P. L. Azevedo; Paulo E. Cabral Filho; Mariana B. Cavalcanti; Ademir J. Amaral; Patricía M. A. Farias; Beate S. Santos; Adriana Fontes
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In vitro imaging of cells using peptide-conjugated quantum dots
Author(s): Mitsuru Ishikawa; Vasudevan Biju
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Delivery of quantum dot bioconjugates to the cellular cytosol: release from the endolysosomal system
Author(s): James B. Delehanty; Christopher E. Bradburne; Kelly E. Boeneman; Igor L. Medintz; Dorothy Farrell; Thomas Pons; Bing C. Mei; Juan B. Blanco-Canosa; Philip E. Dawson; Hedi Mattoussi
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Cellular uptake of conjugated InP quantum dots
Author(s): Hicham Chibli; Lina Carlini; Kalonji Ntumba; Jay Nadeau
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Radiation sensitivity enhancement in cells using high-Z nanoparticles
Author(s): Nathan J. Withers; John B. Plumley; Brian A. Akins; Antonio C. Rivera; Gloria Medina; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Graham S. Timmins; Marek Osinski
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Whole-body imaging of HER2/neu-overexpressing tumors using scFv-antibody conjugated quantum dots
Author(s): Irina V. Balalaeva; Tatiana A. Zdobnova; Anna A. Brilkina; Irina M. Krutova; Oleg A. Stremovskiy; Elena N. Lebedenko; Vladimir V. Vodeneev; Ilya V. Turchin; Sergey M. Deyev
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Studying nanotoxic effects of CdTe quantum dots in Trypanosoma cruzi
Author(s): C. V. Stahl; D. B. Almeida; A. A. de Thomaz; A. Fontes; R. F. S. Menna-Barreto; J. R. Santos-Mallet; C. L. Cesar; S. A. O. Gomes; D. Feder
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Re-disperse of aggregated colloidal quantum dots
Author(s): Noriyoshi Manabe; Sanshiro Hanada; Yasuhiro Futamura; Akiyoshi Hoshino; Tadafumi Adschiri; Kenji Yamamoto
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Silver nanoparticle-induced degranulation observed with quantitative phase microscopy
Author(s): Wenzhong Yang; Seungrag Lee; Jiyong Lee; Yoonsung Bae; Dugyoung Kim
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