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Photonics and Optoelectronics Meetings (POEM) 2009: Optoelectronic Devices and Integration
Editor(s): Zishen Zhao; Ray T. Chen; Yong Chen; Jinzhong Yu; Junqiang Sun; Weiwei Dong
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Volume Number: 7516
Date Published: 29 October 2009
Softcover: 35 papers (260) pages
ISBN: 9780819479051

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: 7516
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A third-order silicon microring add-drop filter with high extinction ratios
Author(s): Xi Xiao; Qingzhong Huang; Yuntao Li; Zhongchao Fan; Weihua Han; Yude Yu; Jinzhong Yu
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Birefringence and formed birefringence in photonic crystal line waveguides
Author(s): Wenfu Zhang; Jihong Liu; Wei-Ping Huang; Wei Zhao
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Electronic dispersion compensation for high speed long haul transmission with DQPSK modulation
Author(s): Li Lu; Jianming Lei; Xuncheng Luo; Linlin Bing
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Error rate performance of atmospheric laser communication based on bubble model
Author(s): Ke Xu; Jin Wang; Yan Li
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Fabrication of silicon photonic devices by utilizing industrial CMOS technology
Author(s): Yong Zhao; Haifeng Zhou; Wanjun Wang; Jianyi Yang; Minghua Wang; Xiaoqing Jiang
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Flat-top passband filter based on parallel-coupled double microring resonators in silicon
Author(s): Qingzhong Huang; Xi Xiao; Yuntao Li; Zhiyong Li; Yude Yu; Jinzhong Yu
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High channel-count phase-only sampled fiber Bragg grating and its application to dispersion compensator and multi-wavelength fiber laser
Author(s): Hongpu Li
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High color rendering index WLED based on YAG:Ce phosphor and CdS/ZnS core/shell quantum dots
Author(s): Changyu Shen; Ke Li
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High efficiency Silicon-on-Insulator grating coupler between submicron waveguides and fibers
Author(s): Yu Zhu; Zhiyong Li; Weihua Han; Zhongchao Fan; Yude Yu; Jinzhong Yu
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Inductively coupled plasma etching of SOI and its applications in submicron optical waveguide devices
Author(s): Zhongchao Fan; Weihua Han; Fuhua Yang; Xuejun Xu; Qingzhong Huang; Xi Xiao; Yu Zhu; Yuntao Li; Zhiyong Li; Yude Yu; Jinzhong Yu
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Mach-Zehnder electro-optic modulator based on silicon nanophotonic waveguide
Author(s): Xuejun Xu; Haihua Xu; Zhongchao Fan; Yude Yu; Jinzhong Yu
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Modeling of reflecting sinusoidal uniform phase volume diffractive gratings
Author(s): Yingyan Yi; Deming Liu
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Optical properties of amorphous Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 thin films obtained by metal organic decomposition technique
Author(s): Fei Qiu; Zhimou Xu
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Optical property of BaTiO[sub]3[/sub] ferroelectric film at room temperature
Author(s): Yonghua Fu; Xiaoqing Zhang; Zhimou Xu
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Opto-VLSI-based broadband true-time delay generation for phased array beamforming
Author(s): Budi Juswardy; Feng Xiao; Kamal Alameh
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Opto-VLSI-based reconfigurable photonic RF filter
Author(s): Feng Xiao; Mingya Shen; Budi Juswardy; Kamal Alameh
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Performance optimisation of reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers employing Opto-VLSI processors
Author(s): Mingya Shen; Feng Xiao; Kamal Alameh
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Periodical polymer grating structure with high aspect ratio
Author(s): Jau-Kun Kuo; Wen-Chung Chang; Kao-Feng Yarn; Wei-Ching Chuang
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Polarization coupling of optical pulse in birefringent nonlinear waveguide
Author(s): Wenfeng Wang; Jun Zhang; Youfa Wang
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Preparation and photoluminescence properties of porous silicon
Author(s): Zhiwei Chen; Zhimou Xu
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Proposal and analysis of a double-tip coupler for efficient coupling fiber to slot and strip waveguides
Author(s): Qingzhong Huang; Weihua Han; Zhongchao Fan; Fuhua Yang; Yan Liu; Xi Xiao; Yu Zhu; Yuntao Li; Zhiyong Li; Yude Yu; Jinzhong Yu
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Raman spectroscopy of aged rare earth doped ormosils
Author(s): Vandana Ranga; H. N. Acharya; R. K. Khanna; Anirudh Kumar
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Recent advances on chip-to-chip optical interconnect
Author(s): Daniel Lu
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Simulation of a 1550-nm InGaAsP-InP transistor laser
Author(s): Wei Shi; Zigang Duan; Raha Vafaei; Nicolas Rouger; Behnam Fariji; Lukas Chrostowski
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Simulation of optically switchable and tunable ultrawideband monocycle generation using semiconductor optical amplifier and optical delay line
Author(s): Zhefeng Hu; Junqiang Sun; Jing Shao
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SOI based waveguide devices
Author(s): Jinzhong Yu; QingZhong Huang; Xuejun Xu; Xi Xiao; Yu Zhu; Yan Liu; Zhiyong Li; Yuntao Li; Zhongchao Fan; Yude Yu
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Spectrum analysis technique for measuring time delay of light in SOI micro-ring slow light device
Author(s): Di Yang; Yuntao Li; Zhongchao Fan; Xiao Chen; Shai Feng; Min Lv; Yuping Yang
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Study on the optical property of the micro Fabry-Perot cavity tunable filter
Author(s): Qinghua Meng; Sihai Chen; Luqing Wu; Shan Dong; Shiwei Bao
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The negative refraction of the 2D triangular lattice of air hole in silicon
Author(s): Chaojun Wu; Jun Wu; Tingting Hong; Yanping Li; Ziyu Wang
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Thin films' thickness uniformity associated with the method of electron beam evaporation
Author(s): Zhilin Xia; Yiyu Xue; Peitao Guo; Zhangwang Li
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White light emitting diode based on InGaN chip with core/shell quantum dots
Author(s): Changyu Shen; Yan Hong; Jiandong Ma; Jiangzhou Ming
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Multi-channel all-optical format conversions from RZ signals with different duty-cycle to NRZ signals
Author(s): Yu Yu; Xinliang Zhang; Cheng Cheng; Dexiu Huang
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A microwave photonic notch filter based on semiconductor optical amplifier and optical filter
Author(s): Enming Xu; Xinliang Zhang; Xiang Li; Lina Zhou; Yu Zhang; Yuan Yu; Fei Wang; Dexiu Huang
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A novel L-band multiwavelength mode-locked semiconductor fibre laser
Author(s): Fei Wang; Xinliang Zhang; Enming Xu; Yu Zhang
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Design of self-collimating photonic crystal polarization beam splitter
Author(s): Jiemin Li; Feng Li
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