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Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging VII
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Volume Number: 7465
Date Published: 26 August 2009
: 17 papers (182) pages
ISBN: 9780819477552

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Front Matter: Volume 7465
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fluorescence ghost imaging
Author(s): Giuliano Scarcelli; Seok Hyun Yun
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Observation of nontrivial correlation and anti-correlation from pulsed chaotic-thermal light
Author(s): Sanjit Karmakar; Zhenda Xie; Hui Chen; Yanhua Shih
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Quantum ghost imaging experiments
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon
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Experiments of 10 Gbit/sec quantum stream cipher applicable to optical Ethernet and optical satellite link
Author(s): Osamu Hirota; Kenichi Ohhata; Makoto Honda; Shigeto Akutsu; Yoshifumi Doi; Katsuyoshi Harasawa; Kiichi Yamashita
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Error performance of intensity modulation-based quantum stream cipher by Yuen 2000 protocol with nonlinear pseudorandom number generator
Author(s): Kentaro Kato
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Higher fidelity source of entangled photon-pairs from a photonic crystal fiber via mode expansion and Bragg filtering
Author(s): Alexander Ling; Jun Chen; Jingyun Fan; Alan Migdall
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High-efficiency quantum state engineering
Author(s): Kevin T. McCusker; Radhika Rangarajan; Paul G. Kwiat
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Nonlocal dispersion cancellation using entangled photons
Author(s): So-Young Baek; Young-Wook Cho; Yoon-Ho Kim
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Pump power dependence of second order correlation in nondegenerate SPDC
Author(s): Charles Kim; Gary Kanner
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Optimization of photon pair generation in dual-element PPKTP waveguide
Author(s): Oliver Slattery; Lijun Ma; Xiao Tang
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Waveguide source of correlated photon-pairs for chip-scale quantum information processing
Author(s): Jun Chen; Aaron J. Pearlman; Alexander Ling; Jingyun Fan; Alan Migdall
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Chirped-pulse interferometry with finite frequency correlations
Author(s): K. J. Resch; R. Kaltenbaek; J. Lavoie; D. N. Biggerstaff
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Quantum private data sampling
Author(s): David Fattal; Marco Fiorentino; Raymond G. Beausoleil
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Factorization in a single run with an optical interferometer
Author(s): Vincenzo Tamma; Heyi Zhang; Xuehua He; Augusto Garuccio; Yanhua Shih
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Low noise up-conversion single photon detector and its applications in quantum information systems
Author(s): Lijun Ma; Oliver Slattery; Alan Mink; Xiao Tang
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Birefringence compensation in Sagnac and its quantum communication applications
Author(s): Jan Bogdanski; Johan Ahrens; Mohamed Bourennane
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Analysis of errors in an optical controlled-NOT gate
Author(s): Tomohisa Nagata; Ryo Okamoto; Keiji Sasaki; Shigeki Takeuchi
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