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Bioengineered and Bioinspired Systems IV
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Volume Number: 7365
Date Published: 19 May 2009
Softcover: 22 papers (236) pages
ISBN: 9780819476395

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7365
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Low-power focal-plane dynamic texture segmentation based on programmable image binning and diffusion hardware
Author(s): Jorge Fernández-Berni; Ricardo Carmona-Galán
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A hierarchical artificial retina architecture
Author(s): Alice C. Parker; Adi N. Azar
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Programmable active pixel sensor to investigate neural interactions within the retina
Author(s): Matthew D. Hart; Mark L. Prydderch; James D. Morrison; Derek Murdoch; Keith Mathieson
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Implementation of a new segmentation algorithm using the Eye-RIS CMOS vision system
Author(s): Fethullah Karabiber; Paolo Arena; Sebastiano De Fiore; Guido Vagliasindi; Luigi Fortuna; Sabri Arik
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STDP-based behavior learning on the TriBot robot
Author(s): P. Arena; S. De Fiore; L. Patané; M. Pollino; C. Ventura
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A new bio-inspired perceptual control architecture applied to solving navigation tasks
Author(s): P. Arena; S. De Fiore; L. Patané; A. Vitanza
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Path planning on cellular nonlinear network using active wave computing technique
Author(s): Ramazan Yeniçeri; Müstak E. Yalçın
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Embedding the AnaFocus' Eye-RIS vision system in roving robots to enhance the action-oriented perception
Author(s): Luis Alba Soto; Sergio Morillas; Juan Listán; Amanda Jiménez; Paolo Arena; Luca Patané; Sebastiano De Fiore
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The infrared sensilla in the beetle Melanophila acuminata as model for new infrared sensors
Author(s): Helmut Schmitz; Volkmar Norkus; Norbert Hess; Herbert Bousack
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Electric fish as natural models for technical sensor systems
Author(s): Gerhard von der Emde; Herbert Bousack; Christina Huck; Kavita Mayekar; Michael Pabst; Yi Zhang
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Direct interfaces for smart skins based on FPGAs
Author(s): Óscar Oballe-Peinado; Julián Castellanos-Ramos; José A. Hidalgo-López; Fernando Vidal-Verdú
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Bio-inspired tactile sensing arrays
Author(s): Ravinder S. Dahiya; Maurizio Valle; Giorgio Metta; Leandro Lorenzelli
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Spatio-temporal analysis of brain electrical activity in epilepsy based on cellular nonlinear networks
Author(s): Frank Gollas; Ronald Tetzlaff
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Control electronics in an endoscopic capsule with locomotive, sensing, and actuating capabilities
Author(s): O. Alonso; L. Freixas; J. Samitier; A. Dieguez
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Direct fabrication of surface architectures on polymers and copolymers using laser interference patterning
Author(s): Andrés Lasagni; Diego Acevedo; Marina Cornejo; Fernando Lasagni; Meline Politano; Cesar Barbero; Frank Mücklich
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Rapid fabrication of biocompatible hydrogels microdevices using laser interference lithography
Author(s): Andrés Lasagni; Dajun Yuan; Peng Shao; Suman Das
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Lensless microscope using wavelength multiplexing
Author(s): Dror Fixler; Ariel Schwarz; Javier Garcia; Zeev Zalevsky
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Novel method for a flexible double-sided microelectrode fabrication process
Author(s): Thomas Doerge; S. Kammer; M. Hanauer; Adam Sossalla; S. Steltenkamp
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Token-passing communication protocol in hardware-based real-time spiking neural networks
Author(s): B. Belhadj; J. Tomas; O. Malot; Y. Bornat; G. N'Kaoua; S. Renaud
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Sorting of solid and soft objects in vortices driven by surface acoustic waves
Author(s): Thomas Franke; Susanne Braunmüller; Thomas Frommelt; Achim Wixforth
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Characterization of novel micro fluidic approaches for increased sensitivity of sensors measuring surface reactions
Author(s): F. Sonntag; M. Gruchow; F. Mehringer; S. Vogelsang; U. Klotzbach; E. Beyer
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Novel lab-on-a-chip system for the label-free detection of DNA hybridization and protein-protein interaction by surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
Author(s): F. Sonntag; S. Schmieder; N. Danz; M. Mertig; N. Schilling; U. Klotzbach; E. Beyer
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