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Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS IV
Editor(s): Ulrich Schmid
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Volume Number: 7362
Date Published: 18 May 2009
Softcover: 54 papers (520) pages
ISBN: 9780819476364

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7362
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Coupled piezoelectric-circuit FEA to study influence of a resistive load on power output of piezoelectric energy devices
Author(s): Meiling Zhu; Emma Worthington; James Njuguna
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Increasing sensitivity of vibration energy harvester
Author(s): Z. Hadas; C. Ondrusek; V. Singule
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Analytical characterization and experimental validation of performances of piezoelectric vibration energy scavengers
Author(s): E. Brusa; S. Zelenika; L. Moro; D. Benasciutti
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Thermoelectric thin film power generators: self-sustaining power supply for smart systems
Author(s): Joachim Nurnus
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New transducer material concepts for biosensors and surface functionalization
Author(s): Anita Lloyd Spetz; Ruth Pearce; Linnea Hedin; Volodymyr Khranovskyy; Fredrik Söderlind; Per-Olov Käll; Rositza Yakimova; Kajsa Uvdal
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Fast detection of air contaminants using immunobiological methods
Author(s): Katrin Schmitt; Carsten Bolwien; Gerd Sulz; Wolfgang Koch; Wilhelm Dunkhorst; Hubert Lödding; Katharina Schwarz; Andreas Holländer; Torsten Klockenbring; Stefan Barth; Björn Seidel; Wolfgang Hofbauer; Torsten Rennebarth; Anna Renzl
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Sputtered polycrystalline AlN as a platform for biofunctionalized devices
Author(s): M. J. Oliver; J. Hernando; J. Olivares; M. Clement; A. Ababneh; U. Schmid; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas
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Analysis of the quality factor of piezoelectric-actuated micro-resonators
Author(s): T. Manzaneque; J. Hernando; J. Rodríguez-Aragón; A. Ababneh; H. Seidel; U. Schmid; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas
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An envelope model to describe the sensor dynamics of vibratory gyroscopes
Author(s): Markus Egretzberger; Andreas Kugi
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Manufacturing, assembling and packaging of miniaturized implants for neural prostheses and brain-machine interfaces
Author(s): Thomas Stieglitz
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Packaging of MEMS microphones
Author(s): Gregor Feiertag; Matthias Winter; Anton Leidl
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Adhesive wafer bonding using photosensitive polymer layers
Author(s): Viorel Dragoi; Erkan Cakmak; Elliott Capsuto; Craig McEwen; Eric Pabo
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Voltage tuning of the resonance frequency of electroactive polymer membranes over a range of more than 75%
Author(s): Philippe Dubois; Samuel Rosset; Muhamed Niklaus; Herbert Shea
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Tactile sensors based on conductive polymers
Author(s): Julian Castellanos-Ramos; Rafael Navas-Gonzalez; Haritz Macicior; Estibalitz Ochoteco; Fernando Vidal-Verdú
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A new concept for dielectric elastomer actuators: hydrostatic coupling
Author(s): Federico Carpi; Gabriele Frediani; Danilo De Rossi
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Ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMCs) containing Cu/Ni electrodes and ionic liquids for durability
Author(s): Hyung-Kun Lee; Nak-Jin Choi; Sunkyung Jung; Kang-Ho Park; Jongdae Kim
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Aluminium nitride: a promising and full CMOS compatible piezoelectric material for MOEMS applications
Author(s): Holger Conrad; Jan Uwe Schmidt; Wolfram Pufe; Fabian Zimmer; Thilo Sandner; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner
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Characterization and simulation of high-quality AlN-actuated resonant suspended beams
Author(s): J. Hernando; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas; A. Ababneh; H. Seidel; Ü. Sökmen; E. Peiner; U. Schmid
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What happens turning a 250µm thin piezo-stack sideways? An experimental and analytical approach to one-side-actuated piezoelectric micro drives, regarding electrode layouts and directions of deflection
Author(s): Sandy Zähringer; Norbert Schwesinger
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Robust superelastic, metallic amplification unit for piezoelectric microactuators
Author(s): C. Bolzmacher; K. Bauer; U. Schmid; M. Hafez; H. Seidel
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New methods and instrumentation for functional, yield and reliability testing of MEMS on device, chip and wafer level
Author(s): Ingrid De Wolf; Jeroen De Coster; Vladimir Cherman; Piotr Czarnecki; Stanislaw Kalicinski; Olalla Varela Pedreira; Sandeep Sangameswaran; Kris Vanstreels
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Single crystalline silicon-based surface micromachining for high-precision inertial sensors: technology and design for reliability
Author(s): Roy Knechtel
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Reliability of Ag thin films sputter deposited on silicon and ceramic based substrates
Author(s): A. Bittner; S. Klein; H. Seidel; U. Schmid
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FIB generated antimony nanowires as chemical sensors
Author(s): A. Lugstein; A. Avdic; E. Bertagnolli
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Fast transient temperature operating micromachined emitter for mid-infrared for optical gas sensing systems
Author(s): J. Hildenbrand; C. Peter; F. Lamprecht; A. Kürzinger; F. Naumann; M. Ebert; R. Wehrspohn; J. Wöllenstein
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Tuned wettability of material surfaces for tribological applications in miniaturized systems by laser interference metallurgy
Author(s): C. Gachot; M. Hans; R. Catrin; U. Schmid; F. Mücklich
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Electrical and mechanical characterization of low temperature co-fired ceramics for high temperature sensor applications
Author(s): C. Bienert; A. Roosen; M. Grosser; M. Ziegler; U. Schmid
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New perspectives for pressure and force sensors thin films combining high gauge factor and low TCR
Author(s): Guenter Schultes; Ralf Koppert; Dirk Goettel; Olivia Freitag-Weber; Anne C. Probst; Ulf Werner
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Silicon oxide sacrificial layers deposited by pulsed-DC magnetron sputtering for MEMS applications
Author(s): Sheila González-Castilla; Jimena Olivares; Marta Clement; Lucía Vergara; Laura Pulido; Enrique Iborra; Jesús Sangrador
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3.0-3.7μm infrared sensor system for cell analysis
Author(s): Sander van den Driesche; Wojciech Witarski; Michael J. Vellekoop
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Silicon comb-drive X-Y microstage with frame-in-the-frame architecture for MOEMS applications
Author(s): Karolina Laszczyk; Sylwester Bargiel; Jerzy Krężel; Christophe Gorecki; Małgorzata Kujawińska
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Design and fabrication of self-assembling micromirror arrays
Author(s): Qingdang Li; Andreas Jäkel; Volker Viereck; Jürgen Schmid; Hartmut Hillmer
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Position encoding and closed loop control of MOEMS translatory actuators
Author(s): M. Lenzhofer; A. Tortschanoff; A. Frank; T. Sandner; H. Schenk; M. Kraft; A. Kenda
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ICP cryogenic dry etching for shallow and deep etching in silicon
Author(s): Ü. Sökmen; M. Balke; A. Stranz; S. Fündling; E. Peiner; H.-H. Wehmann; A. Waag
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A method for improving the drop test performance of a MEMS microphone
Author(s): Matthias Winter; Seifeddine Ben Aoun; Gregor Feiertag; Anton Leidl; Patrick Scheele; Helmut Seidel
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Test-bed for the remote health monitoring system for bridge structures using FBG sensors
Author(s): Chin-Hyung Lee; Ki-Tae Park; Bong-Chul Joo; Yoon-Koog Hwang
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Influence of back pressure and plasma power on grain size, phase composition and resistivity of tantalum thin films
Author(s): M. Grosser; U. Schmid
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Selective wet chemical etching of metallic thin films designed by laser interference metallurgy (LIMET)
Author(s): Rodolphe Catrin; Carsten Gachot; Günter Marchand; Ulrich Schmid; Frank Mücklich
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Piezoresistive chemical sensors based on hydrogels
Author(s): Margarita Guenther; Gerald Gerlach; Thomas Wallmersperger
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Deformation measurements of high-speed MEMS with sub-picosecond pulses using combined digital holographic two-wavelength contouring and single phase reconstruction
Author(s): Thomas Hansel; Uwe Griebner; Jens Bonitz; Christian Kaufmann
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High-resolution eddy current sensor system
Author(s): Martin H. Schulze; Henning Heuer; Martin Küttner
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Fabrication and characterization of yttria-stabilized zirconia membranes for micro solid oxide fuel cells
Author(s): Íñigo Garbayo; A. Tarancón; J. Santiso; A. Cavallaro; J. Roqueta; G. Garcia; I. Gràcia; C. Cané; N. Sabaté
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RF MEMS switches based on an alloy of aluminum-silicon-copper
Author(s): S. Klein; C. Comtesse; A. Bittner; H. Seidel; V. Ziegler; U. Prechtel; U. Schmid
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Micromechanical sensors based on lateral and longitudinal displacement of a cantilever sensing element: a comparative performance study
Author(s): Jovan Matović; Zoran Jakšić
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Adsorption-desorption noise in plasmonic chemical/biological sensors in multiple analyte environment
Author(s): Olga Jakšić; Zoran Jakšić; Jovan Matović
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Ultrasonic motor model and power analysis for industrial mobile applications
Author(s): Jens Teichler; Ryan Chladny; Christian Schroll
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Motion planning for an adaptive wing structure with macro-fiber composite actuators
Author(s): J. Schröck; T. Meurer; A. Kugi
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Novel measurement and monitoring system for forming processes based on piezoresistive thin film systems
Author(s): Saskia Biehl; Sebastian Staufenbiel; Frank Hauschild
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Growth of ZnO nanorods on patterned templates for energy harvesting applications
Author(s): G. Niarchos; E. Makarona; C. Tsamis
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Characterisation of the intrinsic stress in micromachined parylene membranes
Author(s): T. Zöpfl; S. Klare; G. Wachutka; G. Schrag
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Comparison between AlN thin films with different crystal orientations for MEMS applications
Author(s): A. Ababneh; G. Marchand; H. Seidel; J. Hernando; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas; Ü. Sökmen; E. Peiner; U. Schmid
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Design, fabrication and characterization of a micro-fluxgate intended for parallel robot application
Author(s): M. R. Kirchhoff; G. Bogdanski; S. Büttgenbach
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SAW-grade SiO[sub]2[/sub] for advanced microfluidic devices
Author(s): Andreas Winkler; Siegfried Menzel; Hagen Schmidt
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Power management circuit for resonant energy harvesters
Author(s): Tomas Jirku; Miloslav Steinbauer; Martin Kluge
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