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EUV and X-Ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space
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Volume Number: 7360
Date Published: 30 April 2009
Softcover: 35 papers (362) pages
ISBN: 9780819476340

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7360
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
EUV off-axis focusing using a high harmonic source
Author(s): B. Mills; E. T. F. Rogers; J. Grant-Jacob; S. L. Stebbings; M. Praeger; A. M. de Paula; C. A. Froud; R. T. Chapman; T. J. Butcher; W. S. Brocklesby; J. G. Frey
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Material analysis with EUV/XUV radiation using a broadband laser plasma source and optics system
Author(s): A. Bayer; F. Barkusky; J.-O. Dette; S. Döring; B. Flöter; C. Peth; K. Mann
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Two magnification steps EUV microscopy with a Schwarzschild objective and an adapted zone plate lens
Author(s): Larissa Juschkin; Ralf Freiberger
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Imaging properties of a spherical compound refractive x-ray lens
Author(s): Chengchao Huang; Baozhong Mu; Zhanshan Wang; Lingyan Chen; Yury I. Dudchik; Guoqiang Pan
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Active microstructured x-ray optical arrays
Author(s): Alan G. Michette; Slawka J. Pfauntsch; Shahin Sahraei; Matthew Shand; Graeme R. Morrison; David Hart; Boris Vojnovic; Tom Stevenson; William Parkes; Camelia Dunare; Richard Willingale; Charlotte H. Feldman; Tim W. Button; Dou Zhang; Daniel Rodriguez-Sanmartin; Hongchang Wang; Andy D. Smith
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Active x-ray optics for the next generation of x-ray telescopes
Author(s): Carolyn Atkins; Hongchang Wang; Peter Doel; David Brooks; Samantha Thompson; Charlotte Feldman; Richard Willingale; Tim Button; Daniel Rodriguez Sanmartin; Dou Zhang; Ady James; Craig Theobald; Graham Willis; Andrew D. Smith
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Active x-ray optics
Author(s): R. Hudec; M. Hromcik; M. Elvis; O. Gedeon
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Alignment system for full-shell replicated x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Mikhail Gubarev; Brian Ramsey; William Arnold
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History of grazing incidence x-ray optics in the Czech Republic
Author(s): R. Hudec
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Requirements on hard x-ray grazing incidence optics for European XFEL: analysis and simulation of wavefront transformations
Author(s): Liubov Samoylova; Harald Sinn; Frank Siewert; Hidekazu Mimura; Kazuto Yamauchi; Thomas Tschentscher
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Lobster eye: technology and imaging properties
Author(s): L. Sveda; R. Hudec; L. Pina; V. Semencova; A. Inneman
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Replicated grazing incidence micromirrors
Author(s): René Hudec; Ladislav Pína; Adolf J. Inneman; Veronika Semencova; Libor Sveda
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Off-plane x-ray grating spectrometer for the International X-ray Observatory
Author(s): Randall L. McEntaffer; Neil J. Murray; Andrew Holland; Chuck Lillie; Suzanne Casement; Dean Dailey; Tim Johnson; Webster Cash; Phil Oakley
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Back-up technologies for IXO
Author(s): R. Hudec; J. Sik; M. Lorenc; L. Pina; V. Semencova; M. Mika; A. Inneman; M. Skulinova
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Angle alignment method for soft x-ray using double-periodic multilayer
Author(s): Baozhong Mu; Li Jiang; Shengzhen Yi; Jingtao Zhu; Xin Wang; Qiushi Huang; Moyan Tan; Xiaoqiang Wang; Jing Xu; Youwei Yao; Yi Huang; Hongying Liu; Zhanshan Wang; Lingyan Chen
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Spectroscopic characterization of novel multilayer mirrors intended for astronomical and laboratory applications
Author(s): Eugene N. Ragozin; Konstantin N. Mednikov; Andrei A. Pertsov; Alexander S. Pirozhkov; Anton A. Reva; Sergei V. Shestov; Artem S. Ul'yanov; Eugene A. Vishnyakov
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Optical, chemical, and depth characterization of Al/SiC periodic multilayers
Author(s): P. Jonnard; K. Le Guen; M.-H. Hu; J.-M. André; E. Meltchakov; C. Hecquet; F. Delmotte; A. Galtayries
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Formation of silicides in annealed periodic multilayers
Author(s): H. Maury; P. Jonnard; K. Le Guen; J.-M. André
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Innovative methods for optimization and characterization of multilayer coatings
Author(s): M. G. Pelizzo; M. Suman; G. Monaco; D. L. Windt; P. Nicolosi
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Design of innovative multilayer coatings for solar imaging and spectroscopy
Author(s): M. Suman; M. G. Pelizzo; D. L. Windt; E. Gullickson
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Enabling deposition of hard x-ray reflective coatings as an industrial manufacturing process
Author(s): Denis Garoli; Enrico Boscolo Marchi; Valentina Mattarello; Juri Bertoli; Guido Salmaso; Jacques Kools; Daniele Spiga; Giampiero Tagliaferri; Giovanni Pareschi
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An auxiliary visible imaging method for alignment of x-ray Kirkpatrick-Baez optics
Author(s): Baozhong Mu; Shengzhen Yi; Jingtao Zhu; Jing Xu; Xin Wang; Shengling Huang; Moyan Tan; Qiushi Huang; Liang Bai; Xiaoqiang Wang; Yi Huang; Li Jiang; Hongying Liu; Zhanshan Wang; Lingyan Chen; Yongkun Ding; Wenyong Miao; Jianjun Dong
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Optical constants of silicon carbide deposited with emerging PVD techniques
Author(s): Gianni Monaco; M. Suman; M. G. Pelizzo; P. Nicolosi
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Feasibility of a spectral imager in the soft x-ray region
Author(s): Jaroslava Wilcox; Victor White; Kirill Shcheglov
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A generic x-ray tracing toolbox in Geant4
Author(s): Giuseppe Vacanti; Ernst-Jan Buis; Maximilien Collon; Marco Beijersbergen; Chris Kelly
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Wavefront sensing of XUV beams
Author(s): P. Homer; B. Rus; J. Nejdl; J. Polan
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Small x-ray telescope based on lobster eye x-ray optics and pixel detector
Author(s): Vladimír Tichý; Martin Hromčík; René Hudec; Adolf Inneman; Jan Jakubek; Jiří Maršík; Ladislav Pína; Veronika Semencová; Libor Švéda
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Microstructured optical arrays for smart x-ray optics
Author(s): Camelia Dunare; William Parkes; Tom Stevenson; Alan Michette; Slawka Pfauntsch; Shahin Sahraei; Matthew Shand; Dou Zhang; Daniel Rodriguez Sanmartin; Tim Button; Charlotte Feldman; Richard Willingale; Peter Doel; Hongchang Wang; Ady James
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New lightweight x-ray optics: alternative materials
Author(s): M. Skulinova; R. Hudec; J. Sik; M. Lorenc; L. Pina; V. Semencova
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Development of high-resolution and light-weight x-ray optics with deformed silicon wafers
Author(s): Yuichiro Ezoe; Takayuki Shirata; Takaya Ohashi; Manabu Ishida; Kazuhisa Mitsuda; Kozo Fujiwara; Kohei Morishita; Kazuo Nakajima
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Novel ultra-lightweight and high-resolution MEMS x-ray optics
Author(s): Ikuyuki Mitsuishi; Yuichiro Ezoe; Utako Takagi; Makoto Mita; Raul Riveros; Hitomi Yamaguchi; Fumiki Kato; Susumu Sugiyama; Kouzou Fujiwara; Kohei Morishita; Kazuo Nakajima; Shinya Fujihira; Yoshiaki Kanamori; Noriko Y. Yamasaki; Kazuhisa Mitsuda; Ryutaro Maeda
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Magnetic field assisted finishing of ultra-lightweight and high-resolution MEMS x-ray micro-pore optics
Author(s): Raul E. Riveros; Hitomi Yamaguchi; Ikuyuki Mitsuishi; Utako Takagi; Yuichiro Ezoe; Fumiki Kato; Susumu Sugiyama; Noriko Yamasaki; Kazuhisa Mitsuda
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A high resolution x-ray spectrometer utilizing Kirkpatrick-Baez optics and off-plane gratings
Author(s): Randall L. McEntaffer; Rene Hudec; Neil J. Murray; Andrew D. Holland
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Crystal characterization for a gamma-ray Laue concentrator
Author(s): M. Skulinova; C. Pelliciari; L. Hanlon; B. McBreen; F. O'Reilly
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Mirror technology development for the International X-Ray Observatory (IXO) mission
Author(s): W. W. Zhang; J. Bolognese; G. Byron; K. W. Chan; D. A. Content; T. J. Hadjimichael; Charles Hewitt; M. D. Hill; M. Hong; J. P. Lehan; L. Lozipone; J. M. Mazzarella; R. McClelland; D. T. Nguyen; L. Olsen; R. Petre; D. Robinson; S. O. Rohrbach; R. Russell; T. T. Saha; M. Sharpe; M. V. Gubarev; W. D. Jones; S. L. O'Dell; W. Davis; D. R. Caldwell; M. Freeman; W. Podgorski; P. B. Reid
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