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Visual Information Processing XVIII
Editor(s): Zia-Ur Rahman; Stephen E. Reichenbach; Mark Allen Neifeld
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Volume Number: 7341
Date Published: 27 April 2009
Softcover: 27 papers (280) pages
ISBN: 9780819476074

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7341
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An embedded processor for real-time atmoshperic compensation
Author(s): Michael R. Bodnar; Petersen F. Curt; Fernando E. Ortiz; Carmen J. Carrano; Eric J. Kelmelis
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Appearance based key-shot selection for a hand held camera
Author(s): Bram Alefs; Judith Dijk
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Study of video distortion for real-time video transmission over wireless channels
Author(s): Zhifeng Chen; Dapeng Wu
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Water quality mapping using Landsat TM imagery
Author(s): H. S. Lim; M. Z. MatJafri; K. Abdullah; A. N. Alias; C. J. Wong; M. R. Mustapha-Rosli; N. Mohd Saleh
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Visualization and analysis of large three-dimensional hyperspectral images
Author(s): Stephen E. Reichenbach; Xue Tian; Robert Lindquist; Qingping Tao; Alex Henderson; John C. Vickerman
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Three-dimensional tracking for efficient fire fighting in complex situations
Author(s): Moulay Akhloufi; Lucile Rossi
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A new feature front based stereo correspondence technique
Author(s): Beddhu Murali
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Adaptive pattern-based image compression for ultra-low bandwidth weapon seeker image communication
Author(s): Hai Wei; Sakina Zabuawala; Karthik M. Varadarajan; Jacob Yadegar; Joseph Yadegar; David Gray; John McCalmont; James Utt
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Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based filters for image enhancement
Author(s): Lifford McLauchlan; Mehrübe Mehrübeoğlu
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Bio-inspired color image enhancement model
Author(s): Yufeng Zheng
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Steerable optical flow based image registration: application to aligning human torso images
Author(s): Ahmed Elsafi; Rami Zewail; Nelson Durdle
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Image registration using conformal log polar mapping
Author(s): Bala Krishna Vadapally; Zia-ur Rahman
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Resolution enhancement of video sequences with real number magnification factor
Author(s): Dave Douglas; Jingning Pan
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Assessment of super-resolution for face recognition from very-low resolution images in sensor networks
Author(s): James R. Roeder; Sergio D. Cabrera
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Multispectral face recognition using non linear dimensionality reduction
Author(s): Moulay A. Akhloufi; Abdelhakim Bendada; Jean-Christophe Batsale
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An automatic eye detection and tracking technique for stereo video sequences
Author(s): Anirudh Paduru; Dimitrios Charalampidis; Brandon Fouts; Kim Jovanovich
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Multi-user vision interface based on range imaging
Author(s): Tobias K. Kohoutek
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A structural framework for anomalous change detection and characterization
Author(s): Lakshman Prasad; James Theiler
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A framework for activity detection in wide-area motion imagery
Author(s): Reid Porter; Christy Ruggiero; John D. Morrison
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Automation of the CCTV-mediated detection of individuals illegally carrying firearms: combining psychological and technological approaches
Author(s): Iain T. Darker; Paul Kuo; Ming Yuan Yang; Anastassia Blechko; Christos Grecos; Dimitrios Makris; Jean-Christophe Nebel; Alastair G. Gale
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Detection of facilities in satellite imagery using semi-supervized image classification and auxiliary contextual observables
Author(s): Neal R. Harvey; C. Ruggiero; N. H. Pawley; B. MacDonald; A. Oyer; L. Balick; S. P. Brumby
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Summarization and visualization of target trajectories from massive video archives
Author(s): Zhanfeng Yue; Pramod Lakshmi Narasimha; Pankaj Topiwala
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A change detection approach to moving object detection in low fame-rate video
Author(s): Reid Porter; Neal Harvey; James Theiler
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Robust tracking of people in crowds with covariance descriptors
Author(s): Jürgen Metzler; Dieter Willersinn
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Visualizing multidimensional climate model data
Author(s): John S. DaPonte; Paidemwoyo Munhutu
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Using webcam for indoor air quality monitoring
Author(s): C. J. Wong; C. K. Teo; M. Z. MatJafri; K. Abdullah; H. S. Lim
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Fast and robust wavelet-based dynamic range compression and contrast enhancement model with color restoration
Author(s): Numan Unaldi; Vijayan K. Asari; Zia-ur Rahman
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