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Atmospheric Propagation VI
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Volume Number: 7324
Date Published: 30 April 2009
Softcover: 33 papers (352) pages
ISBN: 9780819475909

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7324
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Near-ground vertical profile of refractive-index fluctuations
Author(s): L. C. Andrews; R. L. Phillips; D. Wayne; T. Leclerc; P. Sauer; R. Crabbs; J. Kiriazes
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Laser beam propagation in the low-order turbulence: exact solution
Author(s): Mikhail Charnotskii
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Simulation and theory of speckle noise for an annular aperture frequency-modulation differential-absorption LIDAR (FM-DIAL) system
Author(s): Paul E. Keller; Michael T. Batdorf; Jana D. Strasburg; Warren W. Harper
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Availability of free-space optical communication systems under influence of beam wandering and optical turbulence
Author(s): Jose Paulo G. de Oliveira
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A survey of apodization functions for diffraction-free propagation
Author(s): Gary J. Baker
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Optical propagation in the underwater environment
Author(s): Linda Mullen
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Optical homodyne RZ-QPSK transmission through wind tunnel at 3.8 and 1.55 micron via wavelength conversion
Author(s): Pak S. Cho; Geof Harston; Kai-Daniel F. Büchter; David Soreide; Jonathan M. Saint Clair; Wolfgang Sohler; Yaakov Achiam; Isaac Shpantzer
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Analysis of rapid Cn2 fluctuations observed during a 5-km communication link experiment
Author(s): Timothy M. Yarnall; Steven S. Michael; John D. Moores; Ronald R. Parenti; William E. Wilcox
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Inversion techniques for the differential image motion lidar
Author(s): Ian Gatland; John M. Stewart; Gary G. Gimmestad
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Statistical properties of a short analog RF free-space optical link
Author(s): F. Bucholtz; H. R. Burris; C. I. Moore; C. S. McDermitt; R. Mahon; M. R. Suite; J. V. Michalowicz; G. C. Gilbreath; W. S. Rabinovich
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Conceptual designs of onboard transceivers for ground-to-satellite quantum cryptography
Author(s): Morio Toyoshima; Yozo Shoji; Yoshihisa Takayama; Hiroo Kunimori; Masahiro Takeoka; Mikio Fujiwara; Masahide Sasaki
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Free space optical communication flight mission: simulations and experimental results on ground level demonstrator
Author(s): Ramon Mata Calvo; Valter Ferrero; Stefano Camatel; Valeria Catalano; Luciana Bonino; Italo Toselli
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Long range analog RF free space optical communication link in a maritime environment
Author(s): H. R. Burris; F. Bucholtz; C. I. Moore; K. J. Grant; M. R. Suite; C. S. McDermitt; B. A. Clare; R. Mahon; W. Martinsen; M. Ferraro; R. Sawday; B. Xu; C. Font; L. M. Thomas; K. A. Mudge; W. S. Rabinovich; G. C. Gilbreath; W. Scharpf; E. Saint-Georges; S. Uecke
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Evaluation of a novel FSO receiver for mitigating alignment errors
Author(s): Sarah Spaunhorst; Peter G. LoPresti; Stephen Pondelik; Hazem Refai
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Comparison of scintillation measurements from a 5 km communication link to standard statistical models
Author(s): Steven Michael; Ronald R. Parenti; Frederick G. Walther; Alicia M. Volpicelli; John D. Moores; William Wilcox; Robert Murphy
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Evaluation of free-space optical fiber bundle transmitter configurations for receiver tracking
Author(s): Dayong Zhou; Peter G. LoPresti; Nathan Brooks; Hazem Refai
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Challenges facing mobile free-space optical communications
Author(s): Mouhammad K. Al-Akkoumi; Alan Harris; Robert C. Huck; James J. Sluss
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Mitigation of weak and strong turbulence-induced fading in optical homodyne RZ-QPSK via delay-diversity transmission
Author(s): Pak S. Cho; Geof Harston; David C. Soreide; Jonathan M. Saint Clair; Yaakov Achiam; Isaac Shpantzer
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Theoretical and experimental results for 1550-nm light scattering in clouds and their predictions for pulse broadening effects on high-throughput optical communications
Author(s): Graham J. Martin; William R. Christian; John E. Mansell; Jian Ma; Bruce K. Winker
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Integrated atmospheric characterization system
Author(s): David W. Roberts; Gary G. Gimmestad; John M. Stewart; David N. Whiteman; Frank D. Eaton
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An atmospheric turbulence, scattering, and weather monitoring system for three kilometers, partially over water path for monitoring the statistics of turbulence
Author(s): Aleksandr V. Sergeyev; Michael C. Roggemann; Chris Middlebrook; Piotr Piatrou; Weidong Yang; Kyle Drexler; Casey Demars
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Technical intelligence and the operational art
Author(s): James B. Longley
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Airborne measurements in the infrared using FTIR-based imaging hyperspectral sensors
Author(s): E. Puckrin; C. S Turcotte; P. Lahaie; D. Dubé; V. Farley; P. Lagueux; F. Marcotte; M. Chamberland
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Characterization and training of a piezoelectric deformable mirror for operation at 1550 nm
Author(s): Carlos O. Font; G. Charmaine Gilbreath; Blerta Bajramaj; David S. Kim; Freddie Santiago; Ty Martinez; Sergio R. Restaino
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Optical signatures for autonomous mobility
Author(s): Michael A. Powers; Christopher C. Davis
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The use of spider webs as passive bioaerosol collectors
Author(s): Daniel I. Mattei; Charles A. Bleckmann; David J. Bunker; Ike Maxis
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Multiple-coincidence interrogation of fissionables
Author(s): J. P. Hurley; R. P. Keegan; J. R. Tinsley; R. Trainham
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Integrated passive electronic signature modeling
Author(s): M. Kate Bole; Jim McGraw; Frank Ryan; Todd Hawley; Mike Davis; Toan Van
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Terahertz spectral signatures of explosive materials and precursors
Author(s): Christopher D. Ball; T. J. Ronningen; Lee C. Oesterling
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A computational tool for evaluating THz imaging performance in brownout or whiteout conditions at land sites throughout the world
Author(s): Steven T. Fiorino; Richard J. Bartell; Matthew J. Krizo; Seth L. Marek; Matthew J. Bohn; Robb M. Randall; Salvatore J. Cusumano
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NIST speaker recognition evaluations 1996-2008
Author(s): Craig S, Greenberg; Alvin F. Martin
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Multimodal signature file formats and performance in computational environments
Author(s): Kelly Bennett; James Robertson
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Signatures support program
Author(s): Chadwick T. Hawley
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