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Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XIII
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Volume Number: 7218
Date Published: 6 February 2009
Softcover: 35 papers (338) pages
ISBN: 9780819474643

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7218
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Chalcogenide films for infrared integrated optics
Author(s): Caroline Vigreux; Annie Pradel
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As2S3/Sr(Ti0.7Co0.3)O3 and As2S3/Sr(Ti0.6Fe0.4)O3 strip-loaded waveguides for integrated magneto-optical isolator applications
Author(s): Lei Bi; Hyun-Suk Kim; Juejun Hu; Lionel C. Kimerling; C. A. Ross
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New practical approach of integrated photonic based on biomimetic peptidic/silica self-assembled nanotubes
Author(s): D. Duval; C. Tarabout; N. Huby; F. Artzner; E. Gaviot; J. Zyss; A. Renault; E. Pouget; B. Bêche
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980nm-1550nm vertically integrated duplexer for hybrid erbium-doped waveguide amplifiers on glass
Author(s): Lydie Onestas; Thomas Nappez; Elise Ghibaudo; Guy Vitrant; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Waveguide optical amplifier for telecom applications
Author(s): S. Taccheo; M. Zannin; K. Ennser; D. Careglio; J. Solé-Pareta; J. Aracil
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Annealing effect on optical barrier in ion-implanted tellurite glass waveguides
Author(s): S. Berneschi; I. Cacciari; G. Nunzi Conti; S. Pelli; G. C. Righini; I. Bányász; N. Q. Khanh; T. Lohner; P. Petrik; Z. Zolnai; M. Bettinelli; A. Speghini; L. Mescia; F. Prudenzano
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Interfacing optical fibers and high refractive index contrast waveguide circuits using diffractive grating couplers
Author(s): G. Roelkens; D. Taillaert; F. Van Laere; D. Vermeulen; J. Schrauwen; S. Scheerlinck; T. Claes; W. Bogaerts; P. Dumon; S. Selvaraja; D. Van Thourhout; R. Baets
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Compact silicon diffractive components for integrated optics
Author(s): Zhiping Zhou; Junbo Feng; Huaxiang Yi; Huaming Wu
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Efficient small grating couplers for low-index difference waveguide systems
Author(s): Roman Bruck; Rainer Hainberger
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Polymer wedge for perfectly vertical light coupling to silicon
Author(s): J. Schrauwen; S. Scheerlinck; D. Van Thourhout; R. Baets
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Developments in arrayed waveguide grating devices for photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): Xaveer Leijtens; Meint Smit
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Spiral planar-waveguide Bragg gratings
Author(s): C. Lin; E. W. Jacobs; J. S. Rodgers
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Tunable spectral slicing filter utilizing sparse grating in Ti:LiNbO3
Author(s): Renato C. Rabelo; Ohannes Eknoyan; Henry F. Taylor
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Linear and nonlinear modeling of light propagation in hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): P. J. Roberts; J. Laegsgaard
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A unified theory for surface emitting chirped circular grating lasers
Author(s): Xiankai Sun; Amnon Yariv
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Analysis of surface plasmon resonance with Goos-Hanchen shift using FDTD method
Author(s): Geum-Yoon Oh; Doo-Gun Kim; Hong-Seung Kim; Young-Wan Choi
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Impedance mismatch approach for a near-field superlens with intrinsic loss of absorption
Author(s): Kwangchil Lee; Kyoungsik Kim
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Generation of M-ary signals using a single Mach Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Yossef Ehrlichman; Ofer Amrani; Shlomo Ruschin
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Backscatter in integrated optical waveguides and circuits
Author(s): Antonio Canciamilla; Matteo Torreggiani; Carlo Ferrari; Francesco Morichetti; Raffaella Costa; Andrea Melloni
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Integration of InP-based optoelectronics with silicon waveguides
Author(s): Timo Aalto; Mikko Harjanne; Markku Kapulainen; Sami Ylinen; Jyrki Ollila; Ville Vilokkinen; Ludwig Mörl; Martin Möhrle; Régis Hamelin
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Wafer-level optics enables low cost camera phones
Author(s): Yehudit Dagan
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Near-field nano-imaging by nanophotodetector array
Author(s): Boyang Liu; Ki Young Kim; Yingyan Huang; Seng-Tiong Ho
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Guidewave surface plasmon-polariton sensors
Author(s): Raman Kashyap; Galina Nemova
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Surface plasmon based real-time microfluid temperature sensor
Author(s): Lawrence J. Davis; Miriam Deutsch
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Large enhancement of second-harmonic generation in subwavelength metal-dielectric-metal plasmonic waveguides
Author(s): Georgios Veronis; Shanhui Fan
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Ultracompact fully integrated megapixel multispectral imager
Author(s): Jason M. Eichenholz; John Dougherty
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Active resonant subwavelength grating devices for high speed spectroscopic sensing
Author(s): A. V. Gin; S. A. Kemme; R. R. Boye; D. W. Peters; J. F Ihlefeld; R. D Briggs; J. R Wendt; L. H Marshall; T. R. Carter; S. Samora
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Multi-aperture Fourier spectrometers in planar waveguides
Author(s): Miroslaw Florjanczyk; Pavel Cheben; Siegfried Janz; Boris Lamontagne; Jean Lapointe; Alan Scott; Kenneth Sinclair; Brian Solheim; Dan-Xia Xu
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Development of a ion-exchanged glass integrated optics DFB laser for a LIDAR application
Author(s): Lionel Bastard; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin; Florent Gardillou; Cedric Cassagnettes; Jean-Pierre Schlotterbeck; Philippe Rondeau
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Refractive-index sensor incorporating a polymeric waveguide overlaid with TiO2 thin films
Author(s): Geun-Sik Son; Soon-Woo Kwon; Woo-Kyung Kim; Woo-Seok Yang; Hyung-Man Lee; Han-Young Lee; Sung-Dong Lee; Sang-Shin Lee
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Wavelength interrogation of optical waveguide biosensors in the input grating coupler configuration
Author(s): Sonia Grego; Brian R. Stoner
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Integrated acousto-optic polarization analyzer sensor
Author(s): Luiz Poffo; Pierre Lemaître-Auger; Philippe Benech; Pierre Benech
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Analysis of hydrogen exposure effects on the transmittance of periodic sub-wavelength palladium hole arrays
Author(s): Etsuo Maeda; Koichi Endo; Sho Mikuriya; Masaki Shuzo; Ichiro Yamada; Jean-Jacques Delaunay
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New type of standalone gas sensors based on dye, thin films, and subwavelength structures
Author(s): Marc Schnieper; Laurent Davoine; Miguel Holgado; Rafael Casquel del Campo; Angel Barranco
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Path folding and path shifting system at 1550 nm using multiple Bragg holographic gratings
Author(s): Anh-Hoang Phan; Nam Kim; Jae-Hyeung Park; Kwon-Yeon Lee
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