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Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors and Nanostructure Materials XIII
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Volume Number: 7214
Date Published: 6 March 2009
Softcover: 32 papers (326) pages
ISBN: 9780819474605

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Front Matter: 7214
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High-resolution temporal and spatial photoluminescence measurement of a multiple-quantum-well structure at room temperature
Author(s): Honggyu Ahn; Jaehyuk Kim; Dae-Kyu Kim; Eungjang Lee; Dong-Soo Shin; Hyeonjin Doh; Seung-Han Park
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Generation of injection currents in (110)-oriented GaAs quantum wells: experimental observation and development of a microscopic theory
Author(s): M. Bieler; K. Pierz; U. Siegner; P. Dawson; H. T. Duc; J. Förstner; T. Meier
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Carrier dynamics and photoexcited emission efficiency of ZnO:Zn phosphor powders
Author(s): John V. Foreman; Henry O. Everitt; Jianqiu Yang; Jie Liu
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Imaging carrier and phonon transport in Si using ultrashort optical pulses
Author(s): D. H. Hurley; O. B. Wright; O. Matsuda; Brian E. McCandless; Subhash Shinde
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Ultrafast high strain rate acoustic wave measurements at high static pressure in a diamond anvil cell
Author(s): Michael R. Armstrong; Jonathan C. Crowhurst; Evan J. Reed; Joseph M. Zaug
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Picosecond shear waves in nano-sized solids and liquids
Author(s): T. Pezeril; C. Klieber; S. Andrieu; D. Chateigner; K. A. Nelson
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Ultrafast far-infrared optics of carbon nanotubes
Author(s): C. Frischkorn; T. Kampfrath; L. Perfetti; K. von Volkmann; M. Wolf
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Photoinduced ultrafast structural dynamics of nanomaterials
Author(s): Jau Tang; Ping Yu; Po-Tse Tai; Sheng-Hsien Lin
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Electromagnetic wave funneling through nano-gaps and nano-antennas
Author(s): D. S. Kim; M. A. Seo; H. R. Park; J. S. Kyoung; J. W. Lee; O. K. Suwal; S. S. Choi
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Laser ablation of organic materials for discrimination of bacteria in an inorganic background
Author(s): Matthieu Baudelet; Myriam Boueri; Jin Yu; Xianglei Mao; Samuel S Mao; Richard Russo
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Control of ultrafast pulse propagation in semiconductor components
Author(s): Mike van der Poel; Per L. Hansen; Jesper Mørk
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Terahertz conductivity of magnetoexcitons and electrons in semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): J. Lloyd-Hughes; J. Faist; H. E. Beere; D. A. Ritchie; L. Sirbu; I. M. Tiginyanu; S. K. M. Merchant; M. B. Johnston
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Chirality and optical activity: a terahertz time-domain spectroscopy investigation
Author(s): A. Y. Elezzabi; S. Sederberg
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A new mechanism for observation of THz acoustic waves: coherent THz radiation emission
Author(s): Evan J. Reed; Michael R. Armstrong; Ki-Yong Kim; James M. Glownia; William M. Howard; Edwin L.. Piner; John C. Roberts
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Photo-induced insulator-metal phase transition observed by the terahertz pump-probe spectroscopy
Author(s): Makoto Nakajima; Naoko Takubo; Zenji Hiroi; Yutaka Ueda; Tohru Suemoto
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Latest developments of ultrafast fiber laser and its material applications
Author(s): G. C. Cho; B. Liu; L. Shah; Z. Liu; Y. Che; J. Xu
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Monitoring of microplasma formation and filamentation of tightly focused femtosecond laser pulses in dielectrics
Author(s): Eugenijus Gaižauskas; Vygantas Mizeikis; Hiroaki Misawa; Sergey I. Kudryashov; Vladimir D. Zvorykin; Andrei A. Ionin; Saulius Juodkazis
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Sub-GHz operation of single-photon emitting diode at 1.55 um
Author(s): Toshiyuki Miyazawa; Toshihiro Nakaoka; Shigekazu Okumura; Shinnichi Hirose; Kazuya Takemoto; Motomu Takatsu; Tatsuya Usuki; Naoki Yokoyama; Yasuhiko Arakawa
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Pulse and amplifier dynamics in high energy fiber optic ultrashort pulse laser systems
Author(s): Michael Mielke; David Gaudiosi; Kyungbum Kim; Tolga Yilmaz; Michael Greenberg; Sha Tong; Xinhua Gu; Mark Geusen; Robert Cline; Mark Slovick; Neill Allen; Michael Manning; Barry Schuler; Steven Sapers
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Nonlinear THz response of n-type GaAs
Author(s): Michael Woerner; Willhelm Kuehn; Peter Gaal; Klaus Reimann; Thomas Elsaesser; Rudolf Hey
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THz emission from coherent plasmons in InAs nanowires
Author(s): D. V. Seletskiy; M. P. Hasselbeck; M. Sheik-Bahae; J. G. Cederberg; A. A. Talin
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Terahertz spectroscopy of two-dimensional subwavelength plasmonic structures
Author(s): Abul K. Azad; Hou-Tong Chen; Antoinette J. Taylor; John F. O'Hara; Jiaguang Han; Xinchao Lu; Weili Zhang
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Memory effects in femtosecond collective spin rotation in ferromagnetic semiconductors
Author(s): J. Wang; I. Cotoros; D. S. Chemla; X. Liu; J. K. Furdyna; J. Chovan; I. E. Perakis
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Ultrafast carrier dynamics and laser action in ZnO nanowires
Author(s): Marijn A. M. Versteegh; Ruben E. C. van der Wel; Benjamin J. M. Brenny; Bas Zegers; Wouter Ensing; Jaap I. Dijkhuis
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Picosecond scale dynamics of excitons in CdTe-based quantum wells and quantum dots
Author(s): A. Golnik; A. Trajnerowicz; T. Kazimierczuk; P. Kossacki
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Ultrafast electronic transport in low dimensional semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): Hyunyong Choi; Theodore B. Norris; Jérôme Faist; Federico Capasso
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Terahertz metamaterials
Author(s): Hou-Tong Chen; John F. O'Hara; Abul K. Azad; Willie J. Padilla; Richard D. Averitt; Antoinette J. Taylor
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Hole confinement in quantum islands in Ga(AsSb)/GaAs/(AlGa)As heterostructures
Author(s): S. Horst; S. Chatterjee; K. Hantke; P. J. Klar; C. Lange; I. Nemeth; M. Schwalm; W. Stolz; K. Volz; C. Bückers; A. D. Thränhardt; S. W. Koch; W. Rühle; S. R. Johnson; J.-B. Wang; Y.-H. Zhang
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Femtosecond carrier dynamics in quasi-one-dimensional topological compounds
Author(s): Y. Toda; K. Shimatake; S. Tanda; J. Onoe
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Ultrafast carrier dynamics in Si and on Si surfaces studied by femtosecond time-resolved two-photon photoemission spectroscopy
Author(s): K. Tanimura; T. Ichibayashi
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Two color pump-probe studies of intraminiband relaxation in doped GaAs/AlGaAs superlattices
Author(s): D. Stehr; M. Wagner; H. Schneider; M. Helm; A. M. Andrews; T. Roch; G. Strasser
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Analysis of confinement loss and single mode property in five layer hexagonal (circular/elliptical) layouts of microstructured photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Ritu Sharma; Vijay Janyani
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