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Physics and Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices XVII
Editor(s): Marek Osinski; Bernd Witzigmann; Fritz Henneberger; Yasuhiko Arakawa
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Volume Number: 7211
Date Published: 16 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7211
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Analysis of thermoelectric characteristics of AlGaN and InGaN semiconductors
Author(s): Hua Tong; Hongping Zhao; Vincent A Handara; Juan A Herbsommer; Nelson Tansu
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Sensitivity of semiconductor lasers to coherent and noisy optical injection: towards instability-based laser sensors
Author(s): Sebastian Wieczorek
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Characteristics of the frequency-locked states generated by a semiconductor laser under periodical optical injection and their applications in frequency conversion
Author(s): Yu-Shan Juan; Fan-Yi Lin
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Modulation response of an injection locked quantum-dash Fabry Perot laser at 1550nm
Author(s): M. Pochet; N. A. Naderi; F. Grillot; N. Terry; V. Kovanis; L. F. Lester
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Systematic investigation of the alpha parameter influence on the critical feedback level in QD lasers
Author(s): F. Grillot; N. A. Naderi; M. Pochet; C.-Y. Lin; L. F. Lester
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Oscillation frequency stabilization of a semiconductor laser by an indirect modulation method using the Faraday effect
Author(s): Akira Sato; Shinya Maehara; Tomoyuki Uehara; Hideaki Arai; Takashi Sato; Tadashi Tamura; Masashi Ohkawa; Seiji Kawamura
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Theory and design of chip-based quantum light sources using planar photonic crystals
Author(s): P. Yao; P. Pathak; V. S. C. Mango Rao; S. Hughes
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Quantum dots in photonic crystals: from single photon sources to single photon nonlinear optics
Author(s): Arka Majumdar; Andrei Faraon; Dirk Englund; Ilya Fushman; Jelena Vučković
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Electrically driven room temperature operation of a single quantum dot emitter
Author(s): Tilmar Kümmell; Robert Arians; Arne Gust; Carsten Kruse; Sergey Zaitsev; Detlef Hommel; Gerd Bacher
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Deterministic coupling of site-selected InAs/InP quantum dots to 2D photonic crystal microcavities
Author(s): Dan Dalacu; Danny Kim; Simon Frédérick; Jean Lapointe; Anthony J. Springthorpe; Philip J. Poole; Geof C. Aers; Robin L. Williams
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One-by-one coupling of single photon emitters to high-Q modes of optical microresonators
Author(s): Stefan Schietinger; Tim Schröder; Oliver Benson
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Physics of quantum well solar cells
Author(s): N. J. Ekins-Daukes; J. Adams; I. M. Ballard; K. W. J. Barnham; B. Browne; J. P. Connolly; T. Tibbits; G. Hill; J. S. Roberts
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Dilute nitride-based III-V heterostructures for unhindered carrier transport in quantum-confined p-i-n solar cells
Author(s): A. Alemu; A. Freundlich
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Ray racing techniques applied to the modelling of fluorescent solar collectors
Author(s): T. J. J. Meyer; J. Hlavaty; L. Smith; E. R. Freniere; T. Markvart
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Electroluminescence in nanostructures of different dimensionalities: a comparative simulation study
Author(s): Sebastian Steiger; Ratko G. Veprek; Bernd Witzigmann
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High speed all optical logic gates based on InAs/GaAs quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers
Author(s): Shaozhen Ma; Zhe Chen; Hongzhi Sun; Niloy K. Dutta
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Fringing field effects in semiconductor nanowire double heterostructures
Author(s): Jun Hu; Yang Liu; Cun-Zheng Ning; Robert Dutton; Sung-Mo Kang
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Evolution of near-field electromagnetic interference by metallic nanostructures
Author(s): Jaehyuk Kim; Kewseung Lee; Honggyu An; Eunhee Jeang; Daegeun Kim; Hyeonjin Doh; Dong-Soo Shin; Seung-Han Park
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Microring-based devices for telecommunication applications
Author(s): Dimitris Syvridis; Hercules Simos; Spiros Mikroulis; Alexandros Kapsalis
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Synchronization of semiconductor laser on picosecond pulses
Author(s): Pascal Besnard; Olivier Vaudel; Jean-François Hayau
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Analysis of rectangular ring resonator sensor with photonic crystal microcavity
Author(s): Hong-Seung Kim; Doo-Gun Kim; Geum-Yoon Oh; Young-Wan Choi
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Modeling of quasi-supercontinuum laser linewidth and derivative characteristics of InGaAs quantum dot broadband laser
Author(s): C. L. Tan; Y. Wang; H. S. Djie; C. E. Dimas; Y. H. Ding; V. Hongpinyo; C. Chen; B. S. Ooi
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Theoretical analysis of 1.55-μm InAs/InP (113B) quantum dot lasers based on a multi-population rate equation model
Author(s): F. Grillot; K. Veselinov; M. Gioannini; R. Piron; E. Homeyer; J. Even; S. Loualiche; I. Montrosset
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Gain dynamics in p-doped InGaAs quantum dot amplifiers from room to cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): P. Borri; V. Cesari; M. Rossetti; A. Fiore; W. Langbein
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Small signal analysis of four-wave mixing in InAs/GaAs quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers
Author(s): Shaozhen Ma; Zhe Chen; Niloy K. Dutta
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Auger recombination, internal loss, and other processes in interband cascade lasers
Author(s): I. Vurgaftman; M. Kim; C. S. Kim; W. W. Bewley; C. L. Canedy; J. R. Lindle; J. R. Meyer
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Modeling of tunnel junctions for current injection in vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs)
Author(s): Grigore Adrian Iordachescu; Joël Jacquet
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20 Gbit/s error free transmission with ~850 nm GaAs-based vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) containing InAs-GaAs submonolayer quantum dot insertions
Author(s): J. A. Lott; V. A. Shchukin; N. N. Ledentsov; A. Stinz; F. Hopfer; A. Mutig; G. Fiol; D. Bimberg; S. A. Blokhin; L. Y. Karachinsky; I. I. Novikov; M. V. Maximov; N. D. Zakharov; P. Werner
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Efficient 3D simulation of photonic crystal VCSELs
Author(s): Aditya Kulkarni; Vivek Krishnamurthy; Michael Povoloskyi; Benjamin Klein
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Time-dynamic simulations of DFB lasers in 2D
Author(s): Britta Heubeck; Christoph Pflaum
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Ultra high-speed nanophotonics
Author(s): D. Bimberg; G. Fiol; C. Meuer; D. Arsenijevic; J. Kim; S. Liebich; M. Laemmlin; M. Kuntz; H. Schmeckebier; G. Eisenstein
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Monolithic 1.58-micron InAs/InP quantum dash passively mode-locked lasers
Author(s): C.-Y. Lin; Y.-C. Xin; N. A. Naderi; F. L. Chiragh; L. F. Lester
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Graphene under optical pumping: nonequilibrium distributions, population inversion, and terahertz lasing
Author(s): A. Satou; M. Ryzhii; F. T. Vasko; T. Otusji; V. Ryzhii
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Evolution of self-similar parabolic pulses in optical fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Z. Chen; H. Sun; S. Ma; N. K. Dutta
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Numerical simulation of 405-nm InGaN laser diodes with polarization-matched AlGaInN electron-blocking layer and barrier layer
Author(s): Yen-Kuang Kuo; Ying-Chung Lu; Miao-Chan Tsai; Sheng-Horng Yen
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Numerical investigation of blue InGaN light-emitting diodes with staggered quantum wells
Author(s): Bo-Ting Liou; Miao-Chan Tsai; Chih-Teng Liao; Sheng-Horng Yen; Yen-Kuang Kuo
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