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Ophthalmic Technologies XIX
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Volume Number: 7163
Date Published: 16 February 2009
Softcover: 45 papers (398) pages
ISBN: 9780819474094

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7163
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Laser speckle imaging of rat retinal blood flow with hybrid temporal and spatial analysis method
Author(s): Haiying Cheng; Yumei Yan; Timothy Q. Duong
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High speed high resolution in vivo imaging of healthy rat retinas with FD-OCT operating at 1060nm
Author(s): Sepideh Hariri; Aphrodite Dracopoulos; Alireza Akhlagh Moayed; Chulho Hyun; Zhao Ren; Prabakar Puvanathasan; Shelley Boyd; Kostadinka Bizheva
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Ultrahigh speed spectral/Fourier domain ophthalmic OCT imaging
Author(s): Benjamin Potsaid; Iwona Gorczynska; Vivek J. Srinivasan; Yueli Chen; Jonathan Liu; James Jiang; Alex Cable; Jay S. Duker; James G. Fujimoto
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Swept source OCT imaging of human anterior segment at 200 kHz
Author(s): Karol Karnowski; Michalina Gora; Bartlomiej Kaluzny; Robert Huber; Maciej Szkulmowski; Andrzej Kowalczyk; Maciej Wojtkowski
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Wide field visualization of retinal and choroidal microstructure in vivo using frequency domain OCT at 1060 nm with up to 47000 lines/s
Author(s): Boris Hermann; M. Esmaeelpour; Boris Povazay; Bernd Hofer; F. Bounaparte; Nick Sheen; Rachel North; Wolfgang Drexler
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Wavelength scanning digital interference holography for high-resolution ophthalmic imaging
Author(s): Mariana C. Potcoava; M. K. Kim; Christine N Kay
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Combined adaptive optics: optical coherence tomography and adaptive optics: scanning laser ophthalmoscopy system for retinal imaging
Author(s): Robert J. Zawadzki; Steven M. Jones; Diana Chen; Stacey S. Choi; Julia W. Evans; Scot S. Olivier; John S. Werner
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Adding the third dimension on adaptive optics retina imager thanks to full-field optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Marie Blavier; Leonardo Blanco; Marie Glanc; Florence Pouplard; Sarah Tick; Ivan Maksimovic; Laurent Mugnier; Guillaume Chènegros; Gérard Rousset; François Lacombe; Michel Pâques; Jean-François Le Gargasson; José-Alain Sahel
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1 &mgr;m wavelength adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Author(s): Kazuhiro Kurokawa; Shuichi Makita; Yoshiaki Yasuno
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Compact adaptive optics line scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Author(s): Daniel X. Hammer; Mircea Mujat; Nicusor V. Iftimia; R. Daniel Ferguson
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Modeling human corneal polarization properties and comparison with PS-OCT measurements
Author(s): Félix Fanjul-Vélez; Michael Pircher; Bernhard Baumann; Erich Götzinger; José Luis Arce-Diego; Christoph K. Hitzenberger
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Fundus depolarization imaging with GDx VCC scanning laser polarimeter and depolarization characteristics of normal eyes
Author(s): Qienyuan Zhou; Henry A. Leder; Barrick P.-W. Lo; Geradus C. Reed; Robert W. Knighton; Scott W. Cousins
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Simultaneous birefringence and Doppler flow imaging of the anterior eye segment using multi-functional swept-source optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Masahiro Yamanari; Shuichi Makita; Masahiro Miura; Yoshiaki Yasuno
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Imaging the human retina in vivo with combined spectral-domain polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography and scanning laser ophthalmoscopy
Author(s): Bernhard Baumann; Michael Pircher; Erich Götzinger; Harald Sattmann; Martin Wurm; David Stifter; Christopher Schütze; Christian Ahlers; Wolfgang Geitzenauer; Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth; Christoph K. Hitzenberger
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Investigation of anterior chamber angle by swept-source polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Yoshiaki Yasuno; Masahiro Yamanari; Keisuke Kawana; Masahiro Miura; Shuichi Makita; Tetsuro Oshika
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A new imaging technique for retinal vessel oximetry: principles and first clinical results in patients with retinal arterial occlusion and diabetic retinopathy
Author(s): M. Hammer; T. Riemer; W. Vilser; S. Gehlert; D. Schweitzer
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Three-dimensional retinal blood flow analysis using joint spectral and time domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Anna Szkulmowska; Maciej Szkulmowski; Daniel Szlag; Danuta Bukowska; Szymon Tamborski; Andrzej Kowalczyk; Maciej Wojtkowski
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A simple model of oxygen diffusion out of the retinal artery
Author(s): J. M. Beach; J. Ning; B. Khoobehi; D. A. Rice
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Computational model of retinal photocoagulation and rupture
Author(s): Christopher Sramek; Yannis M. Paulus; Hiroyuki Nomoto; Phil Huie; Daniel Palanker
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Intraocular tissue ablation using an optical fibre to deliver the 5th harmonic of a Nd:YAG
Author(s): Joseph Miller; Xiaobo Yu; Paula K. Yu; Stephen J. Cringle; Dao-Yi Yu
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Investigation on fibrous collagen modifications during corneal laser welding by second harmonic generation microscopy
Author(s): Paolo Matteini; Fulvio Ratto; Francesca Rossi; Riccardo Cicchi; Chiara Stringari; Dimitrios Kapsokalyvas; Francesco S. Pavone; Roberto Pini
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Photochemical effects in the lens from near infrared radiation?
Author(s): Per G. Söderberg; Riyadh Al-Saqry; Karl Schulmeister; Konstantin Gallichanin; Martin Kronschläger; Zhaohua Yu
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Comparison of real-time visualization of volumetric OCT data sets by CPU-slicing and GPU-ray casting methods
Author(s): Alfred R. Fuller; Robert J. Zawadzki; Bernd Hamann; John S. Werner
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Automated analysis of OCT images of the crystalline lens
Author(s): Eon Kim; Klaus Ehrmann; Stephen Uhlhorn; David Borja; Jean-Marie Parel
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Fully automated corneal endothelial morphometry of images captured by clinical specular microscopy
Author(s): Curry Bucht; Per Söderberg; Göran Manneberg
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Working sketch of an anatomically and optically equivalent physical model eye
Author(s): Ravi Chandra Bakaraju; Klaus Ehrmann; Darrin Falk; Eric B. Papas; Arthur Ho
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Change in peripheral refraction and curvature of field of the human eye with accommodation
Author(s): Arthur Ho; Frederik Zimmermann; Andrew Whatham; Aldo Martinez; Stephanie Delgado; Percy Lazon de la Jara; Padmaja Sankaridurg
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A theoretical design of gradient index multifocal contact lens for correcting presbyopia and an attempt to elicit its performance using ray tracing
Author(s): Ravi C. Bakaraju; Klaus Ehrmann; Eric B. Papas; Arthur Ho
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High resolution optoelectronic retinal prosthesis
Author(s): Jim Loudin; Rostam Dinyari; Phil Huie; Alex Butterwick; Peter Peumans; Daniel Palanker
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Multimodal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy for image guided treatment of age-related macular degeneration
Author(s): Daniel X. Hammer; R. Daniel Ferguson; Ankit H. Patel; Nicusor V. Iftimia; Mircea Mujat; Deeba Husain
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Optical power mapping using paraxial laser scanning
Author(s): Klaus Ehrmann; Darrin Falk
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Laser eye protection in a contact lens using plasmon resonant nanoparticles
Author(s): Glenn P. Goodrich; J. Donald Payne; James C. Wang; Joseph B. Jackson
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Evaluation of hypoxic swelling of human cornea with high speed ultrahigh resolution optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Kostadinka Bizheva; Chulho Hyun; Justin A. Eichel; Sepideh Hariri; Akshaya Mishra; David A. Clausi; Paul Fieguth; Trefford L. Simpson; Natalie Hutchings
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Optical coherence tomography in estimating molecular diffusion of drugs and analytes in ocular tissues
Author(s): Mohamad G. Ghosn; Valery V. Tuchin; Kirill V. Larin
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In vivo functional retinal optical coherence tomography fOCT
Author(s): Rainer A. Leitgeb; Tilman Schmoll
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Surgical device for supporting corneal suturing
Author(s): Liliane Ventura; Gunter C. D. Oliveira; Jean-Jacques De Groote; Sidney J. F. Sousa; Paula Saia
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UVA system for human cornea irradiation
Author(s): Fernando Ramon Ayres Pereira; Mario Stefani; José Antonio Otoboni; Eduardo Henrique Richter; Giuliano Rossi; Alessandro Damiani Mota; Liliane Ventura
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Omni-focal refractive focus correction technology as a substitute for bi/multi-focal intraocular lenses, contact lenses, and spectacles
Author(s): Shai Ben Yaish; Alex Zlotnik; Ido Raveh; Oren Yehezkel; Michael Belkin; Karen Lahav; Zeev Zalevsky
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Automated spectroscopic imaging of oxygen saturation in human retinal vessels
Author(s): D. Nakamura; S. Sueda; N. Matsuoka; Y. Yoshinaga; H. Enaida; T. Okada; T. Ishibashi
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Characterization of the vitreous body of the human eye using a cyanine dye as a spectral and fluorescent probe
Author(s): Ina G. Panova; Alexander S. Tatikolov
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High brightness application of orange fiber laser for photocoagulator
Author(s): J. Nakanishi; J. Suzuki; K. Ito; K. Kojima; M. Adachi; T. Yamada; T. Ueno; K. Hayashi
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Low-temperature corneal laser welding investigated by atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Paolo Matteini; Francesca Sbrana; Bruno Tiribilli; Roberto Pini
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Optical clearing of human eye sclera
Author(s): Alexey N. Bashkatov; Elina A. Genina; Vyacheslav I. Kochubey; Tatyana G. Kamenskikh; Valery V. Tuchin
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Oxygen saturation changes in the optic nerve head during acute intraocular pressure elevation in monkeys
Author(s): Bahram Khoobehi; Hiroyuki Kawano; Jinfeng Ning; Claude F. Burgoyne; David A. Rice; Fareeha Khan; Hilary W. Thompson; James M. Beach
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Bottlenose dolphin iris asymmetries enhance aerial and underwater vision
Author(s): Andre Rivamonte
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