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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology X
Editor(s): Christopher M. U. Neale; Manfred Owe; Guido D'Urso
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Volume Number: 7104
Date Published: 2 October 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7104
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Space-based ornithology: studying bird migration and environmental change in North America
Author(s): James A. Smith; Jill L. Deppe
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Extraction of mangrove forests using a satellite image and a digital elevation model
Author(s): Masayuki Tamura; Kota Kikushima
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Effect of abiotic and biotic factors on the abundance of waterbirds in Grado-Marano Lagoon (Italy)
Author(s): Alfredo Altobelli; Tatsiana Hubina; Stefano Sponza; Alberto Sisto
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Lake Chapala change detection using time series
Author(s): Alejandra López-Caloca; Felipe-Omar Tapia-Silva; Boris Escalante-Ramírez
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Lake Izabal (Guatemala) shoreline detection and inundated area estimation from ENVISAT ASAR images
Author(s): C. Medina; J. Gomez-Enri; J. J. Alonso; P. Villares
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Monitoring the urban expansion of Sparta and Nafplio cities using remote sensing and GIS techniques
Author(s): Alexandra D. Zervakou; Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Panagiotis I. Tsombos; George P. Papanikolaou
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Urban/periurban vegetation cover dynamics estimation from remotely-sensed data
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; C. H. Weber
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Analysing land cover change using time series analysis of Landsat data and geoinformation processing: a natural experiment in Northern Greece
Author(s): Achim Röder; Marion Stellmes; Joachim Hill; Tobias Kuemmerle; Georgios M. Tsiourlis
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Satellite remote sensing as a tool for monitoring vegetation seasonality
Author(s): Brian A. O'Connor; Ned Dwyer; Fiona Cawkwell
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Mapping vegetation cover of grassland ecosystem for desertification monitoring in Hulun Buir of Inner Mongolia, China
Author(s): Zhihao Qin; Yuxia Zhu; Wenjuan Li; Bin Xu
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Exploiting optical E.O. data for soil moisture retrieval
Author(s): Katja Richter; Guido D'Urso; Mario Palladino; Francesco Vuolo
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Northern and southern alpine regions snow extent extraction: long-term analysis 1985-2007
Author(s): P. Gamba; G. Lisini; L. Natale; E. Sirtori
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Estimation of the Douro River plume dimension based on image segmentation of MERIS scenes
Author(s): Ana Teodoro; Hernâni Gonçalves; Fernando Veloso-Gomes; José A. Gonçalves
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Airborne remote sensing applications in hydrology and water resources
Author(s): Christopher M. U. Neale
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Monitoring evapotranspiration at landscape scale in Mexico: applying the energy balance model using remotely sensed data
Author(s): Claudia Coronel; Edgar Rosales; Franz Mora; Alejandra A. López-Caloca; Felipe-Omar Tapia-Silva; Gilberto Hernández
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Estimating irrigation demand using satellite remote sensing: a case study of Paphos District area in Cyprus
Author(s): Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis; Giorgos Papadavid; Kyriacos Themistokleous; Anastasis Kounoudes; Leonidas Toulios
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Spatial sharpening of land surface temperature for daily energy balance applications
Author(s): Carmelo Cammalleri; Giuseppe Ciraolo; Mario Minacapilli
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A sensitivity analysis of a surface energy balance model to LAI (Leaf Area Index)
Author(s): A. Maltese; M. Cannarozzo; F. Capodici; G. La Loggia; T. Santangelo
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The comparison of regional evapotranspiration estimation with NOAA/AVHRR and MODIS data
Author(s): Wen Wang; Liang Sun; Guo Liu; Rui Sun
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Identification of tree species from high-resolution satellite imagery by using crown parameters
Author(s): Choen Kim; Sung-Hoo Hong
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Mapping irrigation area of winter wheat farmland in North China Plain using MODIS remote sensing data
Author(s): Lu Lin; Zhihao Qin; Jingjing Li
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Recent trends in agricultural production of Africa based on AVHRR NDVI time series
Author(s): Anton Vrieling; Kirsten M. de Beurs; Molly E. Brown
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Dryland observation at local and regional scale: comparison of Landsat TM and NOAA AVHRR time series
Author(s): M. Stellmes; T. Udelhoven; A. Röder; J. Hill
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Analysing spatio-temporal pattern of changing farmland in China's arid zone
Author(s): Qiming Zhou; Bo Sun
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Imaging spectroscopy for estimating sugarcane leaf nitrogen concentration
Author(s): Elfatih M. Abdel-Rahman; Fethi B. Ahmed; Maurits van den Berg
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RS-CGM: a spatial crop growth model based on GIS and RS
Author(s): Yuping Lei; Tianjun Tang; Li Zheng; Shengwei Zhang; Zhen Wang
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Prediction of winter wheat grain protein content by ASTER image
Author(s): Wenjiang Huang; Xiaoyu Song; Jihua Wang; Zhijie Wang; Chunjiang Zhao
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The assessment of air pollution and climatic changes impacts on mountain forest ecosystems by satellite remote sensing data
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; L. F. V. Zoran; A. I. Dida
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Rice crop monitoring using X, C and L band SAR data
Author(s): Yuzo Suga; Tomohisa Konishi
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Comparison of field emissivities with laboratory measurements and ASTER data
Author(s): M. Mira; T. Schmugge; E. Valor; V. Caselles; C. Coll
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Evaluating health of paddy rice field ecosystem with remote sensing and GIS in Lower Yangtze River Plain, China
Author(s): Jingjing Li; Zhihao Qin; Wenjuan Li; Lu Lin
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Using evapotranspiration estimates from Landsat TM data to analyse uncertainties of a spatially distributed hydrological model (PRMS)
Author(s): Michael Vohland; Marion Stellmes
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Snow mapping for water resource management using MODIS satellite data in northern Xinjiang, China
Author(s): Huan Pei; Zhihao Qin; Shifeng Fang; Zhihui Liu
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Study on the late frost monitoring technology for winter wheat by EOS/MODIS data
Author(s): Xuefen Zhang; Liang Sun; Rui Sun; Qile Guo; Wen Wang
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Study on the spectrum response of rice to the zinc pollution
Author(s): Qian Cheng; Xiuju Wu
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Extracting chlorophyll concentration of water body based on spectral unmixing model
Author(s): Xiuju Wu; Qian Cheng
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