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Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging VI
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Volume Number: 7092
Date Published: 28 August 2008
Softcover: 22 papers (222) pages
ISBN: 9780819473127

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7092
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Modeling resonant cavities for single-photon waveguide sources
Author(s): P. G. Evans; R. S. Bennink; W. P. Grice
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Control of spatial quantum fluctuations using photonic crystals
Author(s): María Moreno; Damiá Gomila; Roberta Zambrini
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Detection-time-bin-shift schemes for polarization encoding Quantum Key Distribution system
Author(s): Lijun Ma; Tiejun Chang; Alan Mink; Oliver Slattery; Barry Hershman; Xiao Tang
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Experimental implementation of quantum entanglement and hyperentanglement with a fiber-based two-photon source
Author(s): Jun Chen; Matthew D. Eisaman; Elizabeth Goldschmidt; Jingyun Fan; Alan Migdall
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Tailoring Parametric Down Conversion speckle structure toward quantum imaging of weak objects
Author(s): G. Brida; A. Meda; M. Genovese; I. Ruo-Berchera
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Quantum imaging with uncorrelated single photon sources
Author(s): T. Bastin; C. Thiel; E. Solano; J. von Zanthier; G. S. Agarwal
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Quantum imaging of an obscured object by measurement of reflected photons
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon; Yanhua Shih
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Squeezed light and entangled images from four-wave-mixing in hot rubidium vapor
Author(s): Raphael C. Pooser; Vincent Boyer; Alberto M. Marino; Paul D. Lett
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A quantum stream cipher by Yuen 2000 protocol with nonlinear random number generator
Author(s): Kentaro Kato; Osamu Hirota
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High-speed quantum key distribution systems for optical fiber networks in campus and metro areas
Author(s): Xiao Tang; Lijun Ma; Alan Mink; Tiejun Chang; Hai Xu; Oliver Slattery; Anastase Nakassis; Barry Hershman; David Su; Ronald F. Boisvert
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Gaussian-modulated coherent state quantum key distribution experiment over 20km telecommunication fiber
Author(s): Bing Qi; Lei-Lei Huang; Yue-Meng Chi; Li Qian; Hoi-Kwong Lo
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Five-user QKD over switched fiber networks
Author(s): Jan Bogdanski; Nima Rafiei; Mohamed Bourennane
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Hyperentanglement for advanced quantum communication
Author(s): Julio T. Barreiro; Paul G. Kwiat
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Spectral and spatial effects in spontaneous parametric down-conversion with a focused pump
Author(s): W. P. Grice; R. S. Bennink; Z. Zhao; K. Meyer; W. Whitten; R. Shaw
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Macroscopic quantum entanglement
Author(s): Francesco S. Cataliotti; Francesco De Martini; Fabio Sciarrino; Nicolò Spagnolo; Chiara Vitelli
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Deterministic minimum disturbance quantum measurement
Author(s): So-Young Baek; Yong Wook Cheong; Yoon-Ho Kim
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Total teleportation of a single-photon state
Author(s): Travis S. Humble; Ryan S. Bennink; Warren P. Grice
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A practical scheme for quantum oblivious transfer and private database sampling
Author(s): David Fattal; Marco Fiorentino; Raymond G. Beausoleil
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Security of two-way quantum cryptography against asymmetric attacks
Author(s): Stefano Pirandola; Stefano Mancini; Seth Lloyd; Samuel L. Braunstein
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Experiments supporting the concept of a g(2)-camera
Author(s): Dmitri L. Boiko; Neil J. Gunther; Maximilian Sergio; Cristiano Niclass; Giordano B. Beretta; Edoardo Charbon
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Avalanche photodiode single- and several-photon detection study
Author(s): Josef Blazej; Ivan Prohazka
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Comparison of SNR between classical and quantum imager
Author(s): Charles Kim; Gary Kanner
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