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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 7077

Advances in X-Ray/EUV Optics and Components III
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Volume Number: 7077
Date Published: 28 August 2008
Softcover: 47 papers (444) pages
ISBN: 9780819472977

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7077
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multilayer optics under CHESS A2 wiggler beam
Author(s): A. Kazimirov; P. Revesz; Rong Huang
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Ion beam sputtering of x-ray multilayer mirrors
Author(s): Peter Gawlitza; Stefan Braun; Georg Dietrich; Maik Menzel; Stefan Schädlich; Andreas Leson
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Surface roughness analysis of multilayer x-ray optics
Author(s): Vladimir V. Martynov; Yuriy Y. Platonov
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Single-layer and multilayer mirrors for current and next-generation light sources
Author(s): Michael Störmer; Christian Horstmann; Dietrich Häussler; Erdmann Spiecker; Frank Siewert; Frank Scholze; Frank Hertlein; Wolfgang Jäger; Rüdiger Bormann
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Fabrication and characterization of a new high density Sc/Si multilayer sliced grating
Author(s): Dmitriy L. Voronov; Rossana Cambie; Eric M. Gullikson; Valeriy V. Yashchuk; Howard A. Padmore; Yuri P. Pershin; Alexander G. Ponomarenko; Valeriy V. Kondratenko
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Development of adaptive mirror for wavefront correction of hard x-ray nanobeam
Author(s): Takashi Kimura; Soichiro Handa; Hidekazu Mimura; Hirokatsu Yumoto; Daisuke Yamakawa; Satoshi Matsuyama; Yasuhisa Sano; Kenji Tamasaku; Yoshinori Nishino; Makina Yabashi; Tetsuya Ishikawa; Kazuto Yamauchi
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Performance of the upgraded LTP-II at the ALS Optical Metrology Laboratory
Author(s): Jonathan L. Kirschman; Edward E. Domning; Wayne R. McKinney; Gregory Y. Morrison; Brian V. Smith; Valeriy V. Yashchuk
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Distance-dependent influences on angle metrology with autocollimators in deflectometry
Author(s): Ralf D. Geckeler; Andreas Just
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Development of surface gradient integrated profiler: precise coordinate determination of normal vector measured points by self-calibration method and new data analysis from normal vector to surface profile
Author(s): Y. Higashi; T. Ueno; K. Eno; J. Uchikoshi; T. Kume; K. Enami
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Statistical analysis of the metrological properties of float glass
Author(s): Brian W. Yates; Alan M. Duffy
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Opto-mechanical design considerations for the Linac Coherent Light Source x-ray mirror system
Author(s): T. J. McCarville; P. M. Stefan; B. Woods; R. M. Bionta; R. Soufli; M. J. Pivovaroff
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Numerical simulations of achromatic x-ray lenses
Author(s): Marion Umbach; Vladimir Nazmov; Markus Simon; Arndt Last; Volker Saile
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X-ray imaging with compound refractive lens and microfocus x-ray tube
Author(s): Ladislav Pina; Yury Dudchik; Vaclav Jelinek; Libor Sveda; Jiri Marsik; Martin Horvath; Ondrej Petr
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Multi-plate crystal cavity with compound refractive lenses
Author(s): S.-Y. Chen; Y.-Y. Chang; M.-T. Tang; Yu. Stetsko; M. Yabashi; H.-H. Wu; Y.-R. Lee; B.-Y. Shew; S.-L. Chang
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Diffraction imaging with conventional sources
Author(s): Wei Zhou; C. A. MacDonald
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Bragg diffraction of a focused x-ray beam as a new depth sensitive diagnostic tool
Author(s): A. Kazimirov; V. G. Kohn; Z.-H. Cai
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Focused beam powder diffraction with polycapillary and curved crystal optics
Author(s): Ayhan Bingölbali; Wei Zhou; Dip N. Mahato; C. A. MacDonald
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Investigation of polycrystalline structure of CVD diamond using white-beam x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Alexey Souvorov; Kentaro Kajiwara; Hiroaki Kimura; Shunji Goto; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Mosaic GaAs crystals for hard x-ray astronomy
Author(s): C. Ferrari; L. Zanotti; A. Zappettini; S. Arumainathan
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An application of the grazing-angle incidence hard x-ray optical nanoscope in ultra-high density digital data read-out device
Author(s): Hakob P. Bezirganyan; Siranush E. Bezirganyan; Petros H. Bezirganyan; Hayk H. Bezirganyan
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A theoretical study of two-dimensional point focusing by two multilayer Laue lenses
Author(s): Hanfei Yan; Jorg Maser; Hyon Chol Kang; Albert Macrander; Brian Stephenson
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Fabrication of a 400-mm-long mirror for focusing x-ray free-electron lasers to sub-100 nm
Author(s): Hidekazu Mimura; Shinya Morita; Takashi Kimura; Daisuke Yamakawa; Weimin Lin; Yoshihiro Uehara; Hirokatsu Yumoto; Satoshi Matsuyama; Yoshinori Nishino; Kenji Tamasaku; Haruhiko Ohashi; Makina Yabashi; Tetsuya Ishikawa; Hitoshi Ohmori; Kazuto Yamauchi
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Aberrations in curved x-ray multilayers
Author(s): Ch. Morawe; J.-P. Guigay; V. Mocella; C. Ferrero; H. Mimura; S. Handa; K. Yamauchi
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X-ray microfocusing by polycapillary optics
Author(s): Dariush Hampai; Sultan B. Dabagov; Giorgio Cappuccio; Antonio Longoni; Tommaso Frizzi; Giannantonio Cibin; Valeria Guglielmotti; Marco Sala; Vito Sessa
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Polycapillary x-ray microbeams
Author(s): A. Yu. Romanov
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Micro and imaging x-ray analysis by using polycapillary x-ray optics
Author(s): Kouichi Tsuji; Kazuhiko Nakano; Makoto Yamaguchi; Tasuku Yonehara
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Development of polarized and monochromatic x-ray beams from tube sources
Author(s): Robert Schmitz; Ayhan Bingölbali; Abrar Hussain; C. A. MacDonald
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Design of a beam separator for high-order harmonics below 10 nm
Author(s): L. Poletto; F. Frassetto; P. Villoresi
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Efficiency measurements on gratings in the off-plane mount for a high-resolution grazing-incidence XUV monochromator
Author(s): F. Frassetto; L. Poletto; J. I. Larruquert; J. A. Mendez
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Design and characterization of the XUV monochromator for ultrashort pulses at the ARTEMIS facility
Author(s): F. Frassetto; S. Bonora; P. Villoresi; L. Poletto; E. Springate; C. A. Froud; I. C. E. Turcu; A. J. Langley; D. S. Wolff; J. L. Collier; S. S. Dhesi; A. Cavalleri
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Innovative approaches to surface sensitive analysis techniques on the basis of plasma-based off-synchrotron XUV/EUV light sources
Author(s): Matus Banyay; Larissa Juschkin
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Transmittance and optical constants of evaporated Pr, Eu, and Tm films in the 4-1600 eV spectral range
Author(s): M. Fernández-Perea; M. Vidal-Dasilva; J. A. Aznárez; J. I. Larruquert; J. A. Méndez; L. Poletto; D. Garoli; A. M. Malvezzi; A. Giglia; S. Nannarone
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Development, characterization and experimental performance of x-ray optics for the LCLS free-electron laser
Author(s): Regina Soufli; Michael J. Pivovaroff; Sherry L. Baker; Jeffrey C. Robinson; Eric M. Gullikson; Tom J. Mccarville; Peter M. Stefan; Andrew L. Aquila; Jay Ayers; Mark A. McKernan; Richard M. Bionta
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Present status of stability improvement of SPring-8 standard x-ray monochromators
Author(s): Hiroshi Yamazaki; Yasuhiro Shimizu; Nobutaka Shimizu; Masahide Kawamoto; Yoshiaki Kawano; Yasunori Senba; Haruhiko Ohashi; Shunji Goto
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Development of ultrahigh-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering optics
Author(s): Xian-Rong Huang; Zhong Zhong; Yong Q. Cai; S. Coburn
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Crystal quality analysis and improvement using x-ray topography
Author(s): J. A. Maj; K. Goetze; A. T. Macrander; Y. C. Zhong; X. R. Huang; L. Maj
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Calibration of MCP transmissivity from 2-5.5keV
Author(s): Zhu-rong Cao; Hang Li; Jian-jun Dong; Shun-chao Wu; Rong-qing Yi
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Ray traces of an arbitrarily deformed double-crystal Laue x-ray monochromator
Author(s): John P. Sutter; Thomas Connolley; Michael Drakopoulos; Timothy P. Hill; Doug W. Sharp
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Diamond detectors for x-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): P. Allegrini; M. Girolami; P. Calvani; G. Conte; S. Salvatori; E. Spiriti; V. Ralchenko
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X-ray prism lenses with large apertures
Author(s): M. Simon; E. Reznikova; V. Nazmov; A. Last; W. Jark
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EUV polarimetry with single multilayer optical element
Author(s): Sara Zuccon; Maria-Guglielmina Pelizzo; P. Nicolosi; A. Giglia; N. Mahne; S. Nannarone
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Graded multilayer mirrors for the carbon window Schwarzschild objective
Author(s): Igor A. Artyukov; Yegor A. Bugayev; Oleksandr Y. Devizenko; Eric M. Gullikson; Valeriy V. Kondratenko; Yuri A. Uspenski; Alexander V. Vinogradov; Dmytro L. Voronov
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Development of an extreme ultraviolet spectroscope for exospheric dynamics (EXCEED) mission
Author(s): Kazuo Yoshioka; Go Murakami; Munetaka Ueno; Ichiro Yoshikawa; Atsushi Yamazaki; Kazunori Uemizu
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Development of EUV multilayer mirrors for astronomical observation in IPOE
Author(s): Jingtao Zhu; Xiaoqiang Wang; Jing Xu; Rui Chen; Qiushi Huang; Liang Bai; Zhong Zhang; Zhanshan Wang; Lingyan Chen
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Enhanced reflectivity and stability of high-temperature LPP collector mirrors
Author(s): Torsten Feigl; Sergiy Yulin; Marco Perske; Hagen Pauer; Mark Schürmann; Norbert Kaiser; Norbert R. Böwering; Oleg V. Khodykin; Igor V. Fomenkov; David C. Brandt
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The role of spatial coherence, diffraction and refraction in the focusing of x-rays with prism arrays of the Clessidra type
Author(s): W. Jark; M. Matteucci; R. H. Menk; L. Rigon; L. De Caro
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Multilayers and crystal for a multi-bandpass monochromator
Author(s): Renfei Feng; Yuriy Platonov; David Broadway; Gene Ice; Andrea Gerson; Stewart McIntyre
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