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Novel Optical Systems Design and Optimization XI
Editor(s): R. John Koshel; G. Groot Gregory; James D. Moore Jr.; David H. Krevor
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Volume Number: 7061
Date Published: 28 August 2008

Table of Contents
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Miniaturization and simplification of zoom lenses using wavefront coding
Author(s): Mads Demenikov; Ewan Findlay; Andrew R. Harvey
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Optics optimization in high-resolution imaging module with extended depth of field
Author(s): Xi Chen; Dmitry Bakin; Changmeng Liu; Nicholas George
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Digital image processing as an integral component of optical design
Author(s): Andrew R. Harvey; Tom Vettenburg; Mads Demenikov; Bertrand Lucotte; Gonzalo Muyo; Andrew Wood; Nicholas Bustin; Amritpal Singh; Ewan Findlay
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Extended depth-of-field (EDoF) using sharpness transport across colour channels
Author(s): Christel-Loic Tisse; Hoang Phi Nguyen; Régis Tessières; Marine Pyanet; Frédéric Guichard
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Imaging with depth extension: where are the limits in fixed-focus cameras?
Author(s): Dmitry Bakin; Brian Keelan
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Design of mobile phone lens with extended depth of field based on point-spread function focus invariance
Author(s): Hsin-Yueh Sung; Sidney S. Yang; Horng Chang
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Design of the first optical system for real-time tomographic holography (RTTH)
Author(s): John M. Galeotti; Mel Siegel; Richard D. Rallison; George Stetten
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Super-resolution imaging combining the design of an optical coherence microscope objective with liquid-lens based dynamic focusing capability and computational methods
Author(s): Apurva Jain; Supraja Murali; Nicolene Papp; Kevin Thompson; Kye-sung Lee; Panomsak Meemon; Hassan Foroosh; Jannick P. Rolland
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Meshfree approximation methods for free-form surface representation in optical design with applications to head-worn displays
Author(s): Ozan Cakmakci; Gregory E. Fasshauer; Hassan Foroosh; Kevin P. Thompson; Jannick P. Rolland
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Design of a novel free-form condenser overcoming rotational symmetry limitations
Author(s): Juan C. Miñano; Pablo Benítez; José Blen; Asunción Santamaría
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Fractional optimization of illumination optics
Author(s): R. John Koshel
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High-order aspherics: the SMS nonimaging design method applied to imaging optics
Author(s): F. Muñoz; P. Benítez; J. C. Miñano
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Optimization using rational Bézier control points and weighting factors
Author(s): Mary G. Turner; Kevin J. Garcia
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Improved spherical aberration corrector for fast spherical primary mirrors
Author(s): Mark R. Ackermann; John T. McGraw; Peter C. Zimmer
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Imaging lidars for space applications
Author(s): João Pereira do Carmo; B. Moebius; M. Pfennigbauer; R. Bond; I. Bakalski; M. Foster; S. Bellis; M. Humphries; R. Fisackerly; B. Houdou
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Space imaging infrared optical guidance for autonomous ground vehicle
Author(s): Akira Akiyama; Nobuaki Kobayashi; Eiichiro Mutoh; Hideo Kumagai; Hirofumi Yamada; Hiromitsu Ishii
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Raman analysis of common gases using a Multi-pass Capillary Cell (MCC)
Author(s): Christopher M. Gordon; William F. Pearman; J. Chance Carter; James Wai-Jeung Chan; S. Michael Angel
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Miniaturized unified imaging system using bio-inspired fluidic lens
Author(s): Frank S. Tsai; Sung Hwan Cho; Wen Qiao; Nam-Hyong Kim; Yu-Hwa Lo
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Using liquid lens in wavefront coded imaging system
Author(s): Chir-Weei Chang; Yung-Lin Chen
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A study of magnetism-driven liquid-filled lens
Author(s): C. W. Lin; Dein Shaw; Shy-Pin Cuo
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A study of variable focus gradient optical index liquid lens
Author(s): Shy-Pin Cuo; Dein Shaw; C. W. Lin
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Laser camp: shining a light on optics careers
Author(s): Judith Donnelly; Donna Goyette; Nancy Magnani; Karen Wosczyna-Birch
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Problem-based learning in photonics technology education
Author(s): Nicholas M. Massa; Michele Dischino; Judith Donnelly; Fenna Hanes
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Interdisciplinary optics course for technical high schools
Author(s): Donna M. Goyette; Judith F. Donnelly
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The Robert E. Hopkins Center for Optical Design and Engineering
Author(s): James M. Zavislan; Thomas G. Brown
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Design and fabrication of soft zoom lens
Author(s): Wei-Cheng Lin; Chao-Chang A. Chen; Kuo-Cheng Huang
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Fielding of a time-resolved tomographic diagnostic
Author(s): Daniel Frayer; Brian Cox; Wendi Dreesen; Douglas Johnson; Michael Jones; Morris Kaufman
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Zoom optics design and optimization with digital image process
Author(s): Chen-Mu Tsai; Yi Chin Fang; Yu-Cheng Lin
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Integrating functions in polymer optical components
Author(s): Stefan Bäumer; Maurice van der Beek
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Gradient index polymer optics
Author(s): G. Beadie; E. Fleet; A. Rosenberg; Paul A. Lane; James S. Shirk; A. R. Kamdar; M. Ponting; A. Hiltner; E. Baer
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Zero CTE polyimides for athermal optical membranes
Author(s): Garrett D. Poe; Brian G. Patrick
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Durability and optical measurements of hardcoats on polycarbonate
Author(s): John Pina; Chris Buchholz; David Krevor
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Manufacturing plastic injection optical molds
Author(s): David Bourque
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Minimized process chain for polymer optics
Author(s): Rainer Boerret; Juergen Klingenmaier; Uwe Berger; Achim Frick
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Optical properties of Dy3+ doped epoxy novolak resin
Author(s): Vaclav Prajzler; Vitezslav Jerabek; Ivan Huttel; Oleksei Lyutakov; Jarmila Spirkova; Vladimir Machovic; Jiri Oswald; Jiri Zavadil
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Developing polymeric antireflective coatings
Author(s): Lynley J. Crawford; Neil R Edmonds; Peter N. Plimmer; Jonathan Lowy
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