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Independent Component Analyses, Wavelets, Unsupervised Nano-Biomimetic Sensors, and Neural Networks VI
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Volume Number: 6979
Date Published: 6 May 2008
Softcover: 28 papers (286) pages
ISBN: 9780819471703

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6979
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fixed analysis adaptive synthesis filter banks
Author(s): Clyde A. Lettsome; Mark J. T. Smith; Russell M. Mersereau
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Texture based iris recognition system
Author(s): Hunny Mehrotra; Phalguni Gupta; Anil K. Kaushik
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Sensor performance evaluation analysis of imitation fingerprint
Author(s): Kyung-hee Yu; Hyunsuk Lee; You-suk Bae
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A non-cooperative long-range biometric image tracking and recognition (BITAR) method for maritime surveillance
Author(s): Xiaokun Li; Genshe Chen; Erik Blasch; Harold H. Szu; Thomas McKenna
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FPGA design of MOMS-based sampling rate converters
Author(s): Uwe Meyer-Bäse
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DSP with FPGAs: a Xilinx/Simulink-based course and laboratory
Author(s): Uwe Meyer-Bäse; A. Vera; A. Meyer-Bäse; M. Pattichis; R. Perry
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Performance evaluation of a FPGA implementation of a digital rotation support vector machine
Author(s): Horacio Lamela; Jesús Gimeno; Matías Jiménez; Marta Ruiz
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An analogue circuit for sequential minimal optimization for support vector machines
Author(s): Matías Jiménez; Horacio Lamela; Jesús Gimeno
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Robust stability analysis of the heat shock response in E. coli
Author(s): Anke Meyer-Bäse; Robert van Engelen; Susanne Cappendijk
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West meets East: psychophysics studies for understanding mysterious Oriental health promoting practices
Author(s): Hai-Wen Chen
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Gene regulatory networks simplified by nonlinear balanced truncation
Author(s): Anke Meyer-Bäse; Fabian Theis
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Dependent component analysis applied to lesions' characterization in breast MRI
Author(s): Anke Meyer-Bäse; Oliver Lange; Thomas Schlossbauer; Axel Wismueller
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Nanotechnology for aerospace: potential transitions from university research
Author(s): Forrest J. Agee
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Plasmon-enhanced terahertz near-field microscopy for nanometer-scale sensing
Author(s): Daniel Mittleman; Victoria Astley; Hui Zhan; Feng Hao; Peter Nordlander; Forrest J. Agee
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HDL-level automated watermarking of IP cores
Author(s): E. Castillo; U. Meyer-Baese; L. Parrilla; A. García; A. Lloris
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Dynamic digital watermark technique based on neural network
Author(s): Tao Gu; Xu Li
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Fuzzy neighborhood filters for UWB range radios in multipath environments
Author(s): Ka C. Cheok; Gregory R. Hudas; James L. Overholt
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Classifiers utilized to enhance acoustic based sensors to identify round types of artillery/mortar
Author(s): David Grasing; Sachi Desai; Amir Morcos
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Using a genetic algorithm to find an optimized pulse coupled neural network solution
Author(s): Richard Edmondson; Michael Rodgers; Michele Banish
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Graph theoretic segmentation of airborne lidar data
Author(s): Lu Wang; Henry Chu
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Thresholding for higher-order statistical denoising
Author(s): Samuel P. Kozaitis; Tim Young
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The canonical minimised Adder graph representation
Author(s): Uwe Meyer-Bäse; Oscar Gustafsson; Andrew Dempster
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Autonomous mental development with selective attention, object perception, and knowledge representation
Author(s): Sang-Woo Ban; Minho Lee
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Spatiotemporal sharpening of sub-pixel super-resolution by means of two infrared spectrum cameras for early cancer detection
Author(s): Chia-Yen Lee; Hsin-Yu Hsieh; Si-Chen Lee; Chiun-Sheng Huang; Yeun-Chung Chang; Chung-Ming Chen; Harold Szu
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Micro- and nano-robotic technologies
Author(s): Toshio Fukuda; Masahiro Nakajima; Pou Liu
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Overview of DARPA MTO GPU program
Author(s): Dennis Healy; Dennis Braunreiter; Jeremy Furtek; Hai-Wen Chen
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Overview of implementation of DARPA GPU program in SAIC
Author(s): Dennis Braunreiter; Jeremy Furtek; Hai-Wen Chen; Dennis Healy
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Advanced image registration techniques and applications
Author(s): Hai-Wen Chen; Dennis Braunreiter; Dennis Healy
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