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Evolutionary and Bio-Inspired Computation: Theory and Applications II
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Volume Number: 6964
Date Published: 21 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6964
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The knowledge instinct, cognitive algorithms, modeling of language and cultural evolution
Author(s): Leonid I. Perlovsky
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Bio-inspiration not bio-imitation
Author(s): Jim Brander
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Grid-Group Cm-Alpha: performance prediction using environmental and cultural factors
Author(s): Robert Woodley; Warren Noll; Katie Grantham Lough; Dan Krus
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A biologically inspired approach to modeling unmanned vehicle teams
Author(s): Roger S. Cortesi; Kevin S. Galloway; Eric W. Justh
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A bio-inspired swarm robot coordination algorithm for multiple target searching
Author(s): Yan Meng; Jing Gan; Sachi Desai
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An evolutionary algorithm technique for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance plan optimization
Author(s): John T. Langton; Joseph A. Caroli; Brad Rosenberg
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Using a multi-objective genetic algorithm for developing aerial sensor team search strategies
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Ridder; Jared A. Herweg; John C. Sciortino
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Team-based resource allocation using a decentralized social decision-making paradigm
Author(s): Joshua P. Hecker; Annie S. Wu; Jared A. Herweg; John C. Sciortino
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Data modeling enabled dynamical analysis for blogger state-of-mind modeling and prediction
Author(s): Holger M. Jaenisch; Michael J. Coombs; James W. Handley; Nathaniel G. Albritton; Matthew E. Edwards
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Developing an intelligence analysis process through social network analysis
Author(s): Todd Waskiewicz; Peter LaMonica
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A qualia representation of cyberspace
Author(s): Timothy H. Lacey; Robert F. Mills; Richard A. Raines; Mark E. Oxley; Kenneth W. Bauer; Steven K. Rogers
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Secure wireless knowledge management for intelligence analysis
Author(s): Catherine H. Clark; John Spina; Michael Corey
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IR wireless cluster synapses of HYDRA very large neural networks
Author(s): Tomasz Jannson; Thomas Forrester
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Fitness landscape analysis of evolved image transforms for defense applications
Author(s): Michael R. Peterson; Gary B. Lamont
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A genetic algorithm approach to optimal spatial sampling of hyperspectral data for target tracking
Author(s): Barry R. Secrest; Juan R Vasquez
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Efficient global optimization of a limited parameter antenna design
Author(s): Teresa H. O'Donnell; Hugh L. Southall; Bryan Kaanta
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