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Unattended Ground, Sea, and Air Sensor Technologies and Applications X
Editor(s): Edward M. Carapezza
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Volume Number: 6963
Date Published: 21 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6963
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A vision of network-centric ISTAR and the resulting challenges
Author(s): Gavin Pearson
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Photon-counting passive 3D image sensing and processing for automatic target recognition
Author(s): Seokwon Yeom; Bahram Javidi; Edward Watson
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Integration of unattended ground sensors into the tactical radio communications architecture
Author(s): Michael T. Cahill; Hironori M. Sasaki
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OmniSense unattended ground sensor system
Author(s): John McQuiddy
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SCORPION persistent surveillance system with universal gateway
Author(s): Michael Coster; Jon Chambers; Michael Winters; Joe Belesi
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USMC UGS technology advancements
Author(s): David C. Hartup; Michael E. Barr; Philip M. Hirz; Jason Kipp; Thomas A. Fishburn; Ezra S. Waller; Brian A. Marks
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Sustainable coastal sensor networks: technologies and challenges
Author(s): Edward M. Carapezza; Jerry Butman; Ivar Babb; Ann Bucklin
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Helmet-mounted acoustic array for hostile fire detection and localization in an urban environment
Author(s): Michael V. Scanlon
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Acoustic detection and localization of small arms, influence of urban conditions
Author(s): P. Naz; Ch. Marty; S. Hengy; P. Hamery
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Artillery/mortar type classification based on detected acoustic transients
Author(s): Amir Morcos; David Grasing; Sachi Desai
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Acoustic analysis of explosions in high noise environment
Author(s): Hong Man; Sachi Desai
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Three layers of battlefield gunfire protection: soldier, vehicle, and area protection sensors
Author(s): R. L. Showen; R. B. Calhoun; Wai C. Chu; Jason Dunham
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Implementing statistical acoustic characterization of urban terrain into a decision support tool
Author(s): Harley H. Cudney; D. Keith Wilson; Stephen A. Ketcham
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Signal fading curves from computed urban acoustic wave fields
Author(s): Stephen A. Ketcham; D. Keith Wilson; Michael W. Parker; Harley H. Cudney
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Sparse detector sensor model
Author(s): Aaron L. Robinson; Carl E. Halford; Edward Perry; Thomas Wyatt
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Sparse detector sensor: profiling experiments for broad-scale classification
Author(s): D. J. Russomanno; M. Yeasin; E. Jacobs; M. Smith; S. Sorower
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Qualitative performance of a local track repair algorithm for video tracking on small UAVs
Author(s): Stephen DelMarco
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Combining advanced imaging processing and low cost remote imaging capabilities
Author(s): Matthew J. Rohrer; Brian McQuiddy
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Efficient sensor network vehicle classification using peak harmonics of acoustic emissions
Author(s): Peter E. William; Michael W. Hoffman
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Profiling sensor for ISR applications
Author(s): Ronald B. Sartain
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Multi-objects recognition for distributed intelligent sensor networks
Author(s): Haibo He; Sheng Chen; Yuan Cao; Sachi Desai; Myron E. Hohil
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Improving temporal coherence to enhance gain and improve detection performance
Author(s): Ronald A. Wagstaff; Heath E. Rice
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Coherence analysis of air and mechanically coupled ground vibrations
Author(s): Richard Burgett; James M. Sabatier
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Range limitation for seismic footstep detection
Author(s): James M. Sabatier; Alexander E. Ekimov
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Helicopter detection using harmonics and seismic-acoustic coupling
Author(s): T. Raju Damarla; David Ufford
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Segregation of tracked and wheeled ground vehicle mobility mechanisms through in-situ adaptation of seismic features
Author(s): Christopher G. Park; James Fitzgerald; Dennis Power
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iScout low cost UGS system: overview of enhancements and performance characterization
Author(s): Mark Winston; Rob Klug; Thomas Plummer; Ron Knobler
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Target activated frame capture
Author(s): G. Marlon Roberts; James Fitzgerald; Michael McCormack; Robert Steadman
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Stochastic analysis of unattended sensor battery life time
Author(s): Qi Ge; R. Chandramouli; Venkataraman S. Swaminathan; Sachi V. Desai
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Miniaturization of electronics for a biomimetic acoustic direction finding system for use on multiple platforms
Author(s): Allyn Hubbard; Howard I. Cohen; Socrates Deligeorges; David Freedman; Tyler Gore; Christian Karl; Sarah Kelsall; Marianne Nourzad; Yirong Pu; Shuwan Xue
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Warning equipment for UGS utilizing human body for data transmission and feeding
Author(s): Jaroslav Cechak
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The development of a biomimetic acoustic direction finding system for use on multiple platforms
Author(s): Socrates Deligeorges; David Anderson; Cassandra A. Browning; Howard Cohen; David Freedman; Tyler Gore; Christian Karl; Sarah Kelsall; David Mountain; Marianne Nourzad; Yirong Pu; Matt Sandifer; Shuwan Xue; Leah Ziph-Schatzberg; Allyn Hubbard
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A real-time biomimetic acoustic localizing system using time-shared architecture
Author(s): Marianne Nourzad Karl; Christian Karl; Allyn Hubbard
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Advances in magnetometry
Author(s): A. S. Edelstein; J. Burnette; G. A. Fischer; S. F. Cheng; W. F. Egelhoff; P. W. T. Pong; E. R. Nowak
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Exploiting nonlinearity in an advanced dynamic magnetometer for UGS and MDA applications
Author(s): A. R. Bulsara; V. In; A. Kho; P. Longhini; S. Baglio; B. Ando
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Progress with MEMS based UGS (IR/THz)
Author(s): D. Grbovic; S. Rajic; N. V. Lavrik; P. G. Datskos
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Development, integration, testing, and evaluation of the U.S. Army Buckeye System to the NAVAIR Arrow UAV
Author(s): Robert L. Fischer; Brian G. Kennedy; Mitchell Jones; Jeffrey Walker; Darian Muresan; Gregory Baxter; Mark Flood; Brian Follmer; Xiuhong Sun; William Chen; Jeffrey G. Ruby
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Automated ship image acquisition
Author(s): T. R. Hammond
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U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) multimodal signatures database
Author(s): Kelly Bennett
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