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Laser Source Technology for Defense and Security IV
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Volume Number: 6952
Date Published: 16 May 2008
Softcover: 26 papers (240) pages
ISBN: 9780819471437

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6952
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Overview of Sandia's fiber laser program
Author(s): Dahv A. V. Kliner; Ray P. Bambha; Binh T. Do; Roger L. Farrow; Jean-Philippe Fève; Brian P. Fox; G. Ronald Hadley; Andrea Hansen; Hanna J. Hoffman; Mircea Hotoleanu; Alexandra A. Hoops; Wen L. Hsu; Jeffrey P. Koplow; Joona Koponen; Sean W. Moore; Randal L. Schmitt; Paul E. Schrader; Joseph H. Simmons; Kelly Simmons-Potter; Arlee V. Smith; Mikko Söderlund; W. Joseph Thomes; Georg Wien
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Compact high-power eye safe fiber laser for LADAR
Author(s): Jason Henrie; Mark S. Bowers; Rob Afzal; Barton Jenson; Joseph E. Grobmyer
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Yb-free, SLM EDFA: comparison of 980-, 1470- and 1530-nm excitation for the core- and clad-pumping
Author(s): M. Dubinskii; V. Ter-Mikirtychev; J. Zhang; I. Kudryashov
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Parametric generation in optical fibers in the 900-950nm spectral band
Author(s): W. Torruellas; M. Dennis; J. Warren; J. Hu; C. Menyuk
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Comparison of spectral beam combining approaches for high power fiber laser systems
Author(s): Pratheepan Madasamy; Tom Loftus; Alison Thomas; Pat Jones; Eric Honea
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Advances in high-brightness semiconductor lasers
Author(s): M. L. Osowski; W. Hu; R. M. Lammert; S. W. Oh; P. T. Rudy; T. Stakelon; L. Vaissie; J. E. Ungar
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Diode laser pumping sources for cryogenically cooled solid-state lasers
Author(s): M. A. Maiorov; I. E. Trofimov
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High-brightness laser diode modules for Yb and Er fiber lasers
Author(s): M. A. Maiorov; I. E. Trofimov; C. Schnitzler; S. Hambücker
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High-power very high-brightness fiber-coupled diode laser arrays
Author(s): D. M. Grasso; S. D. Roh
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Mode control for high performance laser diode sources
Author(s): Paul Leisher; Kirk Price; Shabbir Bashar; Ling Bao; Hua Huang; Jun Wang; Damian Wise; Shiguo Zhang; Suhit Das; Mark DeFranza; Aaron Hodges; Utsu Trifan; David Balsley; Weimin Dong; Mike Grimshaw; Mark DeVito; Jake Bell; Robert Martinsen; Jason Farmer; Paul Crump; Steve Patterson
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High power volume Bragg laser bar with 10 GHz spectral bandwidth
Author(s): G. Venus; A. Gourevitch; V. Smirnov; L. Glebov
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A general model of a thermal conductivity for optical materials
Author(s): Takunori Taira; Yoichi Sato
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Single-frequency-mode Q-switched Nd:YAG laser controlled by volume Bragg gratings
Author(s): N. Vorobiev; V. Smirnov; L. Glebov
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Design and fabrication of efficient collimation and focusing optics for mid-IR quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Bruce E. Bernacki; Kannan Krishnaswami; Norman C. Anheier; Bret D. Cannon
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Cohering of multiple polariton lasers for sensing applications
Author(s): Richard L. Fork; Luke A. Burgess; Mike L Davenport; Douglas M. Ramey; Patrick J. Reardon; David B. Pollock; Robert G. Lindquist; Donna M. Fork
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Kilowatt class high-power CW Yb:YAG cryogenic laser
Author(s): D. C. Brown; J. M. Singley; E. Yager; K. Kowalewski; J. Guelzow; J. W. Kuper
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2.3-kW continuous operation cryogenic Yb:YAG laser
Author(s): Jason K. Brasseur; Akheelesh K. Abeeluck; Andrew R. Awtry; Lei S. Meng; Kevin E. Shortoff; Nicholas J. Miller; Richard K. Hampton; Michael H. Cuchiara; David K. Neumann
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Tensile strength and elastic moduli of composite solid state laser media
Author(s): Huai-Chuan Lee; Helmuth E. Meissner
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First laser performance of Er3+-doped scandia (Sc2O3) ceramic
Author(s): Mark Dubinskii; Nikolay Ter-Gabrielyan; Larry D. Merkle; G. Alex Newburgh; Akio Ikesue
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Thermo-optical model for Er3+:YAG gain media
Author(s): Marc Eichhorn
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Design of walk-off corrected biaxial crystal composites
Author(s): Huai-Chuan Lee; Helmuth E. Meissner
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Miniature solid-state lasers for pointing, illumination, and warning devices
Author(s): D. C. Brown; J. M Singley; E. Yager; K. Kowalewski; B. Lotito; J. Guelzow; J. Hildreth; J. W. Kuper
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Thulium fiber laser-pumped mid-IR OPO
Author(s): Daniel Creeden; Min Jiang; Peter A. Budni; Peter A. Ketteridge; Scott D. Setzler; York E. Young; John C. McCarthy; Peter G. Schunemann; Thomas M. Pollak; Parviz Tayebati; Evan P. Chicklis
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Nonlinear optical device for middle infrared generation
Author(s): Navin B. Patel
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300-kW eye-safe intracavity OPO transmitter
Author(s): W. Zendzian; J. K. Jabczynski; J. Kwiatkowski; K. Kopczynski
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High-power diode lasers operating around 1500-nm for eyesafe applications
Author(s): Steve Patterson; Paul Leisher; Kirk Price; Keith Kennedy; Weimin Dong; Mike Grimshaw; Shiguo Zhang; Jason Patterson; Suhit Das; Scott Karlsen; Rob Martinsen; Jake Bell
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