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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 6941

Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XIX
Editor(s): Gerald C. Holst
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Volume Number: 6941
Date Published: 8 May 2008
Softcover: 44 papers (458) pages
ISBN: 9780819471321

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6941
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
What causes sampling artifacts?
Author(s): Gerald C. Holst
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High resolution images obtained with uncooled microbolometer
Author(s): J. Sadi; A. Crastes
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Effects of video compression on target acquisition performance
Author(s): Richard L. Espinola; Jae Cha; Bradley Preece
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Small craft ID criteria (N50/V50) for short wave infrared sensors in maritime security
Author(s): Keith Krapels; Ronald G. Driggers; Paul Larson; Jose Garcia; Barry Walden; Sameer Agheera; Dawne Deaver; Jonathan Hixson; Evelyn Boettcher
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An improved image scene registration using wavelets
Author(s): Eric P. Lam
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Human target identification and automated shape based target recognition algorithms using target silhouette
Author(s): Srikant K. Chari; Carl E. Halford; Eddie Jacobs
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Target acquisition performance: effects of target aspect angle, dynamic imaging, and signal processing
Author(s): Jaap A. Beintema; Piet Bijl; Maarten A. Hogervorst; Judith Dijk
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Infrared sensor modeling for discrimination of ground-based human activity
Author(s): Eric Flug; Dawne Deaver
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Effect of image bit depth on target acquisition modeling
Author(s): Brian P. Teaney; Joseph P. Reynolds
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Human activity discrimination for maritime application
Author(s): Evelyn Boettcher; Dawne M. Deaver; Keith Krapels
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The application of Compressive Sensing technique on a stationary surveillance camera system
Author(s): Jing Zheng; Eddie Jacobs
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Thermal signatures of personnel in urban environments
Author(s): J. Michael Cathcart; Brian Kocher; Ken Camann
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Modeling the effects of contrast enhancement on target acquisition performance
Author(s): Todd W. Du Bosq; Jonathan D. Fanning
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The impact of spatio-temporal focal plane array nonuniformity noise on target search and identification performance
Author(s): Richard L. Espinola; Patrick O'Shea; Jason G. Zeibel; Joseph P. Reynolds
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Calculating incoherent diffraction MTF
Author(s): Melvin Friedman; Jay Vizgaitis
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Target identification performance of superresolution versus dither
Author(s): Jonathan D. Fanning; Joseph P. Reynolds
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Development principles for evolving performance models
Author(s): Jeanne A. Atwell; Brent P. Canova; Jonathan Chapman
Effect of image magnification on target acquisition performance
Author(s): Brian P. Teaney; Jonathan Fanning
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MWIR persistent surveillance performance for human and vehicle backtracking as a function of ground sample distance and revisit rate
Author(s): R. Driggers; S. Aghera; P. Richardson; B. Miller; J. Doe; A. Robinson; K. Krapels; S. Murrill
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Airborne tracking resolution requirements for urban vehicles
Author(s): Aaron L. Robinson; Brian Miller; Phil Richardson; Chun Ra
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Analysis of image distortions by atmospheric turbulence and computer simulation of turbulence effects
Author(s): Endre Repasi; Robert Weiss
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Perception range prediction for IR pilot sight
Author(s): A. Robert Weiss; Peter Großmann; Endre Repasi; Gunnar Ritt; Wolfgang Wittenstein
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Dew, dust, and wind influencing thermal signatures of objects
Author(s): Arcady Reinov; Yossi Bushlin; Alex Lessin; Dieter Clement
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CACAMO - computer-aided camouflage assessment of moving objects
Author(s): Thomas Müller; Markus Müller
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Modulation transfer function measurement on QWIP focal plane array
Author(s): S. B. Rafol; E. Cho
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Comparison of Fourier transform methods for calculating MTF
Author(s): Joseph D. LaVeigne; Stephen D. Burks; Brian Nehring
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Infrared lens characterization using common undersampled systems
Author(s): Colin A. Nichols
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A means for calculating the optics MTF of an under-sampled IR imaging system
Author(s): Stephen Burks; Jeffrey Olson; James Stevens
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Measurement of effective temperature range of fire service thermal imaging cameras
Author(s): Francine Amon; Nelson Bryner
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Measurement of the nonuniformity of first responder thermal imaging cameras
Author(s): Andrew Lock; Francine Amon
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New automatic testing system for today's airborne laser sensors
Author(s): Dario Cabib; Evgeny Veiler
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Relative color delineation testing of visible camera systems
Author(s): Jason A. Mazzetta; Stephen D. Scopatz; Fred A. Ennerson
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Clutter and signatures from near infrared testbed sensor
Author(s): R. B. Sanderson; J. F. McCalmont; J. B. Montgomery; R. S. Johnson; D. J. McDermott
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Suppression of fixed pattern noise for infrared image system
Author(s): Changhan Park; Jungsoo Han; Kyung-Hoon Bae
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Suite of proposed imaging performance metrics and test methods for fire service thermal imaging cameras
Author(s): Francine Amon; Andrew Lock; Nelson Bryner
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Application of spatial frequency response as a criterion for evaluating thermal imaging camera performance
Author(s): Andrew Lock; Francine Amon
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Using extended surfaces to reduce the thermal signatures of military assets
Author(s): J. G. Marchetta; E. H. Perry; M. D. Schultz; B. A. Butler; M. R. Grizzard
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Applications of super-resolution and deblurring to practical sensors
Author(s): S. Susan Young; Richard Sims; Keith Kraples; James Waterman; Leslie Smith; Eddie Jacobs; Ted Corbin; Louis Larsen; Ronald G. Driggers
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