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Nondestructive Characterization for Composite Materials, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Infrastructure, and Homeland Security 2008
Editor(s): Peter J. Shull; H. Felix Wu; Aaron A. Diaz; Dietmar W. Vogel
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Volume Number: 6934
Date Published: 30 April 2008
Softcover: 39 papers (380) pages
ISBN: 9780819471208

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6934
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Damage detection of laminated composite beams with progressive wavelet transforms
Author(s): Maosen Cao; Pizhong Qiao
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Inspection of lamb waves in carbon fiber composites using shearographic interferometry
Author(s): O. Focke; A. Hildebrand; C. von Kopylow; M. Calomfirescu
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Electrical resistance change method for delamination monitoring of CFRP plates: effect of plate scale
Author(s): A. Todoroki; Nobuo Hirai; Ryosuke Matsuzaki
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Detecting damage in full-scale honeycomb sandwich composite curved fuselage panels through frequency response
Author(s): Frank A. Leone; Didem Ozevin; Bao Mosinyi; John G. Bakuckas; Jonathan Awerbuch; Alan Lau; Tein-Min Tan
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Self-monitoring fiber reinforced polymer strengthening system for civil engineering infrastructures
Author(s): Guoliang Jiang; Mina Dawood; Kara Peters; Sami Rizkalla
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Structural health monitoring of composites using integrated ultrasonic transducers
Author(s): M. Kobayashi; K.-T. Wu; L. Song; C.-K. Jen; N. Mrad
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Theoretical and experimental characteristics on residual stresses of advanced polymer composites
Author(s): Zhan-Sheng Guo; Junqian Zhang; Xingming Guo; Hongjiu Hu
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Novel approximate waveform capacity dimension for damage identification of beam-type structures
Author(s): Pizhong Qiao; Maosen Cao
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Damage detection and leakage alert of fiber composite wrapped tank for high-pressure hydrogen storage
Author(s): Xiao-yan Sun; Dryver R. Huston; Quan Qin; Yong Chen; Jin-yang Zheng; Xin Wang
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Vibration-based damage detection for filament wound pressure vessel filled with fluid
Author(s): W. Zhou; Z. Wu; H. Li
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Single crystal piezoelectric composite transducers for ultrasound NDE applications
Author(s): Xiaoning Jiang; Kevin Snook; Thomas Walker; Andrew Portune; Richard Haber; Xuecang Geng; John Welter; Wesley S. Hackenberger
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Acoustic emission analysis of full-scale honeycomb sandwich composite curved fuselage panels
Author(s): Frank A. Leone; Didem Ozevin; Valery Godinez; Bao Mosinyi; John G. Bakuckas; Jonathan Awerbuch; Alan Lau; Tein-Min Tan
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Determination of crystallographic texture in metal sheets using ultrasound and EBSD
Author(s): S. B. Palmer; S. Essex; M. D. G. Potter; S. Dixon
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Simulation of acoustic emissions from delaminations and cracks in plates of aluminum and graphite
Author(s): S. Fladisher; S. Jayaraman; B. Tittmann
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Acoustic emissions (AE) monitoring of large-scale composite bridge components
Author(s): E. Velazquez; D. J. Klein; M. J. Robinson; J. B. Kosmatka
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Applications of acoustic emission evaluation for civil infrastructure
Author(s): Paul H. Ziehl
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Acoustic emission monitoring and critical failure identification of bridge cable damage
Author(s): Dongsheng Li
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Investigation of fiber waviness in a thick glass composite beam using THz NDE
Author(s): Robert F. Anastasi
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Thermographic non-destructive testing using inductive thermal excitation
Author(s): Morteza Safai; Gary Georgeson; Kimberly Meredith
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Ultrasonic phased array inspection imaging technology for NDT of offshore platform structures
Author(s): Baohua Shan; Hua Wang; Yongning Liang; Zhongdong Duan; Jinping Ou
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An image reconstruction method by deconvolution for ECT
Author(s): Akira Sasamoto; Takayuki Suzuki; Yoshihiro Nishimura
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Fast EM stress sensors for large steel cables
Author(s): Y. Zhao; Ming L. Wang
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Study on variability of modal parameters of concrete structure: humidity and moisture effect
Author(s): W. Zhou; H. Li; H. Nasser
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Highly nonlinear waves' sensor technology for highway infrastructures
Author(s): Devvrath Khatri; Chiara Daraio; Piervincenzo Rizzo
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Distributed data processing within dense networks of wireless sensors using parallelized model updating techniques
Author(s): Andrew T. Zimmerman; Jerome P. Lynch
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A distant real-time radar NDE technique for the in-depth inspection of glass fiber reinforced polymer-retrofitted concrete columns
Author(s): Tzu-Yang Yu; Oral Buyukozturk
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Passive sensing and imaging for GIS-PMS: system concept and challenges
Author(s): D. Boyajian; H. Chung; S. E. Chen
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Feasibility of energy harvesting for powering wireless sensors in transportation infrastructure applications
Author(s): Demeke Beyene Ashebo; Chin An Tan; Jun Wang; Gang Li
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Multi-mode piezoelectric energy harvesters for wireless sensor network based structural health monitoring
Author(s): Ying Zhang; Wei He
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Monitoring damage propagation using PZT impedance transducers
Author(s): Yaowen Yang; Hui Liu; Venu Gopal Madhav Annamdas
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Quadrangular grid method for stress wave propagation in 2D orthotropic materials
Author(s): Dajun Li; Tielin Liu; Bo Liu
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Through-container measurement of acoustic signatures for classification/discrimination of liquid explosives (LEs) and precursor threat liquids
Author(s): Aaron A. Diaz; Todd J. Samuel; Brian J. Tucker; Anthony D Cinson; Juan D. Valencia; Kevin L. Gervais; Jason S. Thompson
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Enhancing acoustic signal quality by rapidly switching between pulse-echo and through-transmission using diplexers
Author(s): Juan D. Valencia; Aaron A. Diaz; Brian J. Tucker
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Contraband detection using acoustic technology
Author(s): Robert D. George; Ronald D. Gauthier; Kayte D. Denslow; Anthony M. Cinson; Aaron A. Diaz; Molly Griffin
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Structure health assessment and warning system (SHAWS)
Author(s): Daniel M. Bock; Keehoon Kim; Jalal Mapar
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Health monitoring: asset damage detection
Author(s): Fred Mauss; Brian Hatchell; James Skorpik; Kurt Silvers
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Damping performance of colloidal dampers
Author(s): G. Y. Zhou; R. Li; B. Johnson; L. Z. Sun
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SMART solutions for composite structures
Author(s): David C. Zhang; Paul Liu; Shawn Beard; Peter Qing; Amrita Kumar; Lien Ouyang
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Experimental study on decision fusion of many damage detection methods with multi-resolution
Author(s): Yong Chen; Senyuan Tian; Bingnan Sun; Xiaoyan Sun; Dryver R. Huston
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