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Laser Refrigeration of Solids
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Volume Number: 6907
Date Published: 5 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6907
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Near-field fluorescence lifetime imaging of semiconductor interfaces used in laser cooling
Author(s): Daniel A. Bender; Mansoor Sheik-Bahae
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Theory of luminescence and optical refrigeration in p-doped semiconductors
Author(s): G. Rupper; N. H. Kwong; B. Gu; R. Binder
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Nanogap experiments for laser cooling
Author(s): Andreas Stintz; Richard I. Epstein; Mansoor Sheik-Bahae; Kevin J. Malloy; Michael P. Hasselbeck; Stephen T. P. Boyd
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Synthesis of ultrapure ZBLAN glass for laser refrigeration
Author(s): Markus P. Hehlen; Richard I Epstein; Wendy M. Patterson
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Cooling of Yb:YLF using cavity enhanced resonant absorption
Author(s): D. Seletskiy; M. P. Hasselbeck; M. Sheik-Bahae; R. I. Epstein; S. Bigotta; M. Tonelli
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Computer modeling and analysis of thermal link performance for an optical refrigerator
Author(s): Kevin Byram; David Mar; John Parker; Steven Von der Porten; John Hankinson; Chris Lee; Kai Mayeda; Richard C. Haskell; Qimin Yang; Scott R. Greenfield; Richard I. Epstein
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Designs and optical tests of thermal links for an optical refrigerator
Author(s): John Parker; David Mar; Steven Von der Porten; John Hankinson; Kevin Byram; Chris Lee; Kai Mayeda; Richard Haskell; Qimin Yang; Scott Greenfield; Richard Epstein
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Linear optical properties of a high-finesse cavity dispersively coupled to a micromechanical membrane
Author(s): J. G. E. Harris; A. M. Jayich; B. M. Zwickl; C. Yang; J. C. Sankey
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Quantum refrigerator in the quest for the absolute zero temperature
Author(s): Yair Rezek; Ronnie Kosloff
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Power generation by thermally assisted electroluminescence: like optical cooling, but different
Author(s): Benjamin D. Buckner; Bauke Heeg
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