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Photonic Crystal Materials and Devices VII
Editor(s): Ali Adibi; Shawn-Yu Lin; Axel Scherer
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Volume Number: 6901
Date Published: 28 January 2008
Softcover: 28 papers (282) pages
ISBN: 9780819470768

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6901
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Negative refraction and subwavelength focusing using left-handed composite metamaterials
Author(s): Ekmel Ozbay; Koray Aydin
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Design and applications of strongly dispersive photonic crystal structures
Author(s): B. Momeni; M. Chamanzar; E. Shah Hosseini; M. Askari; M. Soltani; A. Adibi
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Spatial coherence of the thermal electromagnetic field in the vicinity of a dielectric slab
Author(s): Wah Tung Lau; Jung-Tsung Shen; Georgios Veronis; Shanhui Fan
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Enhanced coherency of thermal emission by coupled resonant cavities supporting surface waves
Author(s): Nir Dahan; Avi Niv; Gabriel Biener; Yuri Gorodetski; Vladimir Kleiner; Erez Hasman
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Ultrasonic and hypersonic phononic crystals
Author(s): A. Khelif; F.-L. Hsiao; S. Benchabane; A. Choujaa; B. Aoubiza; V. Laude
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Quantum optics of a quantum dot embedded in a photonic crystal cavity
Author(s): Majid Sodagar; Sina Khorasani; Amir Hossein Atabaki; Ali Adibi
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Fano resonance enhanced infrared absorption for infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Zexuan Qiang; Weidong Zhou; Mingyu Lu; Gail J. Brown
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Photonic crystal chips for optical interconnects and quantum information processing
Author(s): Dirk Englund; Andrei Faraon; Ilya Fushman; Bryan Ellis; Hatice Altug; Jelena Vučković
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Designing emission spectra of photonic crystal microcavities
Author(s): Friedhard Römer; Bernd Witzigmann
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Reconfigurable photonic crystal laser
Author(s): Myung-Ki Kim; In-Kag Hwang; Yong-Hee Lee
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A tale of two limits: fundamental properties of photonic-crystal fibers
Author(s): Karen K. Lee; Ardavan Farjadpour; Yehuda Avniel; J. D. Joannopoulos; Steven G. Johnson
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Form birefringent anisotropic photonic crystal exhibiting external field anomalies
Author(s): Y. Cao; J. Schenk; R. P. Ingel; M. A. Fiddy; K. Burbank; M. Graham; P. Sanger; W. Yang
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Analyzing light localization using Iwasawa-canonical transfer matrices
Author(s): Glen J. Kissel
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Analysis of scattering losses in photonic crystal structures using a Green's function-based approach
Author(s): Charles M. Reinke; Ali Asghar Eftekhar; Xiaoguang Zhang; Babak Momeni; Ali Adibi
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Effects of incrementally applied disorder to a triangular lattice creating a 12-fold quasi-crystal
Author(s): Scott R. Newman; Robert C. Gauthier
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Calculation of density of states in a 2D photonic crystal with separable profile of permittivity
Author(s): Amir H. Baradaran Ghasemi; Sina Khorasani; Hamid Latifi; Amir Hossein Atabaki
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Guidance mechanisms in hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): F. Benabid; P. J. Roberts
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Hollow fibers for compact infrared gas sensors
Author(s): A. Lambrecht; S. Hartwig; J. Herbst; J. Wöllenstein
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Preparation of metallo-dielectric photonic crystals by multi-photon direct laser writing
Author(s): Stephen M. Kuebler; Amir Tal; Yun-Sheng Chen
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Defect inscription and observation in 3D photonic band gap opal templates
Author(s): M. Boyle; A. Neumeister; J. Zinn; W. Wohlleben; R. J. Leyrer
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Polymer nanocomposite infiltration of silicon photonic crystals
Author(s): Savaş Tay; Jayan Thomas; Babak Momeni; Murtaza Askari; Peter J. Hotchkiss; Simon C. Jones; Seth R. Marder; Ali Adibi; Robert A. Norwood; N. Peyghambarian
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The study for fabricating two-dimensional photonic crystal by soft lithography technology and optical mensuration of superprism phenomena
Author(s): Sasa Zhang; Qingpu Wang; Jie Lian; Li Wang; Jiaqi Chen; Ray Chen
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Engineering of planar photonic crystal waveguides on silicon-on-insulator for larger guiding bandwidth
Author(s): Amir H. Atabaki; Ehsan Shah Hosseini; Babak Momeni; Ali Adibi
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Three-dimensional photonic crystal waveguides and resonators by unit cell size modulation
Author(s): Lingling Tang; Tomoyuki Yoshie
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Efficient coupling of light into the planar photonic crystal waveguides in the slow group velocity regime
Author(s): M. Askari; B. Momeni; S. Yegnanarayanan; A. Eftekhar; A. Adibi
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Coupling between refractive waveguides and two dimensional photonic crystal Bloch modes
Author(s): Emmanuel Drouard; Lydie Ferrier; Xavier Letartre; Pedro Rojo-Romeo; Pierre Viktorovitch
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Optics of triangular Mie particles in ultrathin Ag films
Author(s): M. Gnanavel; C. S. Sunandana
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Perfect periodic photonic quasi-crystals
Author(s): Robert C. Gauthier
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