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Photonics Packaging, Integration, and Interconnects VIII
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Volume Number: 6899
Date Published: 6 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6899
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Low-cost high-density optical parallel link modules and optical backplane for the last 1-meter regime applications
Author(s): Takashi Mikawa
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Fully embedded board level optical interconnects: from point-to-point interconnection to optical bus architecture
Author(s): Xiaolong Wang; Ray T. Chen
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Towards flexible routing schemes for polymer optical interconnections on printed circuit boards
Author(s): N. Hendrickx; G. Van Steenberge; E. Bosman; J. Van Erps; H. Thienpont; P. Van Daele
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Short-reach flexible optical interconnection using embedded edge-emitting lasers and edge-viewing detectors
Author(s): Shu-Hao Fan; Daniel Guidotti; Claudio Estevez; Gee-Kung Chang; Ying-Jung Chang; Daoqiang Daniel Lu
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Design and analysis of 3D stacked optoelectronics on optical printed circuit boards
Author(s): John H. Lau; Ying Ying Lim; Teck Guan Lim; Gong Yue Tang; Chee Houe Khong; Xiaowu Zhang; Pamidighantam V. Ramana; Jing Zhang; Chee Wei Tan; Jayakrishnan Chandrappan; Joey Chai; Jing Li; Geri Tangdiongga; Dim Lee Kwong
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Full automatic packaging of a hybrid transceiver module
Author(s): Felix Frischkorn; Joern Miesner; Sebastian Glass
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Taper couplers for coupling between laser and silicon waveguide with large allowable tolerance
Author(s): Jing Zhang; Bihan Li; Jayakrishnan Chandrappan; Qing Xin Zhang; Pamidighantam V. Ramana; Patinharekandy Prabhathan; Hon Shing Lau; Dim Lee Kwong; Murukeshan Vadakke Matham
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Design of fluidic self-assembly bonds for precise component positioning
Author(s): Vivek Ramadoss; Nathan B. Crane
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Surface mount optical interconnects
Author(s): Edward Palen
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Flexible film waveguides with excellent bending properties
Author(s): Y. Maeda; Y. Hashiguchi
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Electro-optic waveguides with conjugated polymer films fabricated by the carrier-gas-type organic CVD for chip-scale optical interconnects
Author(s): Kohtaro Matsumoto; Tetsuzo Yoshimura
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Light coupling in micro-optic systems: past, present, and trends
Author(s): Y. G. Soskind
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Optical design of 4-channel TOSA/ROSA for CWDM applications
Author(s): Geri E. Tangdiongga; Teck Guan Lim; Jing Li; Chee Wei Tan; Pamidighantam V. Ramana; Yi Yoon Chai; Seiji Maruo; John Hon-Shing Lau
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SU8-based static diffractive optical elements: wafer-level integration with VCSEL arrays
Author(s): A. Gracias; N. Tokranova; J. Castracane
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Fast response organic light-emitting diode for visible optical communication
Author(s): Takeshi Fukuda; Yoshio Taniguchi
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Automatic tester for high power diode laser bars
Author(s): Joern Miesner; Felix Frischkorn; Niels Uhlig
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Assembly of optical MUX/DEMUX on silicon optical bench with high placement accuracies
Author(s): Chee Wei Tan; Teck Guan Lim; Jing Li; Geri Endrio Tangdiongga; Yi Yoon Chai; Seiji Maruo; Pamidighantam V. Ramana; Seung Wook Yoon; John H. Lau
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3.125 Gbps multichannel electrical transmission line design for CWDM
Author(s): Teck Guan Lim; Yee Mong Khoo; Jing Li; Yi Yoon Chai; Chee Wei Tan; Pamidighantam V. Ramana; John Hon Shing Lau; Seiji Maruo
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A high-speed 850-nm optical receiver by integrating Si photodiode and CMOS IC
Author(s): Y. M. Hsin; W. K. Huang; Y. C. Liu; B. E. Yan; W. Z. Chen
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20dB-enhanced coupling to slot photonic crystal waveguide based on multimode interference
Author(s): Xiaonan Chen; Lanlan Gu; Wei Jiang; Ray T. Chen
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Optical design of a miniature semi-integrated tunable laser on a silicon optical bench
Author(s): Pamidighantam V. Ramana; Jing Li; Jayakrishnan Chandrappan; Teck Guan Lim; Jing Zhang; John Hon Shing Lau; Dim Lee Kwong
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Multi-channel clock and data recovery circuit for chip-to-chip optical interconnects
Author(s): Trong-Hieu Ngo; Tae-Woo Lee; Hyo-Hoon Park
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Development of a low-cost 2.5-Gbps SFP optical transceiver using 0.18µm CMOS ICs
Author(s): Yi Yoon Chai; Jing Zhang; Pamidighantma V. Ramana; Guan Jie Yap; John Hon-Shing Lau
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Waveguide-coupled parallel optical transceiver technology for Tb/s-class chip-to-chip data transmission
Author(s): Fuad E. Doany; Clint L. Schow; Jeffrey A. Kash; Christian Baks; Russell Budd; Daniel M. Kuchta; Petar Pepeljugoski; Frank Libsch; Roger Dangel; Folkert Horst; Bert J. Offrein
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Electro-optical circuit boards using thin-glass sheets with integrated optical waveguides
Author(s): Axel Beier; Henning Schröder; Norbert Arndt-Staufenbiel; Frank Ebling; Martin Franke; Elmar Griese; Steffan Intemann; Jan Kostelnik; Thomas Kühler; Roland Mödinger; Ingo Roda; Ingolf Schlosser
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Merging parallel optics packaging and surface mount technologies
Author(s): Christophe Kopp; Marion Volpert; Julien Routin; Stéphane Bernabé; Cyrille Rossat; Myriam Tournaire; Régis Hamelin
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A hybrid optical package with an 8-channel 18GT/s CMOS transceiver for chip-to-chip optical interconnect
Author(s): E. Mohammed; J. Liao; A. Kern; D. Lu; H. Braunisch; T. Thomas; S. Hyvonen; S. Palermo; I. A. Young
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Integration challenges for optical inteconnects
Author(s): Andrew Alduino; Hai-Feng Liu; Abazar Mireshghi; Henning Braunisch; Christine Krause; Mario Paniccia
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A duplex 10 Gb/s serial active optical cable for short-reach applications
Author(s): Lewis B. Aronson; James Douma; Greta Light; Don Ice; The-Linh Nguyen
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Integration of optical I/O with organic chip packages
Author(s): Christoph Berger; Laurent Dellmann; Peter Dill; Folkert Horst; Bert J. Offrein; Martin Schmatz; Stefano Oggioni; Mauro Spreafico; Giulio Macario
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Optical waveguide films with two-layer skirt-type core end facets for beam leakage reduction at 45° mirrors
Author(s): Tetsuzo Yoshimura; Kazuhiro Ogushi; Yohei Kitabayashi; Kaneyuki Naito; Yosuke Miyamoto; Masayoshi Miyazaki
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Polymer optical motherboard technology
Author(s): N. Keil; H. Yao; C. Zawadzki; N. Grote; M. Schell
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Stable and high-efficiency optical transmitter using a VCSEL-direct-bonded connection block
Author(s): Do-Won Kim; Tae-Woo Lee; Mu Hee Cho; Hyo-Hoon Park
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Advances in photonics thermal management and packaging materials
Author(s): Carl Zweben
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Cost effective optical coupling for polymer optical fiber communication
Author(s): Jayakrishnan Chandrappan; Jing Zhang; Ramkumar V. Mohan; Philbert Oliver Gomez; Than Aye Aung; Yongfei Xiao; Pamidighantam V. Ramana; John Hon Shing Lau; Dim Lee Kwong
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