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Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits X
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Volume Number: 6897
Date Published: 15 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6897
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-index-contrast chalcogenide waveguides
Author(s): Christi K. Madsen; Mehmet Solmaz; Robert Atkins
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Ultra-high resolution and compact volume holographic spectrometers
Author(s): Ali Adibi; Chaoray Hsieh; Omid Momtahan; Majid Badieirostami
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Analysis of a novel micro surface plasmon resonance sensor with attenuated total reflection mirror
Author(s): Geum-Yoon Oh; Doo-Gun Kim; Woon-Kyung Choi; Young-Wan Choi
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Coupling performance and fabrication method of a waveguide grating coupler with non-uniform duty ratio
Author(s): Jeong Su Yang; Jun-Ho Sung; Beom-hoan O; Seung Gol Lee; El-Hang Lee
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Chip scale integrated planar photonics
Author(s): Nan M. Jokerst; Sang-Yeon Cho; Martin A. Brooke; Lin Luan
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ErxY2-xSiO5 nanocrystal and thin film for high gain per length material
Author(s): Kiseok Suh; Heeyoung Go; Shin-Young Lee; Jee Soo Chang; Moon-Seung Yang; Jung H. Shin
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Comparison of bandwidth limits for on-card electrical and optical interconnects for 100 Gb/s and beyond
Author(s): Petar Pepeljugoski; Mark Ritter; Jeffrey A. Kash; Fuad Doany; Clint Schow; Young Kwark; Lei Shan; Dong Kam; Xiaoxiong Gu; Christian Baks
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Driver-receiver combined optical transceivers modules for bidirectional optical interconnection
Author(s): Hyo-Hoon Park; Sae-Kyoung Kang; Do-Won Kim; Nguyen T. H. Nga; Sung-Hwan Hwang; Tae-Woo Lee
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Monolithic integration of photonic and electronic circuits in a CMOS process
Author(s): Attila Mekis; Sherif Abdalla; Behnam Analui; Steffen Gloeckner; Andrew Guckenberger; Roger Koumans; Daniel Kucharski; Yi Liang; Gianlorenzo Masini; Sina Mirsaidi; Adithyaram Narasimha; Thierry Pinguet; Vikram Sadagopan; Brian Welch; Joe White; Jeremy Witzens
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Materials and devices for compact optical amplification in Si photonics
Author(s): Jung H. Shin; Monn-Seung Yang; Jee-Soo Chang; Shin-Young Lee; Kiseok Suh; Han G. Yoo; Yijing Fu; Philippe Fauchet
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Fabrication and characterization of Er doped silicon-rich silicon nitride(SRSN) micro-disks
Author(s): Jee Soo Chang; Myung-Ki Kim; Yong-Hee Lee; Jung H. Shin; Gun Yong Sung
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Polymer-cladded athermal high-index-contrast waveguides
Author(s): Winnie N. Ye; Jurgen Michel; Lionel C. Kimerling; Louay Eldada
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Optical performance of bare image sensor die and sensors packaged at the wafer level and protected by a cover glass
Author(s): G. Humpston; A. Grinman; O. Jackl; M. Ebel
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Mega-pixel PQR laser chips for interconnect, display ITS, and biocell-tweezers OEIC
Author(s): O'Dae Kwon; J. H. Yoon; D. K. Kim; Y. C. Kim; S. E. Lee; S. S. Kim
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Design of a silicon optical micro-ring resonator sensor for improved sensitivity and selectivity
Author(s): Hyun-Shik Lee; B. H. O; S. G. Lee; El-Hang Lee
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Semiconductor optical amplifier switch matrices for optical header recognition
Author(s): M. Dagenais; Geunmin Ryu; Simarjeet Saini; F. Toudeh-Fallah; R. Gyurek; P. Donner
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Metro area network optical routers and technologies: FOADM, BOADM, ROADM, and TOADM
Author(s): Louay Eldada
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10 GHz dual loop opto-electronic oscillator without RF-amplifiers
Author(s): Weimin Zhou; Olukayode Okusaga; Craig Nelson; David Howe; Gary Carter
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Wavelength-dependence transmission experiment of feedforward optical transmitter using light injection technique in WDM/SCM radio-over-fiber system
Author(s): Yon Tae Moon; Jun Woo Jang; Woon-Kyung Choi; Young-Wan Choi
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Photonic crystal-based GE-PON triplexer using point defects
Author(s): Dae-Seo Park; Beom-Hoan O; Se-Geun Park; El-Hang Lee; Seung Gol Lee
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Bio-signal processing using a novel lock-in detection technique for the portable bio-optical systems
Author(s): In-Il Jung; Doo Gun Kim; Woon-Kyung Choi; Do-Gyun Kim; Young-Wan Choi
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The effect of KOH and KOH/IPA etching on the surface roughness of the silicon mold used for polymer waveguide imprinting
Author(s): Shinmo An; Seung-Gol Lee; Beom-Hoan O; Hyong-Hon Kim; Se-Guen Park; El-Hang Lee
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