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Terahertz Technology and Applications
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Volume Number: 6893
Date Published: 6 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6893
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dendrimer waveguide based high-efficiency terahertz source
Author(s): Anis Rahman
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Can any design support an effective nanostructure lasing for a few THz?
Author(s): L. D. Shvartsman; B. Laikhtman
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Terahertz reflection spectroscopy for the detection of explosives
Author(s): Megan R. Leahy-Hoppa; Michael J. Fitch; Robert Osiander
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Tunable narrow-bandwidth source of THz radiation based on frequency down-conversion in periodically structured gallium arsenide
Author(s): Joseph E. Schaar; Konstantin L. Vodopyanov; Paulina S. Kuo; Martin M. Fejer; Angie Lin; Xiaojun Yu; James S. Harris; David Bliss; Candace Lynch; Vladimir G. Kozlov; Walter Hurlbut
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Optimum power scaling on efficient generation of quasi-single-cycle terahertz pulses
Author(s): Xiaodong Mu; Yujie J. Ding; Ioulia B. Zotova
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Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy based on hot electron bolometer (HEB) heterodyne detection
Author(s): Eyal Gerecht; Lixing You
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Spectral properties of thick split ring resonators in the THz regime
Author(s): Sher-Yi Chiam; Jiaguang Han; Ranjan Singh; Weili Zhang; Thomas Osipowicz; Andrew A. Bettiol
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Time- and angular-resolved terahertz spectroscopy
Author(s): C. A. Baron; A. Y. Elezzabi
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Effect of surface scattering on terahertz time domain spectroscopy of chemicals
Author(s): M. Hassan Arbab; Antao Chen; Eric I Thorsos; Dale P Winebrenner; Lisa M Zurk
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Analysis of two ALMA front-end receiver channels using physical optics
Author(s): Mark Whale; Massimo Candotti; Neil Trappe; Anthony Murphy; Andrey Baryshev; Victor Belitsky
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Pipeline processing for stochastic studies of telescope performance influenced by thermo-elastic deformation
Author(s): T. Peacocke; A. Koch
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THz computational holography process and optimization
Author(s): Andrei A. Gorodetsky; Victor G. Bespalov
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Gaussian beam mode analysis of phase gratings
Author(s): Robert May; J. Anthony Murphy; Creidhe O'Sullivan; Marcin Gradziel; Neil Trappe
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Accuracy and linearity of time-domain THz paint thickness measurements
Author(s): David J. Cook; Seonkyung Lee; Scott J. Sharpe; Mark G. Allen
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Optical phase measurement and dynamic stabilization for a transmitted 81-GHz photonic ultra low phase noise reference through a SMF under controlled bending motion
Author(s): Sarmad AlBanna
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1.56 Terahertz 2-frames per second standoff imaging
Author(s): Thomas M. Goyette; Jason C. Dickinson; Kurt J. Linden; William R. Neal; Cecil S. Joseph; William J. Gorveatt; Jerry Waldman; Robert Giles; William E. Nixon
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Optimization of a 3.6-THz quantum cascade laser for real-time imaging with a microbolometer focal plane array
Author(s): Barry N. Behnken; Gamani Karunasiri; Danielle Chamberlin; Peter Robrish; Jérôme Faist
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