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Photon Processing in Microelectronics and Photonics VII
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Volume Number: 6879
Date Published: 18 February 2008
Softcover: 34 papers (328) pages
ISBN: 9780819470546

Table of Contents
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Laser microfabrication in industry - perspectives from the past, present and future
Author(s): Malcolm Gower
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Phase explosion and Marangoni flow effects during laser micromachining of thin metal films
Author(s): Mohammad Hendijanifard; David A. Willis
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Debris generation from CO2 and Nd:YAG laser-produced tin plasmas for EUV light source
Author(s): D. Nakamura; K. Tamaru; T. Akiyama; A. Takahashi; T. Okada
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Surface microstructures of silica glass by laser-induced backside wet etching
Author(s): H. Niino; Y. Kawaguchi; T. Sato; A. Narazaki; R. Kurosaki
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Selective area bandgap engineering of InGaAsP/InP quantum well microstructures with an infrared laser rapid thermal annealing technique
Author(s): R. Stanowski; S. Bouaziz; J. J. Dubowski
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Laser alteration of the mechanical properties of photostructurable glass-ceramic
Author(s): J. Stillman; J. Judy; H. Helvajian
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Dynamics of laser-excited nanoparticles
Author(s): Anton Plech; Andreas Siems; Vassilios Kotaidis; Andreas Menzel
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Shallow hole drilling with ultrashort pulse lasers
Author(s): B. R. Campbell; L. A. Forster; T. M. Lehecka; J. G. Thomas; V. V. Semak
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3D integration of microfluidics and microoptics inside photosensitive glass by femtosecond laser direct writing for photonic biosensing
Author(s): Koji Sugioka; Zhongke Wang; Katsumi Midorikawa
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Highspeed manufacturing of periodical surface and in-volume nanostructures by fs-laser direct writing
Author(s): J. Gottmann; D. Wortmann; N. Brandt
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Large scale laser microstructuring of gravure print rollers
Author(s): Guido Hennig; Karl-Heinz Selbmann; Silke Pfinninger; Johannes Brendel; Stephan Brüning
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Anisotropic transformation of the beam quality of DPSS lasers for shaping of a narrow line focus for laser crystallization of Si
Author(s): Mikhail Ivanenko; Alexei Mikhailov; Yuri Miklyaev; Wyacheslaw Grimm; Klaus Bagschik; Andreas Hildebrandt; Vitalij Lissotschenko
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Multifunctional micro-optical elements for laser beam homogenizing and beam shaping
Author(s): A. Bich; J. Rieck; C. Dumouchel; S. Roth; K. J. Weible; M. Eisner; R. Voelkel; M. Zimmermann; M. Rank; M. Schmidt; R. Bitterli; N. Ramanan; P. Ruffieux; T. Scharf; W. Noell; H.-P. Herzig; Nico De Rooij
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Line length scalable high power diode laser with power densities > 100kw/cm2 for industrial Si-annealing applications
Author(s): Markus Revermann; Andreas Bayer; Jens Meinschien
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Pulsed laser ablation of polymers for display applications
Author(s): James E. A. Pedder; Andrew S. Holmes; Heather J. Booth
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Applications for pulsed and continuous wave fiber lasers in the photovoltaic industry
Author(s): A. P. Hoult; J. Gabzdyl
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Nanoscale growth control of functional thin films on atomically surface-controlled substrates by laser MBE
Author(s): Wakana Hara; Mamoru Yoshimoto
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Effects of laser wavelength, fluence, and pulse duration on infrared pulsed laser deposition of a conducting polymer
Author(s): S. L. Johnson; K. Appavoo; H. K. Park; R. F. Haglund
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Characterization of high performance polymers transferred by resonant infrared laser ablation
Author(s): Nicole L. Dygert; Richard F. Haglund
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Laser sintering of direct write silver nano-ink conductors for microelectronic applications
Author(s): Adeyl Khan; Nicholas Rasmussen; Valery Marinov; Orven F. Swenson
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Laser decal transfer of electronic materials with thin film characteristics
Author(s): Alberto Piqué; Raymond C. Y. Auyeung; Kristin M Metkus; Heungsoo Kim; Scott Mathews; Thomas Bailey; Xianhai Chen; Lydia J. Young
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Optical properties of core-shell gold-silver and silver-gold nanoparticles for some laser wavelengths
Author(s): Victor K. Pustovalov; Karsten König; Liudmila G. Astafyeva; Wolfgang Fritzsche
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Distributions of laser radiation intensity inside gold nanoparticles during laser irradiation
Author(s): Victor K. Pustovalov; Karsten König; Liudmila G. Astafyeva
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Formation of nanocarbon and composite materials by laser vaporization of graphite and eleven metals
Author(s): Fumio Kokai; Akira Koshio; Keita Kobayashi; Hiroshi Deno
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Mid-IR photoluminescence and lasing of chromium doped II-VI quantum dots
Author(s): D. V. Martyshkin; C. Kim; I. S. Moskalev; V. V. Fedorov; S. B. Mirov
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Pulsed laser deposition of permanent magnetic thin film
Author(s): L. Allocca; C. Bonavolontà; T. Lopizzo; A. Morone; M. Valentino; M. F. Verrastro; V. Viggiano
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Observation of self-assembled periodic nano-structures induced by femtosecond laser in both ablation and deposition regimes
Author(s): Mingzhen Tang; Haitao Zhang; Tsing-Hua Her
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Direct photo-etching of PMMA by focused EUV radiation from a compact laser plasma source
Author(s): Frank Barkusky; Armin Bayer; Christian Peth; Klaus Mann
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Temporal and spectral analysis of laser induced plasma in the ablation process of flexible printed circuit board
Author(s): Hoon C, Ryoo; Seok Kim; Jae W. Hahn
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Precision microfabrication of AlN and Al2O3 ceramics by femtosecond laser ablation
Author(s): Sung Hoon Kim; T. Balasubramani; Ik-Bu Sohn; Yong-Chul Noh; Jongmin Lee; Jee Bum Lee; Sungho Jeong
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Surface and bulk micro- and nano-structuring with nanojoule femtosecond laser pulses at high repetition rate
Author(s): P. Becker; D. Sauer; F. Bauerfeld; K. König; R. Le Harzic
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Characterization of absorptance losses in optical materials using a high resolution Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor
Author(s): A. Bayer; F. Barkusky; U. Leinhos; T. Miege; B. Schäfer; K. Mann
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Optical data destruction system: device design and test results
Author(s): Taeyoung Choi; Tom D. Milster; David Felix; Warren Bletscher; Delbert Hansen
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Combined nanoprobes for scanning probe microscopy: laser technology for processing and testing
Author(s): V. P. Veiko; A. O. Golubok; Z. Zuong; N. V. Varkentina; E. B. Yakovlev
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