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High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications VI
Editor(s): Mark S. Zediker
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Volume Number: 6876
Date Published: 14 February 2008
Softcover: 53 papers (512) pages
ISBN: 9780819470515

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6876
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A high-brightness QCW pump source using a pre-aligned GRIN lens array with refractive beam correction
Author(s): Roy McBride; Howard Baker; Jean-Luc Neron; Sead Doric; Cristina Mariottini; Enzo Nava; Emanuele Stucchi; Paolo Milanesi
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Active cooling solutions for high power laser diodes stacks
Author(s): Yoram Karni; Genady Klumel; Moshe Levy; Yuri Berk; Yaki Openhaim; Yaakov Gridish; Asher Elgali; Meir Avisar; Moshe Blonder; Hila Sagy; Alex Gertsenshtein
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8xxnm kW conduction cooled QCW diode arrays with both electrically conductive and insulation submounts
Author(s): Jihua Du; Hailong Zhou; David Schleuning; Vivek Agrawal; John Morales; Thomas Hasenberg; Murray Reed
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Improved cooling for high-power laser diodes
Author(s): John Vetrovec
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Enhanced microchannel cooling for high-power semiconductor diode lasers
Author(s): Joe Dix; Amir Jokar; Robert Martinsen
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Composite-copper, low-thermal-resistance heat sinks for laser-diode bars, mini-bars and single-emitter devices
Author(s): Robert Miller; Daming Liu; Michael Horsinka; Touyen Nguyen; Kiran Kuppuswamy; Terrance Towe; Hanxuan Li; Myra Berube; James Harrison; Edmund Wolak
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Next-generation microchannel coolers
Author(s): Ryan Feeler; Jeremy Junghans; Greg Kemner; Ed Stephens
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Thermal resistance in dependence of diode laser packages
Author(s): Michael Leers; Konstantin Boucke; Manfred Götz; Andreas Meyer; Márc Kelemen; Nico Lehmann; Fabrice Monti di Sopra
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Passive cooling effects of low and high fill-factor 937 nm 1 cm arrays
Author(s): John Hostetler; Ching-Long Jiang; Robert Roff; Viorel Negoita; Stephan Strohmaier; Christoph Tillkorn; Radosveta Radionova; Carl Miester; Thilo Vethake; Ulrich Bonna; Martin Huonker; Christian Schmitz; Friedhelm Dorsch
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Beam shaping of high power diode lasers benefits from asymmetrical refractive micro-lens arrays
Author(s): O. Homburg; A. Bayer; T. Mitra; J. Meinschien; L. Aschke
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Recent developments for BAR and BASE: setting the trends
Author(s): Norbert Lichtenstein; Martin Krejci; Yvonne Manz; Julien Boucart; Bernd Valk; Jürgen Müller; Chris Button; Stefan Weiß; Susanne Pawlik; Boris Sverdlov
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High-power vertical-cavity surface-emitting arrays
Author(s): Jean-Francois Seurin; Chuni L. Ghosh; Viktor Khalfin; Aleksandr Miglo; Guoyang Xu; James D. Wynn; Prachi Pradhan; L. Arthur D'Asaro
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High-power diode lasers for the 1.9 to 2.2 um wavelength range
Author(s): Márc T. Kelemen; Jürgen Gilly; Rudolf Moritz; Marcel Rattunde; Johannes Schmitz; Joachim Wagner
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High brilliance and high efficiency: optimized high power diode laser bars
Author(s): R. Hülsewede; H. Schulze; J. Sebastian; D. Schröder; J. Meusel; P. Hennig
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High-efficiency, high-power diode laser chips, bars, and stacks
Author(s): Hanxuan Li; Frank Reinhardt; Irving Chyr; Xu Jin; Kiran Kuppuswamy; Terry Towe; Denny Brown; Oscar Romero; Daming Liu; Robert Miller; Touyen Nguyen; Trevor Crum; Tom Truchan; Ed Wolak; Jeff Mott; James Harrison
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10 W high-efficiency high-brightness tapered diode lasers at 976 nm
Author(s): R. Ostendorf; G. Kaufel; R. Moritz; M. Mikulla; O. Ambacher; M. T. Kelemen; J. Gilly
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8xx - 10xx nm highly efficient single emitter pumps
Author(s): V. Gapontsev; I. Berishev; V. Chuyanov; G. Ellis; I. Hernandez; A. Komissarov; N. Moshegov; O. Raisky; V. Rastokine; N. Strougov; P. Trubenko; L. Wright; A. Ovtchinnikov
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Stable and compact mounting scheme for > 1kW QCW diode laser stacks at 940nm
Author(s): C. Fiebig; B. Eppich; W. Pittroff; G. Erbert
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Highly reliable qcw laser bars and stacks
Author(s): E. Deichsel; D. Schröder; J. Meusel; R. Hülsewede; J. Sebastian; S. Ludwig; P. Hennig
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12W CW operation of 640nm-band laser diode array
Author(s): Naoyuki Shimada; Kimitaka Shibata; Yoshihiko Hanamaki; Tsuneo Hamaguchi; Tetsuya Yagi
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650 nm tapered lasers with 1 W maximum output power and nearly diffraction limited beam quality at 500 mW
Author(s): B. Sumpf; P. Adamiec; M. Zorn; P. Froese; J. Fricke; P. Ressel; H. Wenzel; M. Weyers; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle
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Reliability of ensembles multi-stripe laser diodes
Author(s): Ed Wolak; Kiran Kuppuswamy; Bernard Fidric; Sang-Ki Park; Daming Liu; Serge Cutillas; Kelly Johnson; Hanxuan Li; Irving Chyr; Frank Reinhardt; Robert Miller; Xu Jin; Touyen Nguyen; Terry Towe; Peggi Cross; Tom Truchan; Robert Bullock; Jeff Mott; James Harrison
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Emitter resolved analysis of packaged laser bars
Author(s): Thomas Westphalen; Michael Leers; Christian Scholz; Konstantin Boucke
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High reliability level on single-mode 980nm-1060 nm diode lasers for telecommunication and industrial applications
Author(s): J. Van de Casteele; M. Bettiati; F. Laruelle; V. Cargemel; P. Pagnod-Rossiaux; P. Garabedian; L. Raymond; D. Laffitte; S. Fromy; D. Chambonnet; J. P. Hirtz
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Passively cooled diode lasers in the cw power range of 120 to 200W
Author(s): Dirk Lorenzen; Jens Meusel; Dominic Schröder; Petra Hennig
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Investigation of catastrophic degradation in high power multimode InGaAs strained quantum well single emitters
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Nathan Presser; Brendan Foran; Steven C. Moss
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1 W reliable operation of broad area lasers and 8 W reliable operation of 5 mm wide laser bars at 650 nm
Author(s): B. Sumpf; M. Zorn; J. Fricke; P. Ressel; H. Wenzel; G. Erbert; M. Weyers; G. Tränkle
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Next generation high-brightness diode lasers offer new industrial applications
Author(s): Andre Timmermann; Jens Meinschien; Peter Bruns; Colin Burke; Daniel Bartoschewski
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High-brightness line generators and fiber-coupled sources based on low-smile laser diode arrays
Author(s): J. Watson; D. Schleuning; P. Lavikko; T. Alander; D. Lee; P. Lovato; H. Winhold; M. Griffin; S. Tolman; P. Liang; T. Hasenberg; M. Reed
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1.8kW diode laser system for fibre-delivery using brightness-enhanced diode stacks and a novel final beam-shaper
Author(s): H. J. Baker; J. F. Monjardin; P. Kneip; D. R. Hall; R. McBride
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Highly efficient fiber coupling of laser diode bars with > 50% electro-optical efficiency out of the fiber core
Author(s): Udo Fornahl; Markus Revermann; Jens Meinschien
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High-brightness, fiber-coupled diode laser development at Coherent
Author(s): S. D. Roh; D. M. Grasso
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High brightness fiber laser pump sources based on single emitters and multiple single emitters
Author(s): Torsten Scheller; Lars Wagner; Jürgen Wolf; Guido Bonati; Falk Dörfel; Thomas Gabler
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cw, 325nm, 100mW semiconductor laser system as potential substitute for HeCd gas lasers
Author(s): T. Schmitt; A. Able; R. Häring; B. Sumpf; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle; F. Lison; W. G. Kaenders
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High-power, fiber-coupled stack arrays for pump applications
Author(s): O. Romero; C.-H. Chen; J. Harrison; T. Towe; S. Ginter; H. Li; I. Chyr; J. Johnson; J. Egan; K. Dinh
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High-power, high-efficiency fiber-coupled multimode laser-diode pump module (9XX nm) with high reliability
Author(s): Prasad Yalamanchili; Victor Rossin; Jay Skidmore; Kuochou Tai; Xiangdong Qiu; Richard Duesterberg; Vincent Wong; Sukhbir Bajwa; Kurtis Duncan; David Venables; Rafael Verbera; YuZhong Dai; Jean-Philippe Feve; Erik Zucker
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Design and assembly of a miniaturized high-power laser bar to 50 um fiber coupling module
Author(s): Erik Beckert; Peter Schreiber; Thomas Burkhardt; Ekkehard Werner; Ralf Hülsewede
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50 W passively cooled, fiber coupled diode laser at 976 nm for pumping fiber lasers using 100 um fiber bundles
Author(s): C. Wessling; St. Hengesbach; J. Geiger; J. Dolkemeyer; M. Traub; D. Hoffmann
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Brilliant high-power diode lasers based on broad area lasers
Author(s): V. Krause; A. Koesters; H. Koenig; U. Strauss
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Brilliant high power laser bars for industrial applications
Author(s): Harald König; Günther Grönninger; Peter Brick; Martin Reufer; Frank Bugge; Götz Erbert; Michael Stoiber; Jens Biesenbach; Dirk Lorenzen; Petra Hennig; Uwe Strauß
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Diffractive optical elements fabricated for beam shaping of high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Helge Vogt; Ralf Biertümpfel; Edgar Pawlowski
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A comprehensive reliability study of high-power 808 nm laser diodes mounted with AuSn and indium
Author(s): Heiko Kissel; Gabriele Seibold; Jens Biesenbach; Guenther Groenninger; Gerhard Herrmann; Uwe Strauß
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Screening of high power laser diode bars in terms of stresses and thermal profiles
Author(s): Jens W. Tomm; Mathias Ziegler; Tran Quoc Tien; Fritz Weik; Petra Hennig; Jens Meusel; Heiko Kissel; Gabriele Seibold; Jens Biesenbach; Guenther Groenninger; Gerhard Herrmann; Uwe Strauß
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Accurate determination of absolute temperatures of GaAs based high-power diode lasers
Author(s): M. Ziegler; J. W. Tomm; F. Weik; T. Elsaesser; C. Monte; J. Hollandt; H. Kissel; G. Seibold; J. Biesenbach
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Diode laser modules based on new developments in tapered and broad area diode laser bars
Author(s): Bernd Köhler; Sandra Ahlert; Thomas Brand; Matthias Haag; Heiko Kissel; Gabriele Seibold; Michael Stoiber; Jens Biesenbach; Wolfgang Reill; Günter Grönninger; Martin Reufer; Harald König; Uwe Strauß
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High-power laser bars with emission in the red spectral range for medical applications
Author(s): Konstantin Boucke; Wolfgang Schmid; Wolfgang Brandenburg; Martin Mueller; Uwe Strauß
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Single mode fiber coupled tapered laser module with frequency stabilized spectrum
Author(s): Mark Haverkamp; Gerd Kochem; Konstantin Boucke
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Advances in high-brightness semiconductor lasers
Author(s): M. L. Osowski; W. Hu; R. M. Lammert; S. W. Oh; P. T. Rudy; T. Stakelon; J. E. Ungar
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High power high brightness single emitter laser diodes at Axcel Photonics
Author(s): Wei Gao; Zuntu Xu; Lisen Cheng; Kejian Luo; Kun Shen; Andre Mastrovito
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Emission wavelength stabilization in broad area lasers coupled to fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): B. Sverdlov; S. Mohrdiek; S. Pawlik; N. Matuschek; N. Lichtenstein
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5 W frequency stabilized 976 nm tapered diode lasers
Author(s): Patrick Friedmann; Jürgen Gilly; Stefan Moritz; Ralf Ostendorf; Márc T. Kelemen
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Tunable DFB semiconductor lasers with active feedback for frequency stability
Author(s): Bradley Bobbs; Armando Montalvo
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Fiber-coupled air-cooled high-power diode laser systems
Author(s): Daniel Bartoschewski; Jens Meinschien; Udo Fornahl
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