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Optical Diagnostics and Sensing VIII
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Volume Number: 6863
Date Published: 14 March 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6863
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Combining AFM and FRET for studies at the cellular level
Author(s): Kenith E. Meissner; Zhe Sun; Bhavik Nathwani; Clark Needham; Richard E. Beckham; William N. Everett; Xudong Fan; Gerard L. Cote; Gerald A. Meininger
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Tagless remote refractometric sensor based on WGMs in quantum dot-embedded microspheres
Author(s): Shuo Pang; Kenith E. Meissner
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High-sensitivity measurement of free-protein concentration using optical tweezers
Author(s): Osman Akcakir; Chris R. Knutson; Crystal Duke; Evan Tanner; Daniel M. Mueth; Joseph S. Plewa; Kenneth F. Bradley
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Specular reflection vs. backscattering for transdermal OCT-based glucose monitoring with an implantable sensor system
Author(s): Alexander I. Kholodnykh; Ralph Ballerstadt; Adam Boretsky; Colton Evans; Ashok Gowda; Roger McNichols; Massoud Motamedi
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Stability of response and in vivo potential of microparticle glucose sensors
Author(s): Ruiqi Long; Saurabh Singh; Mike McShane
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Microdialysis based monitoring of subcutaneous interstitial and venous blood glucose in Type 1 diabetic subjects by mid-infrared spectrometry for intensive insulin therapy
Author(s): H. Michael Heise; Venkata Radhakrishna Kondepati; Uwe Damm; Michael Licht; Franz Feichtner; Julia Katharina Mader; Martin Ellmerer
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Optical polarimetry probe system for glucose concentration monitoring
Author(s): Heesung Kang; Yong-heum Lee; Kyoung Joung Lee; Byungjo Jung
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Novel optical oxy/deoxy hemoglobin monitoring as a modality for non-invasive real-time monitoring of cognitive activity and beyond
Author(s): Dana Davies-Shaw; Thomas R. Huser
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Hemodynamic and electrophysiological responses to functional activation accessed by multi-wavelength optical imaging and electrophysiological recording system
Author(s): Nengyun Feng; Yuan Liu; Wenjia Wang; Qingming Luo; Pengcheng Li
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Connecting laser Doppler perfusion imaging and laser speckle contrast analysis
Author(s): Matthijs J. Draijer; Erwin Hondebrink; Ton G. van Leeuwen; Wiendelt Steenbergen
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Measurement of microfluidic flow velocity profile with two Doppler optical coherence tomography systems
Author(s): Janne Lauri; Meng Wang; Matti Kinnunen; Risto Myllylä
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Dental resin cure monitoring by inherent fluorescence
Author(s): Qun Li; Jack X. Zhou; Qingxiong Li; Sean X. Wang
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Multiphoton autofluorescence and second-harmonic generation diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma
Author(s): Yuan Liu; Tzu-Lin Sun; Chuen-Huei Yang; Vladimir A. Hovhannisyan; Wei-Chou Lin; Hsuan-Shu Lee; Chen-Yuan Dong
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Design, fabrication, and analysis of miniature reflective oxygen monitoring system for use in PDT of esophageal carcinoma
Author(s): Amaranath Premasiri; Gemunu Happawana
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Noninvasive quantitative assessment of diabetic wounds with diffuse photon density wave technology
Author(s): Michael T. Neidrauer; Leonid Zubkov; Michael S. Weingarten; Linda S. Zhu; Elisabeth S. Papazoglou; Kambiz Pourrezaei
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Determination of glucose in interstitial fluid by surface plasmon resonance biosensor
Author(s): Fuxiang Huang; Jin Liu; Haixia Yu; Zengfu Zhang; Dachao Li; Kexin Xu
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Photoluminescence of urine salts
Author(s): O. Bordun; O. Drobchak
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Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of whole blood and other liquid organic compounds
Author(s): N. Melikechi; H. Ding; S. Rock; A. Marcano O.; D. Connolly
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Identification of antibody isotypes in biological fluids by means of micro-Raman spectroscopy and chemometric methods
Author(s): C. Araujo-Andrade; J. L. Pichardo-Molina; G. Barbosa-Sabanero; C. Frausto-Reyes
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Influence of temperature on the precision of noninvasive glucose sensing by near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Rong Liu; Wenliang Chen; Yun Chen; Kexin Xu
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The wavelength-dependent characteristic of the floating-reference point in the non-invasive glucose sensing
Author(s): Rong Liu; Wenliang Chen; Yue Yang; Yu Li; Kexin Xu
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Using skin impedance to improve prediction accuracy of continuous glucose monitoring system
Author(s): Haixia Yu; Jin Liu; Ting Shi; Dachao Li; Zhenhui Du; Kexin Xu
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Enlarging the linear response range of velocity with optimum imaging parameters and modified data processing in laser speckle imaging
Author(s): Jianjun Qiu; Pengcheng Li; Sergey S. Ul'yanov; Shaoqun Zeng; Qingming Luo
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Effects of sciatic nerve stimulation on the propagation of cortical spreading depression
Author(s): Xiaoli Sun; Zhidong Yu; Shaoqun Zeng; Qingming Luo; Pengcheng Li
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Statistical analysis of FTIR spectra of cervical tissues and diagnostic algorithms for cervical cancer
Author(s): Benjamin Appiah; Vengadesan Nammalvar; Rebekah Drezek
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Non-invasive in-situ detection of malignant skin tissue and other abnormalities using portable LIBS system with fiber spectrometer and eye-safe erbium glass laser
Author(s): Michael J. Myers; John D. Myers; Baoping Guo; Chengxin Yang; Christopher R. Hardy; Jeffrey A. Myers; Abbey G. Myers; Sean M. Christian
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