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Multimedia on Mobile Devices 2008
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Volume Number: 6821
Date Published: 12 March 2008
: 24 papers (242) pages
ISBN: 9780819469939

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6821
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Real-time scalable visual analysis on mobile devices
Author(s): Avin Pattath; David S. Ebert; Richard A. May; Timothy F. Collins; William Pike
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REST based mobile applications
Author(s): Mark Rambow; Thomas Preuss; Jörg Berdux; Marc Conrad
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Open source OCR framework using mobile devices
Author(s): Steven Zhiying Zhou; Syed Omer Gilani; Stefan Winkler
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A high-level simulator for the H.264/AVC decoding process in multi-core systems
Author(s): Florian H. Seitner; Ralf M. Schreier; Michael Bleyer; Margrit Gelautz
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Human visual system based adaptive inter quantization
Author(s): Jin Li; Jari Koivusaari; Jarmo Takala; Moncef Gabbouj; Hexin Chen
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Wyner-Ziv video coding based on a new hierarchical block matching algorithm
Author(s): Rong Ke Liu; Hong Bo Zhao; Zhi Yue
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New video applications on mobile communication devices
Author(s): Olli J. Silvén; Jari Hannuksela; Miguel Bordallo-López; Markus Turtinen; Matti Niskanen; Jani Boutellier; Markku Vehviläinen; Marius Tico
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Non-photorealistic rendering for energy conservation
Author(s): Yamini Nimmagadda; Yung-Hsiang Lu; Edward J. Delp; David S. Ebert
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An image registration technique aimed at super resolution on mobile devices
Author(s): Mihail Georgiev; Ilian Todorov; Atanas Boev; Atanas Gotchev; Karen Egiazarian
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Selective frame dropping based on hypothetical reference decoder buffer model for initial buffering delay reduction
Author(s): Sachin Deshpande
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Digital watermarking in parametric slant transform domain
Author(s): Jiong Xie; Sos Agaian; Joseph Noonan
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Context adaptive binary arithmetic decoding on transport triggered architecture
Author(s): Joona Rouvinen; Pekka Jääskeläinen; Tero Rintaluoma; Olli Silvén; Jarmo Takala
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The Rosetta phone: a hand-held device for automatic translation of signs in natural images
Author(s): Syed Ali Raza Jafri; Aravind K. Mikkilineni; Mireille Boutin; Edward J. Delp
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Software-only implementation of DBV-H
Author(s): Daniel Iancu; Hua Ye; John Glossner; Andrei Iancu; Jarmo Takala
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Energy efficiency analysis of multi-stream MPEG-4 decoder systems
Author(s): Sébastien Lafond; Jani Boutellier; Johan Lilius; Olli Silvén
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A mobile video surveillance system with intelligent object analysis
Author(s): Yuan-Kai Wang; Li-Ya Wang; Yung-Hsiang Hu
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Performance analysis of visual tracking algorithms for motion-based user interfaces on mobile devices
Author(s): Stefan Winkler; Karthik Rangaswamy; Jefry Tedjokusumo; ZhiYing Zhou
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Profiles of the evaluators: impact of psychographic variables on the consumer-oriented quality assessment of mobile television
Author(s): Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö; Jukka Häkkinen
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An infrastructure to manage errors and originalities in mobile multimedia development
Author(s): Daniel Oltmanns; Henrik Hörning; Reidar Hörning; Stefan Edlich; Jörg Schlapinski
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Personalized summarization using user preference for m-learning
Author(s): Sihyoung Lee; Seungji Yang; Yong Man Ro; Hyoung Joong Kim
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Video contents authoring system for efficient consumption on portable multimedia device
Author(s): Hyun-Seok Min; Sung Ho Jin; Young Bok Lee; Yong Man Ro
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Reducing the overheads of hardware acceleration through datapath integration
Author(s): Pekka Jääskeläinen; Heikki Kultala; Teemu Pitkänen; Jarmo Takala
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Flexible management of shared resources on multiprocessor system on chip
Author(s): Antti Rasmus; Ari Kulmala; Erno Salminen; Timo D. Hämäläinen; Marko Hännikäinen
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Automatic Bluetooth testing for mobile multi-user applications
Author(s): Dennis Luck; Henrik Hörning; Stefan Edlich
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