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Image Processing: Machine Vision Applications
Editor(s): Kurt S. Niel; David Fofi
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Volume Number: 6813
Date Published: 26 February 2008
Softcover: 34 papers (334) pages
ISBN: 9780819469854

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6813
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Vision robot with rotational camera for searching ID tags
Author(s): Nobutaka Kimura; Toshio Moriya
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A unifying software architecture for model-based visual tracking
Author(s): Giorgio Panin; Claus Lenz; Martin Wojtczyk; Suraj Nair; Erwin Roth; Thomas Friedlhuber; Alois Knoll
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Video object tracking using improved chamfer matching and condensation particle filter
Author(s): Tao Wu; Xiaoqing Ding; Shengjin Wang; Kongqiao Wang
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Compact and thin multi-lens system for machine vision applications
Author(s): Edmund Y. Lam
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Feasibility study for a catadioptric bi-spectral imaging system
Author(s): C. Gée; L. Berret; C. Chardon; J. Bossu; J.-P. Guillemin; G. Jones; F. Truchetet
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Video-rate or high-precision: a flexible range imaging camera
Author(s): Adrian A. Dorrington; Michael J. Cree; Dale A. Carnegie; Andrew D. Payne; Richard M. Conroy; John P. Godbaz; Adrian P. P. Jongenelen
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Polarization imaging for industrial inspection
Author(s): F. Meriaudeau; M. Ferraton; C. Stolz; O. Morel; L. Bigué
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Machine vision approach for improving accuracy of focus-based depth measurements
Author(s): Robert Bryll
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New solutions and applications of 3D computer tomography image processing
Author(s): Ira Effenberger; Julia Kroll; Alexander Verl
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3D geometric modelling of hand-woven textile
Author(s): H. Shidanshidi; F. Naghdy; G. Naghdy; D. Wood Conroy
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A modular non-negative matrix factorization for parts-based object recognition using subspace representation
Author(s): Ivan Bajla; Daniel Soukup
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A novel circle detection method using Radon transform
Author(s): Honghong Peng; Raghuveer Rao
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An algorithm for automated registration of maps and images based on feature detection and mutual information
Author(s): Xiaofeng Fan; Harvey Rhody; Eli Saber
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Automatic cell segmentation and classification using morphological features and Bayesian networks
Author(s): Mi-Ra Jung; Jeong-Hee Shim; ByoungChul Ko; Jae-Yeal Nam
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Multi-model geometrical fitting for wide baseline image matching
Author(s): Lixin Fan; Timo Pylvänäinen
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Constraint optimization method for line fitting
Author(s): Bing C. Li
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Edge noise removal in multimodal background modeling techniques
Author(s): J. W. Choi; S. Apewokin; B. E. Valentine; D. S. Wills; L. M. Wills
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Robust edge-detection algorithm for runway edge detection
Author(s): Swathi Tandra; Zia-ur Rahman
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The effect of JPEG compression on automated detection of microaneurysms in retinal images
Author(s): M. J. Cree; H. F. Jelinek
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Tracking with a new distribution metric in a particle filtering framework
Author(s): Romeil Sandhu; Tryphon Georgiou; Allen Tannenbaum
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Methods of statistical uncertainty analysis applied to evaluation algorithms of a video-extensometer system
Author(s): Ewald Fauster; Paul L. O'Leary
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2D virtual texture on 3D real object with coded structured light
Author(s): Thierry Molinier; David Fofi; Joaquim Salvi; Patrick Gorria
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Real-time line scan extraction from infrared images using the wedge method in industrial environments
Author(s): Rubén Usamentiaga; Daniel F. García; Julio Molleda
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Automatic fire detection system using CCD camera and Bayesian network
Author(s): Kwang-Ho Cheong; Byoung-Chul Ko; Jae-Yeal Nam
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Optical measurement system for characterizing plastic surfaces
Author(s): R. Gahleitner; Kurt S. Niel; S. Frank
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Directional filter banks for detecting un-patterned TFT-LCD defect
Author(s): No Kap Park; Hye Won Kim; Suk In Yoo
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Non referential method for defects inspection of TFT-LCD pad
Author(s): Hye Won Kim; Suk In Yoo
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Statistical methods for texture analysis applied to agronomical images
Author(s): F. Cointault; L. Journaux; P. Gouton
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Geometric in-line inspection of profiled strips and welding seams
Author(s): Johann Reisinger; Kurt S. Niel; Mark Tratnig
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Human body segmentation based on adaptive feature selection in complex situations
Author(s): Sheng Bi; Baolin Shao; Dequn Liang; Xiaoyan Shen
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Unusual behavior detection in the entry gate scenes of subway station using Bayesian networks and inference
Author(s): Sooyeong Kwak; Guntae Bae; Manbae Kim; Hyeran Byun
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Human face detection using motion and color information
Author(s): Yang-Gyun Kim; Man-Won Bang; Soon-Young Park; Kyoung-Ho Choi; Jeong-Hyun Hwang
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Research of online automatism identification algorithm based on image character sequence look-up table
Author(s): Yueping Han; Yan Han; Ruihong Li
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Camera calibration and near-view vehicle speed estimation
Author(s): Futang Peng; Changsong Liu; Xiaoqing Ding
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