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24th European Mask and Lithography Conference
Editor(s): Uwe F.W. Behringer
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Volume Number: 6792
Date Published: 22 April 2008
: 42 papers (432) pages
ISBN: 9780819469564

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Front Matter: Volume 6792
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mask industry assessment trend analysis
Author(s): Gilbert Shelden; Patricia Marmillion; Greg Hughes
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Double exposure technology for KrF lithography
Author(s): S. Geisler; J. Bauer; U. Haak; D. Stolarek; K. Schulz; H. Wolf; W. Meier; M. Trojahn; E. Matthus; H. Beyer; G. Old; St. Marschmeyer; B. Kuck
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Wafer based mask characterization for double patterning lithography
Author(s): Robert de Kruif; Karsten Bubke; Gert-Jan Janssen; Eddy van der Heijden; Jörg Fochler; Mircea Dusa; Jan Hendrik Peters; Paul de Haas; Brid Connolly
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Topological and model based approach to pitch decomposition for double patterning
Author(s): Peter Nikolsky; Natalia Davydova; Ronald Goossens
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Fast rigorous simulation of mask diffraction using the waveguide method with parallelized decomposition technique
Author(s): Feng Shao; Peter Evanschitzky; David Reibold; Andreas Erdmann
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Three dimensional mask effects in OPC process model development from first principles simulation
Author(s): Lawrence S. Melvin; Thomas Schmoeller; Christian K. Kalus; Jianliang Li
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Key improvement schemes of accuracies in EB mask writing for double patterning lithography
Author(s): Hitoshi Sunaoshi; Takashi Kamikubo; Rieko Nishimura; Kaoru Tsuruta; Takehiko Katsumata; Takayuki Ohnishi; Hirohito Anze; Jun Takamatsu; Shusuke Yoshitake; Shuichi Tamamushi
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Mask data rank (MDR) and its application
Author(s): Kokoro Kato; Masakazu Endo; Tadao Inoue; Masaki Yamabe
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MEDEA+ project 2T302 MUSCLE: masks through user's supply chain: leadership by excellence
Author(s): Andreas Torsy
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Printing of sub-resolution shots in electron beam direct write with variable shaped beam machines
Author(s): Frank Thrum; Johannes Kretz; Christoph Hohle; Kang-Hoon Choi; Katja Keil
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Assessment of molecular contamination in mask pod
Author(s): Jean Marie Foray; Patrice Dejaune; Pierre Sergent; Stuart Gough; D. Cheung; Magali Davenet; Arnaud Favre; C. Rude; T. Trautmann; Michel Tissier; H. Fontaine; M. Veillerot; K. Avary; I. Hollein; R. Lerit
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Photomask cleaning process improvement to minimize ArF haze
Author(s): Michael Graham; Andrew McDonald
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Theoretical study of mask haze formation
Author(s): Banqiu Wu; Ajay Kumar
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EUV blank inspection
Author(s): J. H. Peters; C. Tonk; D. Spriegel; Hak-Seung Han; Wonil Cho; Stefan Wurm
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Introduction of new database reflected tritone algorithm for application in mask production
Author(s): Thomas Schulmeyer; Heiko Schmalfuss; Jan Heumann; Michael Lang
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Phase-shifting photomask repair and repair validation procedure for transparent and opaque defects relevant for the 45nm node and beyond
Author(s): Christian Ehrlich; Ute Buttgereit; Klaus Boehm; Thomas Scheruebl; Klaus Edinger; Tristan Bret
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Inspection results of advanced (sub-50nm design rule) reticles using the TeraScanHR
Author(s): Jean-Paul Sier; William Broadbent; Paul Yu
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Alternative approach to transparent stamps for UV-based nanoimprint lithography: techniques and materials
Author(s): Anna Klukowska; Marko Vogler; Anett Kolander; Freimut Reuther; Gabi Gruetzner; Michael Muehlberger; Iris Bergmair; Rainer Schoeftner
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Characterizing the imaging performance of flash memory masks using AIMS
Author(s): Eelco van Setten; Onno Wismans; Kees Grim; Jo Finders; Mircea Dusa; Robert Birkner; Rigo Richter; Thomas Scherübl
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CDO budgeting
Author(s): Pavel Nesladek; Andreas Wiswesser; Björn Sass; Sebastian Mauermann
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High-resolution and high-precision pattern placement metrology for the 45 nm node and beyond
Author(s): G. Klose; U. Buttgereit; M. Arnz; N. Rosenkranz
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Mask CD measurement approach by diffraction intensity for lithography equivalent
Author(s): Takaharu Nagai; Kei Mesuda; Takanori Sutou; Yuichi Inazuki; Hiroyuki Hashimoto; Toshifumi Yokoyama; Nobuhito Toyama; Yasutaka Morikawa; Hiroshi Mohri; Naoya Hayashi
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Influences on accuracy of SEM based CD mask metrology with a view to the 32 nm node
Author(s): W. Häßler-Grohne; C. G. Frase; D. Gnieser; H. Bosse; J. Richter; A. Wiswesser
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Comparative scatterometric CD and edge profile measurements on a MoSi mask using different scatterometers
Author(s): M. Wurm; A. Diener; B. Bodermann
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Assessment and application of focus drilling for DRAM contact hole fabrication
Author(s): Christoph Noelscher; Franck Jauzion-Graverolle; Thomas Henkel
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Design of pattern-specific mask grating for giving the effect of an off-axis illumination
Author(s): Young-Seok Kim; Seok Ho Song; Jong Ung Lee; Sung Hyun Oh; Yong Kyoo Choi; Munsik Kim; Beom-Hoan O; Se-Geun Park; El-Hang Lee; Seung Gol Lee
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Overcoming mask etch challenges for 45 nm and beyond
Author(s): M. Chandrachood; T. Y. B. Leung; K. Yu; M. Grimbergen; S. Panayil; I. Ibrahim; A. Sabharwal; A. Kumar
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Desired IP control methodology for EUV mask in current mask process
Author(s): S. Yoshitake; H. Sunaoshi; S. Tamamushi; M. Ogasawara
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Use of EUV scatterometry for the characterization of line profiles and line roughness on photomasks
Author(s): Frank Scholze; Christian Laubis
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Strategies for hybrid techniques of UV lithography and thermal nanoimprint
Author(s): M. Wissen; N. Bogdanski; S. Moellenbeck; H.-C. Scheer
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Controlling linewidth roughness in step and flash imprint lithography
Author(s): Gerard M. Schmid; Niyaz Khusnatdinov; Cynthia B. Brooks; Dwayne LaBrake; Ecron Thompson; Douglas J. Resnick; Jordan Owens; Arnie Ford; Shiho Sasaki; Nobuhito Toyama; Masaaki Kurihara; Naoya Hayashi; Hideo Kobayashi; Takashi Sato; Osamu Nagarekawa; Mark W. Hart; Kailash Gopalakrishnan; Rohit Shenoy; Ron Jih; Ying Zhang; Edmund Sikorski; Mary Beth Rothwell; Shusuke Yoshitake; Hitoshi Sunaoshi; Kenichi Yasui
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Status of EUVL reticle chucking
Author(s): Roxann L. Engelstad; Jaewoong Sohn; Jacob R. Zeuske; Venkata Siva Battula; Pradeep Vukkadala; Chris K. Van Peski; Kevin J. Orvek; Kevin T. Turner; Andrew R. Mikkelson; Madhura Nataraju
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45nm node registration metrology on LTEM EUV reticles
Author(s): Frank Laske; Hiroshi Kinoshita; Naoki Nishida; Daisuke Kenmochi; Hitoshi Ota; Yukitake Tanioka; Slawomir Czerkas; Karl-Heinrich Schmidt; Dieter Adam; Klaus-Dieter Roeth
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Top surface imaging study by selective chemisorptions of poly(dimethyl siloxane) on diazoketo-functionalized polymeric surface
Author(s): Ramakrishnan Ganesan; Seul Ki Youn; Jei-Moon Yun; Jin-Baek Kim
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Optical proximity correction for 0.13 um SiGe:C BiCMOS
Author(s): S. Geisler; J. Bauer; U. Haak; U. Jagdhold; R. Pliquett; E. Matthus; R. Schrader; H. Wolf; U. Baetz; H. Beyer; M. Niehoff
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New alignment marks for improved measurement maturity
Author(s): U. Weidenmueller; H. Alves; B. Schnabel; B. Icard; L. Pain; J.-C. Le Denmat; S. Manakli; J. Pradelles
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Measuring contact hole corner rounding uniformity using optical scatterometry
Author(s): John C. Lam; Alexander Gray; Stanley Chen; Jan Richter
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Very high sensitivity mask DUV transmittance mapping and measurements based on non-imaging optics
Author(s): Guy Ben-Zvi; Vladimir Dmitriev; Erez Graitzer; Eitan Zait; Ofir Sharoni; Avi Cohen
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Advances in fabrication of x-ray masks based on vitreous carbon using a new UV sensitive positive resist
Author(s): Anja Voigt; Josef Kouba; Marina Heinrich; Gabi Gruetzner; Heinz-Ulrich Scheunemann; I. Rudolph; Christoph Waberski
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New results from DUV water immersion microscopy using the CD metrology system LWM500 WI with a high NA condenser
Author(s): Frank Hillmann; Gerd Scheuring; Hans-Jürgen Brück
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High resolution patterning and simulation on Mo/Si multilayer for EUV masks
Author(s): N. Tsikrikas; G. P. Patsis; I. Raptis; A. Gerardino
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Phame: high resolution off-axis phase shift measurements on 45nm node features
Author(s): Ute Buttgereit; Sascha Perlitz; Dirk Seidel
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